Friday, 9 April 2010


I had the oddest dream last night.
It was a surreal story about my fraternal Grandmother, who died thirty years ago now.

When I was growing up I was lucky enough to have three grandparents living. My Maternal grandparents Gran and Grandad Fry, were huge dominant forces for good in their grandchildrens' lives, and we saw them constantly when growing up in those long hot days of childhood.

My father's mother, the diminutive Granny Gray, was to me , a benign and slightly more distant figure in my life. To us children she was a jolly, white haired , bespeckled, spherical old lady with slightly bowed legs and a handbag the size of her head.

She kept a folder hankie up her right sleeve of her cardigan, always smelt of talc and bought Battenberg cake for us to eat every Thursday afternoon, a day she used to "come for tea".
As Children, she remained a rather sweet, slightly bland old lady that never quite came up to scratch against a more robust, ham armed, big hearted Gran Fry, who seemed to eclipse everyone with her all encompassing maternalism!

Anyhow I digress. I thought it strange that I dreamt about Granny Gray last night. I have not really thought about her for years. But last night, there I was in my dream, stood in her 1940's style kitchen. On the walls were the over painted wooden cupboards filled with cups on hooks and flowery plates. The massive American style "refrigerator" was still motoring away with the old fashioned milk bottles inside it and on the drainer I could see glasses of sweet RIBENA all poured out to drink.I must have been 11 (coughs 1973) when I last experienced this sight
The kitchen smelt musty and "old lady-ish" and the kitchen door was open so I could walk down the steep back door step into the sparse sun backed garden, where regimented rows of "old lady flowers" (carnations, hydrangeas and dahlias) lined up next to the brick path bordering.
Now in the dream, I knew what I was after. I walked to the front garden (through a green slatted gate) to find the small red stone Welsh dragon which sat against the path. I always loved this small garden figure, and when I grandmother died, I was always sad that I hadn't asked for it, now in my dream I was suddenly busy digging it up and off I went, with it tucked under my arm, stealing it!!!

Where the hell did this dream come from?
A few weeks ago I walked past my grandmother's old house ( her family had built four identical Edwardian houses for the siblings of the family in the centre of nearby Prestatyn). I remember thinking about the dragon (long since gone now)......

It would have looked lovely in our garden


  1. I often dream about the dead and gone, I always think how nice it was to see them again and refresh my memories of them. Maybe you are sorry you didn't ask for the dragon, knowing how lovely it would look in your garden. I am no analyst, just a thought. I think odd dreams are just that, odd, but nice.

  2. Gosh, it sounds like a lovely dream in a lot of ways.

    It sounds like that regret has buried itself deep in your psyche.

    Too bad you didn't get that dragon. Do you know what happened to it?

    There are factions of my family silently at war over my grandma's concrete alligator. I never really understood the whole thing . . . then again, I never cared for it. Lucky me.

  3. my cousin, carol, has just read this blog entry and has emailed me stating that the dragon (and another dragon in my great uncle's house were stolen around 15 years ago!

  4. Very interesting post John. I've had dreams like that as well--They seem so real and I always wonder if there's a message that the "cosmic forces" want me to know--But maybe it's just because these people who have passed are such a part of who I am that it's only natural to dream about them...Who knows? Thanks for sharing--Sweet dreams tonight John! :-)

  5. concrete aligator...I must hear more.......

  6. Bro,
    I remember Bert was devastated when the dragons were stolen, we all loved them.

    I have enjoyed your perfect discription of Grannies kitchen,she was a lovely Lady, I always remember she taught me to tell the time she took the mantle clock down from the fire place and we sat at the dining table she was kind and gentle. Maybe she's just letting you know she's thinking of the family.

    Love Ann x

  7. mmmmmmm......battenberg! I'm sure you know a few welsh dragons who could fulfil the role! x

  8. I haven't had Battenburg cake in years,and was never a fan of ribena, but they both bring back memories of my grandparents as well, from the 70's!!

    Gill in Canada

  9. should have said, no idea about the dream thing, dreams are always a mystery to me!

    Gill in Canada


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