Sunday, 8 December 2019

My Life Is A Movie

Jamie ( centre) with our choir

Tonight our choir was asked to perform in a charity concert in a school down on the coast.
We were booked to perform six songs, three in each half of the concert and our slots mirrored the ones of another local community choir whose conductor had organised the evening.
The finale was a selection of Christmas carols sung by both choirs.

I know we shouldn't of...but the general consensus from my fellow choristers made it clear to me that there was quite a large good natured rivalry between the two choirs.
I guess it was natural for us to want to be the best choir on the night.

Ring any bells?
Yes, The Gwaenysgor Community Choir suddenly entered the cinematic world of Whoopie Goldberg's Sister Act II - Back in the Habit with Our Jamie with his 1940's RAF moustache playing the flamboyant Delores Van Cartier ! 

We had a worrying start as our rival choir looked so effin smart when they took their places!!!
They were dressed in black, all the ladies with matching appliqué flower trim on their blouses. The men wore natty red bow ties and waistcoats and the whole ensemble stood well rehursed and neat in front of their matching conductor who waved her baton with confidence and power!

As the choir took their places , our motley group looked at each other nervously as we were all dressed in a mismatch collection of coloured shirts and dark trousers. But we need not have worried as when it was our turn ( when Jamie wiggled his arse towards the audience- something he does when conducting) we knew our more eclectic performance had worked some of its usual magic

My twin sister Janet loved his did Chic Eleanor and my friends from Conwy who had come over to see us perform and in the end both choirs needed a pat on their backs as comparing us was really like comparing apples to oranges! We both did very well
On her way home, Chic Eleanor flipped her pashmina and purred " Darling John Your conductor's buttocks are simply amazing!!"

After a bit of reflection  I think our Finnish Reindeer clapping song swung it for us in the end.

Not the Reindeer song but our Welsh one x


  1. Wonderful fun !

  2. I so wanted to see and hear this!

  3. Congrats! I'm glad it went so well!

  4. Jamie has a very expressive bottom doesn't he John x


  6. I could see you lurking at the back. How come you learned to lurk so well?

  7. Oh, congratulations, all of you! What a wonderful thing to do!

  8. Sounds like you rivals were playing the one-upmanship card.

  9. Replies
    1. Obviously you're not a pensioner because pensioners have Rhino hides x

  10. Barbara Anne6:23 am

    Lovely song and harmony! Applause, applause!

    I saw you, too.


  11. In top pic, I see that Jamie had to 'black up' for the part of Dolores. And I'd thought that these days, highlighted by a certain recent discovery in Justin Trudeau's past, that it's become a BIG no-no. :-)

  12. What a fun event, well done !!!!

  13. And there's the wiggle! Reminded me of Hugh Grant in Love, Actually.

  14. Your conductor really does have an expressive bottom, John, If I may say so. Quite a pleasure! Bruno would love him on Strictly! (We have a saying in our house - What would Twirly Shirley do - and she’d be on her feet too!) The compliments of the season to you and yours, John. Much love from Reigate x

  15. This is awesome!
    The winners were the audience, of course. Very good performance!
    And the wiggle wins.


  16. Obviously an early festive frisson for Chic Eleanor and friends!

  17. Jamie sure knows how to shake his caboose. Great job all!

  18. The singing and the butt swaying were great. Cheerful song!!

  19. Pure joy, nice arse too x

  20. Two thoughts... 1.) who would play you in a film of your life, maybe a new competition for you to run. My mind boggles as to who would come up with the most appropriate and obv. the most inappropriate? And 2.) has your choir ever sung ‘While Shepherd’s Watched’ to the tune Cranbrook... better known as ‘On Ilkley Moor Baht’at?’


  21. You really sound to be having so much fun with you choir - I am so glad - just another step up that ladder.

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