Thursday, 18 July 2019


After the catch up excesses of last night, I'm sat near the famous Peace Gardens waiting to meet another friend for breakfast.
I have a lunchtime date too to fit in and I've decieded it's going to be a lovely day.

The rainbow flag is flying over this old steel city,
My home town

Nice Night

I think this photo summed up my trip to Sheffield

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

I ❤️ Sheffield

Never underestimate friendship
During rough times friends are the lifebelts of your world,
They keep your head above water

Today I'm in my hometown
and seeing eight dear friends in a well choreographed set of meet ups.
Vince, Bev and Maisie, Mick , Mike, Jane, Kathryn and hopefully a very arch Jonney H
Human lifebelts

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

47 Years

The last time my twin sister and I went on a bike ride together was 47 years ago!
So today, looking every inch like a couple of Enid Blyton characters we took to the promenade for a sunny bit of cycling
What fun!

Monday, 15 July 2019

Sky Watching

Monday nights can be nothing nights
I'm relaxing on the couch reading blogs, watching  long lost family,  and am having a good cry, it's designed to make you cry
I've been messaging  Rachel earlier too  ...she makes me laugh.
Mary has been sat on my knee for an hour and for most of that time  she has been watching the sky through the tiny living room window change from a sweet natured pink to an inky grey
Welsh terriers sit and watch and think
It's the way they are

The Austin Of England

My sister's Flower Show takes place in Prestatyn on the 26th and 27th of July
Hers is more of a fete than merely a show and this year in the craft section there is a new class 87 which is simply titled " 500 Words"
The class asks for an amusing story about My First Car using 500 words
Here is my entry ( if any reader wants to enter please email their 500 words to and I will forward them on ( entries asap)

" The Colour of French mustard and built like a Small German tank my 'Austin of England ' was an acquired taste from the get-go. Ok it was 1980 and the 6 foot CB Radio aerial and furry poo coloured seat covers tried without much success to lend the Austin 1300 a sense of modern style but nothing really could change the fact that it was an old man' s car. one that you would drive only on a Sunday and with your Pork pie trilby hat on .

I was just 18.
And I worked in faraway Rhyl at the prestigious National Westminster
I needed to pass my driving test quick sticks....after all I was in competition with the car's other owner, my twin sister and I was desperate to eyeball all of those tropical and oh so flamboyant sounding CB radio enthusiasts who lurked along the North Wales coast

My brother in law would cheerfully take me driving around the tree lined roads of Tudor Avenue in upper Prestatyn.
I was sat on a cushion, nicked from my parents second best sofa.
With no seat belts and hardly an L plate in place  we " roared" up and down the roads of our Welsh hometown desperate to reach third gear but never quite making it

I was a difficult and cautious learner driver.

One Sunday my brother in law suggested that we try and master the art of stopping at a T junction.
It was never one of my strong points as 'going down in the gears' was a complicated procedure in a throaty 1300 with a high clutch, but I was game.

Health and safety was out of the window back in 1980 and my two small nephews, with a collection of their mates ( one strange as it may sound a neighbouring toddler just out of nappies). All piled into the back seat in a mass of grubby knees and mild hysteria.

After negiotiating six or seven " busy". Junctions up Aberconway Road, Norman Drive and
unbelievably Gronant Road , we all headed for home.

" Take her into the Drive !"my brother-in-law  instructed , buoyed up by my performance under fire
And forcing the Austin into first I hit the accelerator and roared towards the gateway like a pro.

We clipped the stone gate post with a bang louder than anything I have ever heard before , then as I hit the accelerator again instead of the brake, the Austin of England bounced heavily into a fir tree that lined the drive.
The collection of small children were sent screaming into the soft furnishings and dash board.
Strangely my brother-in-law was not fazed by any of this . he just sat laughing in the passenger seat
I sat in my furry sweat stained driving seat in shock as my diva nephew clutching his mouth kept shouting " My teeth, I've lost my teeth!!" 

