Wednesday, 17 August 2022

People Day

 It’s a kind of I’m fed up of people day today

Someone I like and respect has taken something I’ve said in such the wrong way I’ve been rendered practically speechless. 
Of course I’m not speechless and I’ve replied with candour and surprise and have apologised even though I am 100% sure it’s a case of over sensitivity and misinterpretation .
I remain vaguely insulted by the whole situation.

My ghoster eventually replied too, with the sentence I just feel there is nothing on my side. He also asked if we could keep in touch. I’ve told him no but I wished him well.

Both situations have left a bad taste in my mouth.

I’ve just been out walking Roger too and got shouted at by a man on a bike who felt I was in his way 
I was but Roger was too frightened to move 

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Training Day

Roger needs a settling in day today. 
The household needs one.
He has no experience of cars and little of being walked on a lead , so that was our first job this morning after his restful night in his crate in the kitchen with Mary sleeping in the reading chair next to him

He hasn’t got a clue with the lead so I left it slack and let Dorothy gallop in front.
With her circulating back and running past him, he soon got the idea that walking forward was the plan  and although our progress was stilted, it was a start.

He hasn’t eaten much, but that doesn’t concern me as he happily ran off with a toast crust earlier and has spent the rest of his time copying the others when they have run out to the kitchen wall to greet Jo ( without her Great Dane) and Islwyn who had come to collect the old washing machine with his brother Eric
Trefor called too, but was too anxious to acknowledge the new guy, he’s got worries about British Telicom 
Which I managed to sort out.

When the Amazon delivery man came ,Roger  joined in with the barking more dutifully than not, and when Albert appeared from his feline slumbers at noon, he made a point of backing up five steps to allow the cat space to reach his food bowl on the windowsill 
He’s brighter than William but seems to have William’s gentlemanly  nature, politely ignoring Dorothy’s regular low growls of mild irritation when he ables too close 
He is presently sat at my feet, next to the kitchen table 

He smells  of his old  kennel so we will all be going into the shower together later.
He’s never walked up a house staircase before either, another skill he will learn shortly when the dogs follow me up in order to watch me make the bed.

I call him by his name frequently and cuddle him as soon as he comes to me 
In typical Welsh style he crossed his front paws around my arm to hold me firm.
I am so happy with him 

The guy I dated eleven days ago has ghosted me which is a shame. 
His loss. 
I’m an acquired taste,
I know that

I’m cleaning out drawers today. Gently pottering as Roger finds his feet 

Monday, 15 August 2022



Six months old and with the typical calm, watching nature of a Welsh Terrier. I picked Roger up today from Nottingham as if I’ve known him for years.
Not a silly puppy anymore , he is a careful old soul who has walked into a household complicated by a bulldog’s Diva baggage, Mary’s squeaky duck and his very first cat. 
So far so good . 
Albert received some half arsed woofs then faced him off on the bottom stair, forcing Roger to back off after looking at the other dogs for their "surprising" non reaction.
Now, only an hour later, they are passing each other in the kitchen doorway like regular commuters going to work.
Dorothy staked her claim immediately and lay on the couch with her head on my knee and growled half heartedly when Roger ambled by busy at sniffing the carpet. 
Mary ignored him after their initial interaction but is watching him at all times through the corner of her eye. 

I pretended not to watch
And let out a large held breath

It’s caught me a little by surprise 
But he looks the spitting image of Old William 
I wonder if he will gleefully chase bees around the garden?

Asleep at 20.30

I’m holding my breath again 
Roger now on my knee next to a sleeping Dorothy 
20.49 pm

Sunday, 14 August 2022

For Debby no!!!!! I mean Lizzy

 Sunday has been a productive day .
After a brief sleep, my brother-in-law came round to help me install my new washing machine. 
( not the easiest job in the world as it turned out) 
The humidity here is 65% , so we were dripping by the time it was up and running with my undercrackers leaping in soapy happy circles.
My brother in law has been a godsend to our entire family over the years as he’s one of those men who can turn his hand to anything practical and I’ve always been very grateful for his consistent smiling support over the years. 
This afternoon , the old washing machine my husband bought is now waiting for the village scrap iron man on the patio and the new all singing all dancing computer confusing washer is working perfectly 
I popped a gift of a litre of nice gin and some internet bought gin glasses to him at teatime 
The glasses were made in Spain which is apt.

I will leave you with some photos of my living room , especially for Debby
And as promised , I haven’t  tidied  up.
I’ve already bought and paid for new carpets for the cottage but these won’t be laid until late September. A few weeks to allow for Roger’s bladder to be  trained by the girls me thinks …..the same carpet will run into every room including the bedrooms

Then the cottage will be finally finished for the time being.
I’m picking him up at 11 am from Alfreton 
His purchase will signal a twenty year relationship with his breeder and from what I understand will probably be my last chance to buy a dog from her which is a poignant thought.
Roger will be my last terrier ….and one of a long line of lovely dogs …Finlay, Maddie, Meg, William, George, and Mary

I’ll Leave The Landing Light On…..

Someone I know, has had cancer recently diagnosed.
A mutual friend told me. 
It wasn’t a secret. 
I messaged them and simply said I had met my friend, nothing more
and the link was made
The ball was in their court and we messaged briefly about it
“ I’m here” I said
I know you are” came the reply. 

Sometimes too many words can be said at times like these. 
A Card, a cooked meal, the offer of a silent walk, a theatre ticket 
Can support someone who is hurting just as well.
The offer of taking Mary for a cuddle 
A book of poems with a bright orange cover, 
A crisp 10 dollar bill with the  instructions of buying an ice cream.

