Friday, 17 January 2020

Decorating On A Budget

I had just opened the first of a loaned mountain of Homes & Gardens magazines when the phone went.
I'm now working night shifts instead of day shifts over the weekend
Bang went my afternoon of decorating research.

I need to redecorate the cottage.
Psychologically that needs to be done
But physically that really needs to be done

A log burner maybe romantic and inviting when lit
( when you get home after a long shift and you have to light a mucky stove, romantic is the last friggin word that comes to mind)
But soot and dust and occasional smells take their toll in a tiny cottage
And everything looks a bit grubby, even in candlelight.

At the moment the living room is a gentle sage green, a plain background to my remaining original art, grandfather clock and furniture .
The paintwork is an old fashioned ivory cream and the ceiling and beams are painted white in traditional Welsh style.
Every surface is now slightly sooty and smoke stained.
The carpet is old and needs replacing.
It will have to be content with a good deep clean.

The master bedroom needs a total overhaul
The wallpaper remains a thirteen year old Laura Ashley rose print

I'm open to ideas on colours schemes
Send me your ideas

Thursday, 16 January 2020


One of my colleagues in work gave me a gift today
It was the above framed map of Trelawnyd  with the caption "I'm staying in the village"
A small kindness but a thoughtful one/

I didn't get back home until 20.45 pm
Winnie's jagged wound is improving but she is still walking in boxing gloves, which strangely seems not to be bothering her too much

There was a bowl of macaroni cheese left carefully wrapped inside my mail box
thanks neighbours!

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

The Gayest Film Of All Time

I've Just Sat Through 
Magnificent Obsession
I've never seen it before
"May I get excited Tomorrow?"

Your Advocate, your mentor

No matter just how old you are, we all need an advocate of our own
If you are lucky, those mentors will be your parents and in some fortunate cases a healthy parent in their eighties can still parent a son or daughter who are approaching their sixties.
My mother died not long after the millennium, my father back in the late 1980s, so since then and to be honest since I was a child, my mentor and advocate has always been my elder sister, Ann

No matter just how old you are, its nice to have a protector
I remember when I was in my thirties and I brought my husband to be home for the first time my sister was gracious and welcoming and warm and funny
It was at a family meal and as we got into the car to leave she followed us to the road to say goodbye.
There was lots of  cheek kissing and hugs at that farewell and just before we drove away my sister leaned through the passenger window at my husband to be and smiled sweetly
"Don't you ever mess him around" she warned not unkindly but the subtext was clear to all of us
"For if you do, You 'll have me to deal with!"

who is your advocate?

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

A Little Fat Horse

Well I think I have found a hidden talent
My sisters and I went to our first pottery class today and we started off with my request at potting my own little fat horse

So here is my very first little fat horse
not bad for a first attempt
Next week we are being taught how to throw and centre our clay on the potting wheel!

My sisters in full concentration mode

When I was busy potting , Winnie was opening up her wound with her strong back claws so I's missing choir in order to watch her after bandaging her back foot in a boxing glove

Monday, 13 January 2020

Tits Up

I never got to see Little Women at lunchtime
I found a rather nasty self scratched wound on Winnie's neck folds this morning which needed assessing so found myself sitting in the vet's waiting room instead of the warmth of the Prestatyn's Scala Cinema orange plush seats.
Winnie always makes a vet visit a bit of a joy even if she is not quite 100% when there.
She loves to sit by the door as we wait to be called, a position she likes as she is able to greet any dog or human as they wander in.
She reminds me of a rotund 1930s matron greeting her guests at a fashionable cocktail party.
The new Eastern European vet snorted when I all told her that I need not hold winnie's head for her to give the standard painkilling injections and antibiotics
and true to form Winnie started to blow kisses at the vet as the first injection plunged in
The wound looked nasty
and so did the 100£ bill
These dogs will be the death of me.

