Friday, 24 October 2014

Allo allo

Chris returns from Istanbul this evening, a day later than he thought at first. I had arranged to go to Sheffield today, so I have had to depend on the kindness of my sister and the neighbours to complete dog walking and chicken care.
I am popping over to Yorkshire to support a friend who is a bit of a frustrated actor/ performer.
He is appearing ( like you do) as a camp Nazi in the low brow comedy " Allo allo"
So there will much chewing of scenery and " listen very carefully, I vill tell you only once"
Harold Pinter it is not.....
But I am glad to be going'll be fun.
I'll catch up with Chris tomorrow.......if your reading this me old son......there is a cassarole in the slow cooker ( with dumplings!) and a strawberry angel delight in the fridge for your supper!
Hey ho

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Sixth Sense

Over the last two shifts two patients have told me they were going to die.
They experienced a strange cold foreboding sense of doom from out of the blue.
And sadly, despite the best efforts of the nhs, both patients did indeed die
Now nurses and doctors out there will recognise  this phenomenon
It leaves the hairs on the back of your neck standing up.
For invariably when a patient experiences this often sudden overwhelming emotion, it's time to get the defibrillator ready. It's as though their psychi has just been pricked by something unexplainable but something very honest....a premonition of extraordinary power.
Like I said, it's very eerie when it does happen.
And happen it does.
When the trappings of the 21st century have been stripped away, and people are able to listen to their inner voice the ability to " hear " those complex messages from that " sixth sense" centre can be so strong  and extraordinary.
It happens on a much small scale every day to all of us.......we just don't pick up on how amazing thus gift is..

I always think of Chris often seconds before he calls me. This morning as I was falling asleep in the chair I turned to my iPad and thought " he'll call soon"
And he did!.....all the way from Istanbul .......this little gift, call it what you will, happens daily

We are clever and complex little machines are we not?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I bumped the Berlingo in Tescos car park this morning.
I was reversing out of a space holding scotch egg in my mouth, just as a chap was doing the same from the opposite parking space. Now he was just driving, he didn't have a scotch egg in his mouth ( that would be just too wierd) but our bumpers just about touched as both of us hit the breaks.
I bit down hard on the egg which bounced down into the foot well and got out out of the car with a groan
There wasn't a mark on the chap's car.
We couldn't tell if there was one on the's covered in bumps... so we left on good terms.
It's going to be just one of those days today.
When I was outside looking at bumpers
Meg had scoffed the egg on the floor.
It was the first one I had bought in two weeks!.....and they were on special offer!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Zombie Pumpkin

There was nothing on at the cinema this evening
Even the usually interesting Theatre Clwyd Cinema Is showing some depressing
documentary on the Conflict in the  Middle East 
So what am I doing when the gales gust over 70 miles an hour around the cottage?
I carved my first Walking Dead Halloween pumpkin
I thought the bloody guts in the mouth a particularly artistic touch
I am such a sad sack

Rough as a bear's arse

The tail end of Gonzalo is Lashing the Welsh Hills
and things are pretty rough here. 
Chris is off to Turkey on a conference and won't be back until midnight on Friday
So it's me and the animals against the storm

The videos show just how grey and brown the land is looking
With Chris away...I may treat myself to a cinema trip this evening
It's the weather for it

Monday, 20 October 2014

Walking Dead Eps 2

Oh the end of episode 1 " team Rick" had just been more or less reunited in a heart warming scene reminiscent of the finale of "The Incredible Journey" and BANG by the end of episode 2, Daryl and a morose Carol were off chasing a black hearse to somewhere unknown, a suspect vicar joined the clan and Bob got his leg eaten by some articulate cannibals
A regular 24 hours in zombie land
Hey ho

Dirty Monday

Monday is a " dirty day"
It's the day I clean out the duck and the goose house.
A foul job if ever there was one.
I am bathing the dogs today too which is another grotty job.
Waterfowl and terriers.......mucky little buggers.
Well I can't beat yesterday's blog entry so I will leave you with a photo of Camilla Parker Bowles and Jo ( both of whom have a habit of following me when I clean ) and a brief snippet of " news" which amused me this morning.

When I walked around Bron Haul with the dogs I spied a British Teliccom engineer leaving one of the pensioner bungalows. Apparantly he was fixing problems caused by the recent electrical storm we had recently . Olwen Dilworth came out of her bungalow and called
" I'm not paying 120 Pounds!" she sang out sweetly
" There's nothing wrong with my box!"
Well it amused me

Camilla P.B and Jo

And I'll leave you with this little thought
Off for a bath

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Always Take The Positives

I've just been watching Chris hanging our " unmentionables" on the clothes horse in front of the bedroom window
I couldn't imagine sharing a home with a woman
Women's habits are a complete mystery to me

I have just been mentally listing the positives of sharing your life with a man
Here goes

Sharing underwear : ( only applicable if you roughly the same size)
Not getting upset when the toilet seat is constantly " up"
Not having your best razor nicked for the occasional emergency leg shave
Not having to sit through Eastenders or Coronation Street twice weekly,
Not having Sandra from down the road sobbing at the kitchen table after her boyfriend dumped her for that cheap slag who works in Tesco's
Not getting too upset when farts are unleashed under the duvet
The slightly embarrassed look on someone's face when they automatically assume that " Chris" is a girl's name.
No hormonal incidents
Not having to buy embarrassing feminine articles during the weekly shop,
Having a perfect understanding that reading on the toilet is an acceptable practice
and not getting freaked out at the sight of the odd skid mark!

Hey ho