Saturday, 14 May 2022



I popped in briefly 
Spain was very good ….very Jay lo, with legs like Cyd Charisse
Ukraine got a massive cheer and will probably win 
Azerbaijan was cute a button with his beard (above)
I loved Greece’s gentle covid ballad had me in tears,
Iceland’s sister act was sweet too.
Sweden was rated but I was bored a bit
Australia was a camp feast
I stayed until Sam Ryder with his big smile came on ….he’s was sooo sweet.

Sam Ryder

Then I went to bed 
Feeling like a wallflower at a Jane Austen ball


  1. Well I've just watched Far From The Madding Crowd and I'm missing the lovely Gabriel Oak already x

  2. Barbara Anne10:24 pm

    No Eurovision here so no frame of reference.
    Sweet dreams!


  3. You lasted much longer than I did. Gosh there were some horrors! I've just checked my online newspaper, and see that the predictable happened.

  4. I wish they would broadcast the Eurovision song contest here in Canada so we could get in on the fun too!

  5. I still can't work out why Australia is in the EUROvision contest. Maybe we've been confused with Austria again.

    1. Hehe. Because the viewership of Eurovision there surpasses most Euro nations, so why not? :)

  6. Wasn't it uplifting that Ukraine won The Eurovision Song Contest -and so colourful too x

  7. I have to catch up with it, having completely forgotten that it would be on last night. I heard Switzerland got zero points! Ouch!


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