Sunday, 12 July 2020


The white agapanthus sun burst

I was up early dealing with Winnie's " accidents in the night" and now the cottage smells of dettol and grass cuttings as the cottage windows are wide and open and welcoming.and the sound of the washing machine wafts down the lane with a purr.

It's a bright lovely morning.

The velvet voiced Linda has already sent out her weekly morale boosting Warden message and like any good leader would expect the replies have been making my phone wriggle with excitement as they come in
Happy Sunday one and all. It's a truly beautiful morning. I hope you're all well and that life is good in your part of the village. HUGE thank yous for your kindness and generosity - you are a wonderful bunch 💕🌈🤗 xxxxx
All seems well in the village, according to the warden replies anyhow .
There is a meeting in the village hall soon about the hall putting in for a drinks licence next week and work continues to obtain funding for the clearing of the village pond
Old Trevor rang me earlier  complaining that the binmen had taken his recycling bags.
I told him I had found them wedged in the fence and I would return them shortly
He wished me a good Sunday
There feels a change in the air , which I think Hattie sort of captured in her Warden reply to General Linda
"The outlying areas all quiet and we're all okay over here thank you lovely linda :) the world is slowly finding its way isn't it! Xx💞
Im going to visit a couple of friends later, but as the sun is shining and it's warm and comfortable  I'm off to plant foxgloves and salvia in the garden,

I note that the Ginger Bastard is sitting very erect  in the long grass of the old Church Yard. He is watching the cottage . Dotty and Albert are sunbathing on the path  and have no idea they are being watched
The white agapanthus I planted a couple of months ago has now started to flower with exuberant firework bursts blooms
They look quite magnificent against the dry stone wall

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Counting Butterflies

Last night the Royal Opera House streamed the ballet Romeo And Juliet 
I missed it 
I had my third date with the same guy
He is an emotionally intelligent soul with a gift of the gab
He stayed over and enjoyed counting bufferfly species on the buddleia  in the front garden this morning over coffee
Gossip will be rife in this part of the village!
Tee hee

I'll catch up with the Ballet tonight on line
I so miss going in person

Friday, 10 July 2020


The older I get , the more I call people out
I think it's a confidence thing rather than a don't give a shit thing

Staying silent is often a more pragmatic and safe option
But I'm sorry I just cannot shut my mouth when I think it should be open.
In Liverpool , I would be referred as a bit Gobby

Shortly before I retired I witnessed a senior member of staff talk down to and essentially bully a large group of experienced nurses. Hierarchy and habit prevented anyone from saying anything and I was so glad I turned and said clearly and assertively that I didn't agree with what she was saying.
Surprised the senior staff repeated herself with thin lips
And so did I, without emotion
And the atmosphere in the room became charged with uncomfortable embarrassment and stress.
I'm better with an audience when things like this happen
But I will only challenge in public if the other protagonist starts it in public.
She brought the problem to the table and I picked up the plate.

Generally disagreements , especially at work should be done behind closed doors.

I am a Gemini , so I am quick to temper and equally quick to settle
But I am also blessed with an ability to think quickly which is a useful thing when confronting an issue head on.
However if there is too much emotion in the arguement , as there was when I had to deal with my ex husband's lies, then that quick witted ability went out of the window!!
I am, however also cursed with the scourge which is the blush.
A childhood habit from a less than confident upbringing

Anyhow less about me

When did you last call someone out? What happened?
How did you feel....?
Over to the readers in this last blog today
Your stories are always so more interesting than mine

Thursday, 9 July 2020

The Goats Of Llandudno

The wild goats that live on the Orme behind my hospice have been seen in Llandudno
centre again.
This time a group of Billy goats all queued up outside a barbers shop
You couldn't make it up

Attention to detail Nurse Gray ..attention to detail!!!!

" Pay particular attention to the details of your work. 
Paying attention to detail makes for the personal is thoughtful and  it is kind"

This was a particular manra of my tutor Mr Brint , back in my psychiatric days
I remember it well as in one lession we had, the class was taught how to put ladies hair rollers in! 
The ladies were a group of "patient volunteers" from the long stay ward and Mr Brint and a tired looking Occupational therapist were showing us all how to shampoo and set!
" Hair and make up are vital for good self esteem" Mr Brint trilled " Everyone can be made to feel beautiful " 
He looked over at me as I manfully tried to roll my patient's grey locks around a roller which resembled a hairy caterpillar 
" And how is your lady looking Nurse Gray?" he purred 
I looked at my lady's head thick with haphazard looking rollers 
" She looks like a German mine!" I told him honestly 
His heart was always in the right place 

Mr Brint was right. It is attention to detail that makes a difference 
I was reminded of that yesterday when I collected my mail from my work pidgeon box
In it was a thank you card. 

