Monday, 20 October 2014

Dirty Monday

Monday is a " dirty day"
It's the day I clean out the duck and the goose house.
A foul job if ever there was one.
I am bathing the dogs today too which is another grotty job.
Waterfowl and terriers.......mucky little buggers.
Well I can't beat yesterday's blog entry so I will leave you with a photo of Camilla Parker Bowles and Jo ( both of whom have a habit of following me when I clean ) and a brief snippet of " news" which amused me this morning.

When I walked around Bron Haul with the dogs I spied a British Teliccom engineer leaving one of the pensioner bungalows. Apparantly he was fixing problems caused by the recent electrical storm we had recently . Olwen Dilworth came out of her bungalow and called
" I'm not paying 120 Pounds!" she sang out sweetly
" There's nothing wrong with my box!"
Well it amused me

Camilla P.B and Jo

And I'll leave you with this little thought
Off for a bath

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Always Take The Positives

I've just been watching Chris hanging our " unmentionables" on the clothes horse in front of the bedroom window
I couldn't imagine sharing a home with a woman
Women's habits are a complete mystery to me

I have just been mentally listing the positives of sharing your life with a man
Here goes

Sharing underwear : ( only applicable if you roughly the same size)
Not getting upset when the toilet seat is constantly " up"
Not having your best razor nicked for the occasional emergency leg shave
Not having to sit through Eastenders or Coronation Street twice weekly,
Not having Sandra from down the road sobbing at the kitchen table after her boyfriend dumped her for that cheap slag who works in Tesco's
Not getting too upset when farts are unleashed under the duvet
The slightly embarrassed look on someone's face when they automatically assume that " Chris" is a girl's name.
No hormonal incidents
Not having to buy embarrassing feminine articles during the weekly shop,
Having a perfect understanding that reading on the toilet is an acceptable practice
and not getting freaked out at the sight of the odd skid mark!

Hey ho

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Lots to do

I've planned to cut the lawn in a while.

There are dumplings to make to add to a beef casserole 
And I've promised Chris that I will follow Mary Berry's chocolate eclair recipe and knock
Up some choux pastry 
But even domestic goddesses like me need some downtime
and so with an aged Welsh Terrier in need of some TLC 
Meg and I watched a crappy John Wayne warfilm from the over stuffed  armchair in the living room

Friday, 17 October 2014

Shady Pines

Today I drove to the little cottage hospital in Holywell.
I wanted to say goodbye to a neighbour. After a fall at home and a period of time in rehabilitation, she is about to leave the village to live in Harrogate.
It's not as warm a story as it sounds. Our neighbour ( Mrs B) unfortunately has significant memory problems and in her mind she is off to live with her son in the picturesque Yorkshire town.
The reality of the situation is quite different . On Sunday she is indeed off to Harrogate but she is in fact earmarked to live in an upmarket nursing home a few miles from her son's home.
Insight is not a virtue at times like these

Mrs B was having a good afternoon when I arrived on her beautifully run, neat little ward. Looking immaculate and every piece the hostess, she greeted me warmly, when I arrived  and although a little shaky with her recall she remembered that I had entered her hydrangeas into the flower Show back in August.

 I reminded her that Chris and I are getting married in March ( the woman in the next bed tutted loudly during this story) But I could tell her concentration was wavering somewhat.
Early Alzheimer's is a cruel illness.
Before I said my goodbyes I gave Mrs B a set of greetings cards, bought from a table at the back of the church . Each card had a different view of the interior of the church, a church she had been a loyal supporter of for many years.
I wrote our address on one of the card envelopes and asked her to drop us a line when she got settled.
She said she'd try as we said our goodbyes
" I'm never going to see my little bungalow again" she said a little tearfully when I kissed her on the cheek .
I could say nothing to help
I just squeezed her hand gently before I left for home.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Russell Crowe Lasagne part II

I was buggered this morning when I got home from work......truly buggered.
The last thing I remember was sitting down in the living room, still with my coat on with the large blue casarole dish on my knee.
Cold lasagne is a wonderful breakfast when you've had a busy shift.
I woke up around eleven thirty, with a stiff neck.
The lasagne dish was empty on the floor
I'll give you three guesses what happened?

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Russell Crowe Lasagne

I make a mean Turkey lasagne
The secret is to sneak in two layers of sage and onion stuffing between the tomato layers and the pasta.
It tastes bloody lovely too....even Albert loves the eclectic layers already,, for he has stuck his face into the sauspan of cooling cheese sauce at least three times this morning
The bloody thing generally ends up the size of a small suitcase.
My lasagne could feed a family of 8
It's a man's lasagne!
One that the likes of Russell Crowe would be proud of

I walked up to the garage shop around 8 .30 am to buy packet stuffing.
And four people stopped me to ask where the dogs were......seeing me alone is a bit like seeing Laurel   without know something is not quite right but can't immediately put your finger on.

Anyhow today's blog is not really about a monster lasagne. It's not about Laurel & Hardy either or about how I feel somewhat jet lagged because Ive worked two nights out of the last three and am due to work this evening.too
Today's blog is about very little at all
As  I said body clock has gone all arse over tit.
I've not caught up with jobs, my blog and blog reading have all gone to shit and I've yet to catch Alfie Boe to prevent the little bastard keeping the neighbours up all night
I think the cheerful father , I generally wave to when he is collecting his kids from school summed up just how I feel this morning when he saw me marching back from the shop with stuffing under my arm
" you look lopsided without the dogs!" He  called
Yes.....I feel somewhat lopsided today.....

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Winnie Weightwatchers

The dogs, comatose when I was enjoying The Walking Dead  this morning

Message to self
When you own a bulldog who is on a strict diet
Always make sure that the dog feed cupboard has been secured when you go out
I got home this morning 
Only to find that she had broken into Albert's dry "kitty scoffs" quaffing half the box, most of the cardboard packaging as well as wet mouthing a nearby packet of paper doilies

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Walking Dead Season Five Premier ( Beware Spoiler)

I know I am working tonight, so I shall miss the premier and will have to watch it all tomorrow morning
But I couldn't resist just watching this brief clip before I went
For those that don't know ( and don't care) the scruffy guy with the crossbow is a redneck, asperger character called Daryl Dixon who has become a sort of anti hero during the five seasons of The Walking Dead. The woman he is reunited with is a friend, an abused wife and mother called Carol, a character he bonded with throughout the series.
Their scenes have always been underplayed in favour of the action pieces, and brief as it was, I thought it was one of the best scenes in the whole five series...
Hey ho