Monday, 28 November 2011


I envy actors.
I envy their ability to make believe
I envy their ability to tell a story
and I envy their imagination and  focus when "in character"
Of course it's not the glamour that I really tell you what I kind of like about is their ability of shed their self inhibitions in order to immerse themselves into a fictitious life

But on reflection, I suppose that we are all "unofficial" actors in the everyday "screenplay" which is our daily lives. We play the hero here, we play the advocate there and we play "disgusted from clapham"  (well I do) at all the other times....the character on show, is always the one most suited to the situation we find ourselves in at any given moment.
Who knows, just what the "real me" actually is?
We are all chameleons, 
......and that's a good job too...........
if non of us could act....
we'd all be zombies



  1. Haven't seen that show yet - ugh...

  2. I haven't seen it either. Like the music on the video.

  3. God, how effective is that music!

    And as for the acting - is it? Or just that good old multi-facetedness humanity in us?

  4. Anonymous6:44 pm

    I know I'm an actor...the real me is a horror show.

  5. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Well, that made my morning! I wonder if I've been a Zombie all these years and just didn't know it. I'm the quiet one loitering in the corners, who doesn't attack til provoked.

    (I liked the singing in the video too!)

  6. Wow, that show really does look excellent. I hope we get it here eventually! Zombies are the biggest incentive to own a gun...

  7. Yet again I was unable to view the video, due to our rubbish internet connection, as we live on the edge of nowhere.

    Still I'll put on a brave face and pretend that I don't mind.

  8. If I was an actor, I would look better.

  9. That show is filmed right here in Atlanta, but STILL, I have never watched it. And probably never will. Brain-eating isn't on my list of favorite entertainment. As for being an actor, aren't we all chameleons of a sort?

  10. The only thing I think I would hate more than being an actor would be to be a flight attendant (job from hell as far as I'm concerned).
    Just the thought of the utter discomfort I feel when I have to 'be' someone other than myself, makes me want to throw up.

  11. What utter shite - sorry, but where's the humour? Come to that, where's the acting? Where's the music too?

  12. My seventeen year old has been rehearsing her first major adult role (Linda in Blood Brothers, the musical) and she certainly has a knack for grasping a character. She gets to kiss two guys while her stage manager boyfriend watches from the wings. I hope they can all remember that the jealously belongs on the stage!
    All sorts of things influence the way we react around other people. I love your 'disgusted of Clapham' persona especially remembering the NZ equivilents during the heated Homosexual Law Reform era.
    PS I'd say you were wearing your 'hero' hat the other night in the storm.

  13. Oh, and a wee thank you to Nigel for the note about the strike. So I will have to keep my children entertained for hours AFTER we land!

  14. AN actor darling? Lights, camera, music!!

    And your adoring public of course...

    Like Uncle Monty "I will never play the Dane"

  15. not much humour in American zombies Tom... they dont do irony

  16. Just give me a voice over and some air brushing , and I'd be fabulous, dahling.
    Jane x

  17. the music I thought was rather good!
    its by DEAD CAN DANCE

  18. Have to agree with Tom on this.
    However, I know you'd be and are an actor, John! You have passion with a 'twist' and more! There, now find an outlet (I know this is one) and start acting up!

  19. All the world's a stage...haunting music

  20. Indeed, we forget how often we're acting a part to fulfill some kind of role we feel is appropriate to a particular occasion. But if we all did and said anything we liked without any dissembling all hell would break loose....


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