Hand written from a friend of a patient who had died  a couple of months ago now.
The friend thanked me , not for  any sparking nursing care  but for a small moment of attention to detail where I had " sneaked " into the patient's room , two large rum and cokes from the kitchen booze stores which I had presented to them both on a tray with a paper doily on it.

They had Mr Brint to thank for that one

" Attention to detail Nurse Gray, Attention to detail!" 

I was reminded again of all this by a gift pushed through the letterbox
It was a gift from fellow Chorister Hattie and the accompanying letter was written to me and another  choir member Heulwen 
We of the " Trelawnyd Sandwich" . 
Before lockdown we had all agreed to go to the cinema to see Military Wives.
You know the choir based  feel good movie
But real life and covid had gotten in the way, so on the first week of the DVD being released Hattie had bought us a copy to watch, one that we all three could talk about when we eventually meet up in Heulwen's garden.

Thoughtful and kind.....
Mr Brint would have approved of this attention to detail....

Ps thank you all for Winnie concern
She is brighter this morning x

Wednesday, 8 July 2020


6.00 am
Dogs walked ...tick
Bucket of coffee.....tick
Low cal stew for lunch........tick
Winnie check.........tick

Back to work ....sigh

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

They tear my heart

It's ten pm and I'm off to bed soon. I'm working tomorrow,
the dog walker and Trendy Carol are on hand tomorrow !!
The steroids and other meds kicked in and Winnie rallied again this afternoon
She's had more comebacks than Lazarus
I have a feeling it will be her last.
At 8 pm she finished a second small bowl of chicken and rice and peed like a horse on my lovely new garden lawn.
She then climbed heavily onto the couch and promptly fell asleep with a  sharp fart
But not before she shlepped over to me in my armchair
Where she stood , and raised her head for a kiss goodnight

These dogs tear my heart 


Winnie was sicker that I had probably realised yesterday.
Old dogs are often like children when poorly.
They compensate for so long then crash.
And enteritis is nasty
The vet was very pragmatic and between ourselves meds and steroids were given and a plan of action agreed upon .
She came home
But  was listless and sleepy later in the afternoon than I would have liked .
We both slept on the sofa cushions on the kitchen floor last night
And by around four am , I woke up with her walking around the kitchen searching for her food bowl.
She drank a gallon of water and sucked up a cocktail sausage before we went back to sleep and now she's eaten some chicken and rice and had a massive wee outside
Work have been fab as I've taken another day off
But , true to form ,
The old girl has started to bounce back

Bucket of coffee time 

Monday, 6 July 2020

A Dinner Gong At A Bulimics' Convention

I haven't gone to work today.
Winnie needed the vets.
Work was understanding and I owe them a day
She' s ok, weak with enteritis and old age
She's very still today and very lethargic
These animals will be the death of me !

That phrase haunts me daily

I was drinking my bucket of coffee at the kitchen table when there came an unholy and very angry howling from the garden
The Ginger Bastard was back!
Now for months a large ginger Tomcat has been tormenting Albert
Most of their interactions have been confined to bitch staring each other out along the perimeter of each other's territories, but occasionally the ginger Bastard , forgets the rules and ventures across the building site behind the cottage with a noticeable swagger , and enters my garden with a narrowing of his eyes.
He is younger and bigger than Albert
And unlike him, has four fully functioning legs.
Today Albert caught him in the garden and a cat fight began
It started suddenly and loudly with both cats yowling at the top of their voices
And to one Welsh terrier and one inexperienced bulldog bitch
The noise was as galvanising as a dinner gong at a bulimics' convention
The  girls thundered out of the cottage like rats up a drainpipe.

The gate into the garden proper stopped Mary short but being a little bundle of pure bulldog muscle Dorothy sailed over it with a single bound. Within a second she had barrelled into the  Tom like an American footballer and the Ginger Bastard bounced over the kitchen wall as if he was made of rubber.
Albert ran for the safety of the kitchen, wide eyed and ruffled .

I had to go after Dorothy and eventually found her grinning wildly and proud in old Trevor's miniature orchard
All for one and one for all is the motto of all dogs,
they love a good chase and an underdog to watch out for
Mary checking on Albert after the incident 

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Iris in the window

I'm reading a book but am doing it slowly as I don't want the story to end
It's approaching  dusk
and it's my last day of holiday
I've facetimed friends whilst cooking and texted others
My nephew sent me the address of his new YouTube channel
I watched that for a while
I'm looking at the blue iris in the window
A gift from a recent date
Blue iris are my favourite flowers
All the Street Wardens called " all is well" to the Velvet Voiced Linda on what's app today and
my sister has almost finished reorganising the back garden and worked there quietly this afternoon as I pottered
Winnie isn't very well
I'm holding onto my holiday like I did my novel ...I don't want to go back to work tomorrow