Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day Big Up!!

As I walked around a gale lashed Trelawnyd this morning, the rather dishevelled woman in a towelling dressing gown who I spied washing up the dishes, summed up all of the festive stressors of the past few days as she puffed out her cheeks with that "I 'm soddin' well knackered" kind of look.

I tried to send her my best "I've paddled that canoe" sort of look right back....but she was already fishing around her cleavage for a dropped piece of hot ash from her cigarette so couldn't see me!..

Boxing day...... it's all the same.

Yesterday was a game in two halves really..... a restful day together with the dogs
(yes below if my "official" New Christmas hat photo)
and then a complete bunfight of cooking when the family came around for dinner.
It all went well..... the food was ok........Chris won the Downton Abbey general knowledge Quiz and after too many small sherries we all raised a glass to Andrew in a coordinated iphone toast with my sister in law,

And so it's over....
Boxing day is here with it's obligatory long walk....crap tv and cold meat. 
I managed to sneak a few cold roast potatoes out for the pigs this morning who sucked them up with exquisite piggy pleasure....but there was little else to share with the hens, who have all disappeared into the hedgerows due to the bad winds.
To keep out the cold... I have treated them to a huge bowl of festive spaghetti......they are easily pleased....

Chris has just gone to B&Q to buy some picture pins to hang up his pressie from me...which is a small French miniature of a "lady"......he liked it...and it is rather sweet, even if I do say so myself.......
Perhaps could tell us something about it?......It's all French to me!

The Red faced Welsh farmer has just driven past the cottage.....he sounds as though he's doing a Long John Silver impersonation.......the wind is getting up and the thought of braving the elements to fight over a cheap tv at comet seems vaguely disgusting.........

So that's our Boxing day......I will leave you all with my best wishes......and a BIG up for fellow blogger ELIZABETH STANFORTH-SHARPE( see her blog entry:-

After reading about my sister's Herculaneum efforts to raise money for Motor Neurone Research and of the sad death of Andrew only a few weeks ago, Bette ( and I hope you don't mind me calling you Bette!) has got off her arse so to speak and has organised herself into a one woman, money raising swimming champion...... and all in aid of MND......
My family have been moved, so very much by her sincere and generous offer of help ( she must be mad as a box of frogs too as she is braving Scarborough's Icy waters in the height of winter) so I wanted to "big up" her plan that if any of you would like to sponsor the plucky old gal......please follow the links and do so..................she and indeed  WE would be VERY grateful if you did.....
Bette Stanforth Sharpe in slightly earlier days


  1. Can't help I'm afraid - don't know anything about miniatures, let alone French ones. I did notice though, that the image seems to have been painted over a hazy picture of a bloke in a silly hat, taking a photograph.

  2. Some of your animal magnetism must be rubbing off. I've just had a neighbour around, asking if I would like to have her dog! When or where will it all end!

  3. "she was already fishing around her cleavage for a dropped piece of hot ash from her cigarette" - how do you come up with them - the image that creates in my mind's eye!

    Happy Boxing Day.

  4. Love the picture of you and the dogs!

  5. Looked at the picture of Santa Claus and four dogs. Where were you?

  6. A beautiful self portrait with the pups!

  7. I love the photo of you with the four dogs. Merry Christmas to you and your menagerie, John. (((Hugs))) Jo

  8. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Look at you all buried in your friends. What a happy thing.

  9. @ Mr. Stephenson: LOL!

    Boxing day. I'll be boxing in my sleep (and not alone, mind you!). I'm already at my 3rd nap today and now I'm heading for a forth one!


  10. Chris' miniture looks like the 'lady' has a fag hanging off her left lip (or is that right lip? - I dunno? I get confussled with mirror reversing) LOL!

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Love the photo with you and your merry hat surrounded by your marvelous furry friends...the French "lady" miniature you gave Chris is quite elegant! I noticed the same thing Tom did ;-) Visiting "Bette" to donate!

  12. You have some good looking pups there. Happy Boxing Day to ya from out here in Portland Oregon!

  13. Gosh, but you look a very happy and content sitting amongst your 'flock'. Hope the picture hanging project goes well. Hope you continue to enjoy the Christmas season.

  14. I like you hat and love your dogs. :-)

    I will go check out you friend's blog now.

  15. Lovely photo and Mabel looks to be enjoying her first real Christmas!!!Photos taken of me by family show me holding a baby, feeding him Pelagrino from a glass,him acting in imitation of the big boy he will one day become.

  16. For the new girl in the bunch, Mabel sure looks very much a part of the family. The look on her face is pure contentment.

  17. My daughter in law gave me a very similar hat for Christmas. Because she thinks I have a great sense of humor? or because she beleives I have no taste at all ? Doesn;t matter...its warm

  18. And "knackered" Another great name for a rock band or a new Red Wattle sow. I can't decide

  19. Cheers to Andrew RIP xo

    LOVE your Christmas Hat Dog Pile!!!

  20. Cold roast potatoes unbelievably delicious. Glad all involved had a good day. MND such a dreadful illness and an important cause - well done the swimmer.

  21. That photograph should be enlarged and put on the wall (not Bette Davies - the one of you with those four adorables). Have you tried your hens on cous-cous - mine peck it up in a frenzy and having a vegetarian son means I often have it on the menu.

  22. I think it is great what Elizabeth is doing, if rather bonkers, and I'd encourage everyone else to pledge.

    We visited a an old friend just before Christmas who is suffering from MND and it is tragic to see her gradually fading away.

    Well done Bette!

  23. Yes, big ups for Bette indeed! We have a New Year's Day plunge several towns over. I think it started as a fundraiser when a local became paralyzed after a car accident. Nowadays, he's there on the beach, in the snow, cheering on all the crazy people who greet the new year in such a manner.

    Love the hat and George looks like a statue except for his tail. What a sweet photo.


  24. You don't have enough dogs. I think you need more. While you're at it, I think you need more birds, too.


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