Of course he hadn't lost any of his teeth,
Not even the neighbourhood toddler was injured

And strange as It would seem I passed my driving test a week later.
Happy Days!"

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Hey ho- fists of fury

I never saw the boney little fist coming
It landed directly in my left eyeball.
With a squidgy pop
My eyeball  is starting to fill with blood.
Hazards of the job, we nurses say
All too common hazards.

In 36 years nursing I have been threatened with violence hundreds of times.
I have been thumped, kicked, and slapped
I have had my hair pulled out by a patient who also managed to rip my epaulets off and I have been throttled by a drunk in A&E .
I have been hit by a vase, a full bag of urine and once had a turd lobbed at the back of my head so hard it splattered over a a group of nurses I was sharing a tea break with
( the rest of it slid down the back collar of my uniform)
I have been spat upon by an angry hepatitis patient, knocked down a fire escape and had my glasses smashed by a crazy relative of one of my staff as I sat on a date in Sheffields All Bar One

Never a dull moment


Saturday, 13 July 2019

Friday, 12 July 2019


My Sister and I went to the theatre tonight to see a fringe production called Daughterhood 
It captured perfectly the push/pull relationship often seen between sisters who have lived very different lives due to circumstance, age and fate and we both enjoyed the interplay between actors charlotte O'Leary and Charlotte Bate who provided some powerful performances!
It tickled me that Janet and I actually counted the audience number

Songs Of Praise

The Songs Of Praise evening was a rather sweet and emotive affair.
Stand in vicar Dot, ( she of the jeans and purple hair ) was relaxed yet rather passionate about the church and village she was babysitting and started ( and ended) the evening by blessing the village and it's inhabitants. 
The simplicity and sincerity of her blessings almost moved me to tears.

The tiny  stone Church was three quarters full.
Flower Show Ann, Radio 4 Tim, The affable despot family, Mrs Trellis, Pippa from the rectory, Trendy Carol ( yellow top, snakeskin pants!!) and Gaynor the mad organist were all there and we sang a dozen or so hymns all dovetailed by asides from the vicar, who at one moment read from a piece of prose downloaded on her mobile.

Liv Randa and some of the other village Children gave readings and prayers and the vicar ended the service by explaining just how hard it was for the tiny existing congregation to keep the place going. Her acknowledgement of their struggle and for their obvious love for the institution , I think was gratefully received and again very emotional to listen to
It is rare to have a champion for middle class church Going types 

A shakey selfie of Trendy Carol and I 

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Your Julia Roberts Moment

I was asked recently where I get my love of theatre from.
As I recall I don't come from a family that ever went to the pantomime let alone go and see a ballet or an opera or a west end play.
My love of theatre comes from a chance visit to the Leeds Grand back in 1986
I had just started work in a mother and baby unit in York and had been asked out on a ward night out by a tall willowy occupational therapist called Ali, who felt that a cultural night was more in order than the usual bun fight down at the Hole In The Wall Pub
She arranged for us to see Bizet's The Pearl Fishes 
and I remember sitting in the vastness of that great Northern auditorium thinking " I have no idea what is about to happen" 
I was blown away
It was a beautiful production with a full orchestra and more colour than a LGBTQ flag.
And when the two friends Nadir and Zurga finally sang their duet of friendship Au Font Du Temple Saint 
I was totally Overwhelmed the homoerotic subtex ( only in my mind), the power of the voices, the beauty of the music and I promptly burst into tears with the magic of it all

From that moment I went to everything that was going. Opera, the world famous Northern Ballet, touring farces at York's Theatre Royal, even the Mystery Plays in the Roman Gardens, I lapped everything up and when I moved to Sheffield with The Crucible and Lyceum Theatres standing tall in the city centre I was in seventh heaven..

So my question today is what is your Julia Robert's Moment?
Her first trip to the Opera in Pretty Woman  really mirrored my own Pearl Fishes moment ( though she looked just a tad more beautiful)

What production moved you, in only that way live Theatre can do