Monday, 9 May 2022

A Note From The Editor


Last night’s blogging was a rather unpleasant experience.
And generally blogging shouldn’t be.
Life is hard enough sometimes without snide asides, finger pointing and bad tempers.

I’ve been accused  of being everything from an unfair blog host and a bad friend, to being Walter Mitty crossed with Vladimir Putin. 
One commentator even called me promiscuous 
An epithet I never managed to live up to even when I had a 34 inch waist and underpants to die for.

Now can I make a few things clear. 
I am a poor blogger in some ways, I will admit that.
I don’t always read every comment 
I will sometimes miss a thread or an insult but unlike most of you out there I do work full time and so I don’t have the time to forensically review every one of my words, let alone the comments of others.

Going Gently is my journal and my company. It’s my go to place and is a bit of a sanctuary 
I don’t invite people to insult me in my own home, so I except the same courtesy here. 
I may disagree with other blog writers on their home turf , and
Contrary to some’s belief , I never mind being disagreed with here on Going Gently 
But there’s always a polite way to do it without it being a mission in life.

It’s a fucking blog for God’s Sake

Nothing more. 

So there you have it. 
I’m not perfect but I will always endeavour to be fair where comments are involved. 
If I fail and anger you , all I can say is  I’m sorry you are angry, I don’t go out of my way to upset anyone.

I don’t live my life like that so why would I knowingly live my blogging life the same way.

I am almost 60 years old,
I am reasonably emotionally intelligent when understanding my own motivations , foibles and prejudices 
And when I want advice, I am rather good at asking for it.

Anyhow If you don’t like the way I blog….
Tough titty, it’s how I do it, warts and all, mistakes and all, inconsistencies and all
If you don’t like it. Just don’t read it .

Ps comments have been disabled for 24 hours 
If anyone would like to discuss anything I’ve written further please do so privately on


I love all comments Except abusive ones from arseholes