Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Fine Weather!
No rain!
No wind....
Bugger me...I can't quite believe it.!!!!!
The village seemed awash with walkers sweating under their woolly hats this morning... and even  octogenarian Olwenna Hughes, who is extremely shaky on her old pins was out strolling in the sun.
It tickled me that even though she had been effectively marooned inside her bungalow for weeks because of the bad weather, she still knew exactly what had been happening in the village...
"It was nice that you went to Church on Christmas Eve " she called out in her sing song way.."
I reminded her that I only went for the carols!

For the first time in weeks, I had the opportunity to check over the animals on what has turned out to be an unseasonably warm day. The Crackhead Whores with their Alpha female, Vinegar tits, now smart in their newly grown feathers, have blossomed under  some intensive "feeding up". Settled in to their part of the field, they have relaxed somewhat and have stopped their bully-girl activities with the older hens....
I will reluctantly admit that I really should change their collective name seeing that they have all undergone a sort of "pretty woman-like" transformation over the past two months.......but I shall resist the urge......I really think I should be true to their drug taking and loose knickered past!

The Crackhead whores all looking rather splendid (Vinegar tits is on the right)
And so, all afternoon, I have cleaned away the rain soaked damage inflicted in November and early December...and it has been therapeutic as it was necessary....I have just been seeing to the basics for a while now......

Boris....happy at surviving another Christmas

One of the Crackheads blooming

The Indian runners still, fit and healthy and hysterical  around their pond

As I dredged the pond at the back of the field, I noticed an old couple in the graveyard. They were leaning against the fence, watching the geese "arguing" with the indian runners over a bowl of corn and called me over in order to buy some eggs.
The graveyard is always busy at Christmas with people dropping off wreaths and flowers .....and I always try to be respectful of people's  feelings, especially if they look like they need some quiet and reflective time by the graves of their loved ones. (The geese in particular, can be bloody invasive with their honking!)
Hummm...respectful eh? Look what T shirt I had chosen to put on today


Even Mabel was not impressed


  1. I can imagine you struggling through the mud, arms outstretched towards the waiting (horrified) people in the graveyard saying "Urghhhhh"...

  2. Yes John, you probably left quite an impression! lol

    Good to see Boris again! And yes, everybody should be in touch with their 'past'......keeping the Crackheads 'intact' is a good idea!

    What a wonderful looking day there indeed! Enjoy!

  3. We had more snow BEFORE Halloween than after :/ here's to hoping normal weather also returns to West Virginia, and not "63F degrees" on Christmas Day!

  4. Did you have to mention your fabulous flipping weather? We are under a weather warning, it's snowing,and a flash freeze is forecast for tonight...roll on spring.
    Jane x
    PS Your crackhead whores look nothing like the ones I've seen in Toronto!

  5. Anonymous5:42 pm

    The girls look so nice now. I hope they are laying for you.

  6. No-one does "We are not amused" like a bulldog :-)

  7. We are being lulled into a false sense of meteorological security... better start making some snow-shoes for the CHH's.

  8. You've done a brilliant job on the Crackheads - Boris is looking very 'handsome' again too.

  9. 'Back to Normality'?! Are you joking?

  10. We should all remain true to who we really are, no matter how our circumstances change. Good thought there John.

  11. Oh John. Only you would wear that shirt LOL Wish you took of picture of your face when you realized just what you had on!
    Love the look on Mabel's face. Clearly she adores you as we do.
    xoxox Linda

  12. If what you've got is 'normal' weather thaen I'll settle for our 'abnormal' summer! LOL!

  13. Looks like a delightful day, and that everyone in your menagerie enjoyed it.

    I should think your shirt would bring a smile, even if a visitor at the graveyard wanted a quiet moment.


  14. love the look on Mabel's face she is a cutie.....


  15. The t-shirt is 'spot on'. Your timing is remarkable.

    Thank you for a photo of our girl, Mabel. She is way too adorable. You have beautiful animals.

    I so enjoy the blog. It makes my day, almost every day!

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  16. Ah, The Walking Dead and, would you like to buy some eggs?

    (Honest, they're fresh!)

    John, you crack me up!

  17. John, in commenting on your t-shirt I was referring to its sentiments being how I feel after all the Christmas hoopla. So sorry. You always look wonderful.

  18. Anonymous10:42 pm

    One of the Kray twins, (a right pair of thugs who go everywhere together) has got a slightly swollen ankle and is limping.

    I've got vitamins and antibiotics from the vet so hope that'll do the trick.

    Can't imagine life without the chooks.


  19. Love the irony of your shirt choice!

    Regarding Nars, Thank you, John.

  20. Wonderful writing.

    The addition of the sweatshirt probably made them look twice, but whatever!

    Crackhead whores and Vinegar tits - I'm laughing my ass off on another continent!

  21. Is there a book that you get your dog and poultry names from? "Outlandish Names for Animals"? I'm surprised that Boris didn't end up with a close-fitting jacket made from aluminium foil this Christmas. Roll on Xmas 2012!

  22. Hehe. Thanks for the chuckle, John.

    And I agree, you should definitely keep the Crackhead name, even though they are no longer 'ugly ducklings'.

  23. Good Lord, there's sunshine in those shots! I can't remember when I last saw sunshine.
    Lovely shot of the turkey. Warms the cockles etc.

  24. You know...I grew up with chickens and it used to amaze me how they all had different personalities...

  25. Your Boris and my Sunset look so much alike. How much trouble would it be John to get them together?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Just catching up with you, while my daughter has left her laptop lying around. Love your Christmas hat, and Chris's pretty birthday present. Good to see the Crackhead Whores softening, and a cold turkey visbly able after Christmas. Had a good laugh along with everyone else over your choice of tee shirt... It's good to have this fine weather for catching up with outdoor tasks. Hope it leads you into a Happy New Year. I head back to NZ on Friday, ready for home but reluctant to leave here.

  28. Love your shirt and your Crackhead Whores are beautiful.

  29. Everyone is looking fine, even you Mr. Walking Dead!


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