Monday, 16 May 2022

Will it, won’t it?

 It’s like the end of Eurovision,
There’s a tension in the air 
Will the bathroom be finished in time? 
Time will only tell.
We’ve had a problem with one of the glass panels,
And I’ve just had to help with the positioning before sealing.
Mrs Trellis popped her head over the kitchen wall to see if things had progressed.
I’ve dropped CBM a curved ball by presenting him with more shelving
It’s humid and we are expecting storms.
Upstairs looks like London during the Blitz


  1. I am waiting for a photograph with bated breath.

  2. Better it takes a little longer and is perfect than rushed and disappointing. When you are under that first shower, washing with your fragrant soap and drying yourself on those new, white towels, all will be forgiven. xx

  3. Veg artist12:43 pm

    Memories of things like this are what put many of us starting another project - easier to put up with whatever we have already.

  4. Better to get it done well than to get it done fast!

  5. The Anticipation John-and to quote my mum-"its more than a body can bear" x

  6. Anonymous2:01 pm

    These rehab projects always take ten times longer than you think they will to finish. Best Wishes!!! It will be worth but meh the process.

  7. Sounds like it is almost done. I bet it will look great!

  8. How kind of Mrs Trellis to be so supportive. If you weren't so bashful, you might have asked if you could go back to her house for a shower and a lie down.

  9. It's all going to be worth it judging by the photos on Facebook. You'll even be able to have a posh birthday bath :-)

  10. After going through many home renovations in my time i want you to know its always the worse before it gets better... hang in there!

  11. What's a day or two extra to get the bathroom of your dreams? There is always a wrinkle or two with every project. Also, fitting in new shelving is always good.

  12. Barbara Anne3:35 pm

    We're waiting with you and are cheering you and the SBM of as you hear the fiish line! It will be worth the wait. Oh, yes!


  13. Looked like the Blitz! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    I can't wait to see your finished loo. I've been going through much the same here.

  14. Love it! Enjoy pooing in there.

    1. Sorry. This was meant for the next post.


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