I remember bedtime as a seven year old 
Who was always frightened of the dark. 
A simple action,
A single promise always made things better

I’ll leave the landing light on “ 

Saturday, 13 August 2022

Hot Afternoon

 Yesterday I met some friends from the village to discuss planning an open day for the new pond. It was a case of mixing work with pleasure as the meeting took place in a dappled green garden under the trees, with wine glasses and beers in our hands.

It’s felt that my holiday has just been extended by several days .
I’ve agreed to help manage the Flower Show again and next year it ( as well as the novelty vegetable photograph competition so enjoyed by blog readers ) shall return. 
It felt the right thing to do.
Last night I caught up with my family again for a Spanish supper in my sister in law’s garden. 
It was her first dinner party post lockdown, another milestone for her, and a pleasure for us as she cooks very well. 
So today is a non day as I’m working a single shift tonight.

It’s far too hot to walk the dogs more than 100 yards which makes Dorothy listless and sulking.
I’ve already sat her under a cold shower earlier and now she smells of body shop pink Grapefruit soap but is still unhappy at not being able travel in the car.
I gave her the meat from a left over lamb chop in an effort to buck her up but that failed miserably 
Roger arrives on Monday
I wonder what that little bombshell will have on the bulldog diva.

Friday, 12 August 2022

To Kill A Mockingbird

I met Nu in a cocktail bar on Frith Street (she had picked it as it was air conditioned) we then went along to Suvvlaki the best Greek restaurant in soho where we ate Greek tapas to die for , sat at an open window facing the street and watched the world go by.
I still felt as though was on holiday
We walked into Chinatown where we ate obscene ice creams at bubble wrap waffle before the theatre

Most of us of a certain age have grown up with the goodness that is Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mocking Bird, 
His quote 
“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

is one that follows a person through life, even though he was a fictitious lawyer in a non existent Southern town.

To Kill A Mocking Bird was not without its faults and I wondered how these would be addressed to a modern audience, most of whom loved the book as a child and saw it through a child’s eyes.
Aaron Sorkin’s production is a bold interpretation with the famous court scene divided into segments sandwiched in between the growing up stories of Scout and Jem Finch and their best friend Dil in rural Alabama.

Rafe Spall is no Gregory Peck in the lead role as Atticus. He isn’t polished and serene, and hasn’t that quiet heroic look.But his small town lawyer, is gentle, and humorous and brittle enough to still cry at the mention of his wife’s death. He is more flawed that his screen counterpart, but still retains those decent qualities most loved by Harper Lee’s fans.

The three children of the story are all played by young adults, and this works well thanks  primarily to the actors playing Scout and Dill. Gwyneth Keyworth is exceptional as Scout, ad-libbing with the audience in her broad Southern drawl when they were late in settling down and David Moost, who gives Dill an odd sense of a young, very camp Truman Capote ( he was Harper Lee’s Best friend) 

In the novel the housekeeper come nanny, Calpurnia didnt quite have a proper voice when the unfairness of racism was raised but Sorkin’s Calpurnia is not adverse in challenging even Atticus in his beliefs and behaviour and in one pivitol scene screams out what she thinks of the all white Jury who are sitting in judgement of Robinson ( a wonderful Jude Owusu)
The actress Pamela Nomvete turning from hired help to a roaring lioness impressively.

The new play has a great deal to say about the America, that still exists , most noticeably seen in the Trump years. Those disaffected and mistrusting of intellectual contact.

To kill A Mockingbird was a triumph , and a real rollercoaster of a play to experience.
It is one which will linger in the mind for a long while to come 

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Told Off

 Mrs Trellis told me off this morning for watering the planters in the heat of late morning.
I apologised but told her as I was going to London today it was the only time I could do so.

She pursed her lips 
“ Another holiday? She asked.
I knew she was pissed at me, I can always read the signs now 
She has vocalised before that sometimes I leave the dogs too often with Trendy Carol and her hubby
I reminded her that I was only away overnight
A treat for my birthday.
She pulled the brim of  her white laced sun hat down and walked on with a warning “ Keep out of the sun”
The girls down at Trendy Carol’s barked their welcome at the garden gate and she stopped to coo at them

I hate being in Mrs Trellis’ bad books
It’s like being told off by a favourite aunt
She reminds me of Calpurnia, Atticus Finch’s housekeeper in some ways

 “She’s a faithful member of this family and you’ll simply have to accept things the way they are...Besides, I don’t think the children have suffered one bit from her having brought them up. If anything, she’s been harder on them in some ways than a mother would have been… she’s never let them get away with anything”

I took her advice and dressed in shorts and T shirt I’m sat on the train southwards. Apparently it’s 90 degrees in the capital so shorts will have to do for the Theatre 
I’m not staying with Nu in West London but have booked the Z Hotel in Covent Garden
I need to be back home earlyish tomorrow as there’s a meeting about the village pond I promised to go to

God it's hot in London . Found a gay bar with outside seating for a beer. 
Just waiting for Nu

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

The Seekers - Georgy Girl (1967 - Stereo)

RIP Judith 



The sun and heat and occasional dousing by warm Mediterranean salt water has done great guns with my psoriasis knees , so much so that Dorothy actually looked disappointed when she gleefully tried to chop down on one when I eventually sat down on the couch after sleeping and housework and watering the garden and dropping round to give Old Trevor  some advice on analgesia.
This is the time when I don’t miss being in a relationship.
It’s lovely to be just me and the animals
I’m weary after my night shift coming so close to travelling back from Spain , so I’m mooching for the rest to the day.
Tomorrow I go to London
I’ve bought garlic doughballs for supper and a small box of Mac and cheese bites and after a dusk walk will drink my last beer and watch the hit Prey on Disney +
And share my supper with the girls