The weather is atrocious and with Storm Brendan in full flow I bought Winnie a Ginster's Pasty
then went on spec to the multiplex cinema in Llandudno.
There I saw the excellent and typically Guy Ritchie-esque The Gentlemen as Winnie slept after enjoying the aforementioned pasty and several handfuls of miniature cocktail sausages!

Hugh Grant his best performance to date

I wont go into any of the plot of the movie as it is simply just too complicated to make a stab at, suffice to say it has Mathew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam , Michelle Dockery and Colin Farrell all playing London based gangsters who are involved around the battle for topdog status in the production and supply of high grade marijuana

Who would have imagined that Lady Mary was such a good shot

In typical Ritchie style the film is very darkly funny with the whole cast looking like they had the time of their lives during its production, and uniformly they give some very impressive performances indeed, performances that are just overshadowed in a scene stealing turn by Hugh Grant who turns up as a sleazy gay, camp Michael Caine sounding private eye
I loved watching him in this movie, which is a true compliment as I don't rate him much as an actor.
I bet he wins a BAFTA for best supporting actor!

I'm home now and have just dressed Winnie's wound carefully as she sat on the kitchen table happily munching a slice of pizza
I love that old dog
She has more Chutzpah than Miriam Margolyes

Two Days Off

Nurses are notorious for not recharging their batteries.
I am presently trying to bring in a slightly more structured way of debriefing and discussing situations that challenge them in clinical every day work
It's bread and butter within Samaritain work
But still not quite normal practice in nursing.

Younger nurses still, I think, work hard and play hard. 
Lots of late nights, alcohol and buckets of fun
It has always been so

Today I find it's getting the most out of days off.
And days off mean , wherever possible two days off together!
This week I have three days off together.
Yesterday was a bust after night shifts. It was a day of scrubbing the kitchen floor free of bulldog separation urine, dog walks, shopping and cottage cleaning
The next couple of days are earmarked for some downtime
Today it's Little Women, A lunch date, dog walks and a hospital visit
Tomorrow it's Pottery Class, choir and badminton with Gorgeous Dave

Many of us are not very good at giving ourselves permission to relax.
We use words as should and Need too many times 

The next couple of days, all I am allowing myself to say 
" I'd like to..."

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Matt Alber

The penis post was a cheap shot
I admit it.
Penises will always grab the attention, and I was tired
Anyway posts can get forgiven for they are seldom long to read
Videos posts are lazy posts too
but this one is at least pretty to look at.


The other day I caught two middle aged ladies photographing a particularly fine palm tree outside work.
Were they Horticulturalists ?
Naturalists perhaps ?
They were photographing a new limb, growing  in the shape of an erect man's penis

Seaside smutty humour is not dead

Saturday, 11 January 2020

Lovely Lisa Tarbuck

Thank fuck for lisa Tarbuck
The BBC radio 2 presenter
Had me laughing out loud tonight
As I was battling the weather to get to work
She was chatting about the Alexa wifi accessory and in a fit of the giggles
Yelled out onto the airways

Friday, 10 January 2020

Supermarket Tea

I'm feeling a bit of a sad sack today
I'm on nights and I'm sat in supermarket cafe having my tea before I drive down the coast to work
There are four people in the cafe and they all look as sad i do

Night duty can leave the days expanse of time in between shifts like dead time
It's like experiencing that awful Sunday night before school feeling three days in a row.
What you really want is to get up in the dark with a bath already run for you and with tea on the table. 
Your uniform is pressed ready and your supper is boxed ready to microwave at midnight...(a time nurses get peckish after their very first sit down of the night)
When you leave the house a kiss sends you on your way

My uniform IS ironed ( and hidden under a jacket - to protect it from stray gravy) and my coffee was self service. 
I doubt the check out woman will give me a kiss goodbye
I'm glad she won't, she reeks of fags.
I look at the clock, I've got 25 minutes to finish my coffee and to buy dog food and some treats for my colleagues 

It was a challenging shift last night
And I     suspect tonight's will be the same.

Hey ho xx