Azul Y Negro - No Tengo Tiempo

Was it Calpe or Fuengirola ? 
Who knows 
A family holiday with my sisters, brother in law and nephews
Circa June 1983
Techno pop filled on the Spanish radio and the bars, and one song seemed to be played time and time again.
It was my brain worm.
Bizarrely I remember walking into a small record shop in some town and in that terribly English way, I bought the first record whose sleeve I liked the look of , fuck me it turned out to be the song that I had become slightly obsessed with all that holiday

I have always loved that big of serendipity .
Now that record has long been lost, but last night, with my essay deadline looming , I set myself the task of finding that Spanish song from so long ago.
I love the internet,
It took me 20 minutes to find.

Mentally I wasn’t in the right frame of reference to write my essay yesterday.
I researched the internet, spoke to my friend Nigel at length about nothing, walked the dogs and walked down the lane to see Village Leader Ian, who was busy with friends in his garden so I gave it a miss.
Socially I can be so inept sometimes.
Underneath I’m quite shy.
I lit the fire early and watched a cracking Swedish disaster movie called The Abyss on Netflix, then texted Nu who didn’t ring back, made Nasi Goreng which I ate with chopsticks as the dogs growled for the best position to watch and then went to bed.
I’m meeting friend Ruth for lunch today but have rescheduled the film with my sister until Tuesday .
I will complete the fucking essay later.
Dorothy has lost even more weight this week. She’s on a low fat several times a day
She’s incredibly clingy and slept under the duvet with me last night, which is a rarity 
She’s feeling the cold.


  1. Procrastination is a wonderful thing.

  2. My elderly dog has lost weight but as she has intermittent diarrhoea she is often replacing her usual tinned with chicken and rice which is low fat x

  3. Serendipity is wonderful. I hope the enthusiasm/bloody mindedness to get that essay written comes back soon. Horrible to have to do it when you'd rather be doing ANYTHING else! Darling Dorothy, as long as she's comfortable, that's all we can hope for our loved ones, whether human or animal. Please give her a kiss on the head from me. xx

  4. After formal schooling (finishing college in the U.S.) I've tried to go back. Mostly to practice German for trips. I've realized that I have no patience for homework. I like to practice and learn on my own schedule. I know that's not practical for your aspirations, but I understand the frustration of being an adult and having a job and school demands.

    Forehead kisses and gentle pets to Miss Dorothy.

  5. weaver12:35 pm

    I do understand the business of being 'in the right frame of mind' to write your essay John. I have always been like that - do it when you get the urge to do it even if it is in the middle of the night. And good luck with it

  6. Anonymous12:44 pm

    My house was never tidier than when I was procrastinating:
    I would do the most trivial things to avoid an assignment--like consolidating jars of pickles or jam in the fridge...
    Then I'd churn out a great essay--
    the pressure helped it gel.
    I hope it helps you too!

  7. You will get the essay done at some point in time,and that will have to be accepted as the soonest time available in your busy and complicated life.Be understanding of and gentle with yourself John.
    We are human beings not machines,Dorothy knows you love her -keep that gift with you -Mary

  8. Barbara Anne2:18 pm

    What a wonderful album cover! We have several covers framed and on the walls.
    Do you suppose Dear Dorothy needs a doggie jacket to keep her warmer? Hugs from me to her.
    Wishing you well with that essay when the time comes to settle down and write it.


  9. Good luck with the writing. You will get it done in time.

  10. I totally feel your pain over that blasted essay. I hope your angst is over soon and you can enjoy some time in the garden with a drink of choice...very soon.

  11. I can imagine doing homework after all these years must be hard and tedious. Tho it seems worrisome that your chosen new field doesn't interest or inspire you. I guess self discipline is required---sit down, start typing, like you are doing the day's patient reports?
    My pug is now almost ten. The first he is showing grey and signs of age. He loves his "Warmies"---microwaved pillow that is soft and comforting. Took him awhile to accept it tho. Look on amazon. [don't overheat it!]

  12. My house was often spotless when homework was due.

  13. Poor Dorothy. Hope she feels better soon and that you manage to get that dratted essay out of the way.

  14. When it feels right, the words will flow like water. No reason to be shy,

  15. I haven't ever heard that song before, but I know what you mean about linking a certain song to a certain place or trip or experience. I never hear the Moody Blues' "The Voice" without thinking of a particular high school canoe trip, or Haddaway's "What Is Love?" without remembering a disco in Rabat during my Peace Corps years in Morocco. So sorry about Dorothy. Older dogs do get clingy -- we see it in Olga too.

    1. Whoa whoa DURING MY PEACE CORPS IN MOROCCO!!!!!!!
      Do tell

  16. God, I hated writing essays when in college, always procrastinated until the last. Sorry to hear about Dorothy, poor doggo.

    1. I suspect it’s her last year with me

  17. A catchy song is as good a reason as any to put off an essay.

  18. Anonymous5:17 pm

    I understand your procrastinating over the essay as I am the worst procrastinator on earth. I have finally started cleaning out my laundry room, affectionally called the pit, after ignoring it for 40 years. I had some leaks under the laundry tubs and was too embarrassed to call the handyman to get it fixed. After working at it for over a week it was good enough to give him a call. Now that the leaks are fixed I am still trying to get it organized. It will always be the pit but I have removed a lot of the junk. I have a lot of Christmas decor and wreaths for the front door but just not ready to let all go yet, so more procrastination. You will do that essay when the spirit moves you. Gigi

  19. My experience as a ghost writer has taught me most people find it easier to speak than to write. So, rather than avoiding the dreaded blank page, I urge clients to simply record what they have to say, then I transcribe it -- and tidy up the transcription into the finished work. This works as a DIY technique as well!

  20. I’ve never heard this song before. I like to imagine you in the record shop in our neighborhood. So sorry to read how Dorothy is doing. I’m glad she’s wrapped in love.

  21. Jo in Auckland7:17 pm

    I totally sympathise about putting off the essay. I am one of the worlds worst procrastinators and will do anything to distract me from what I actually should be doing... until right at the last moment when I'm backed into a corner and HAVE NO CHOICE! Give that Dotty a head pat and a kiss from me. Maybe she could do with a pair of doggy pjs to stave off the cold. Hugs to all.

    1. I’ve considered the coat, it will hide her weight loss

  22. I heard this song before, but I cannot dredge up the memory of when. Or maybe it's the group.
    I'm sorry about Dorothy...I think when we get old, and nearing that time, we do cling to others. It's a comfort, and even with dogs, perhaps, the knowledge that life, things will go on after we've left.
    Who knows.

  23. Poor Dorothy. Cherish her.

  24. As a deadline nears, willpower and intent increase...the essay will get completed most likely at the last hour. I hope Dorothy is feeling better.

  25. weavinfool7:34 am

    Serendipity seems to rule my life…along with procrastination. I rarely watch movies on the telly but watched The Abyss with my husband on Friday morning.
    I have a window that needs cleaning but to do that I need to move a myriad of things so I’ve put it off for months. I feel it’s time is coming soon.
    I’m sorry about Dorothy not being well. We just learned our older dog’s heart murmer has worsened and he’s now on medication and scheduled for a scan. I’d rather be unwell myself than watch my unwell animal friends.

  26. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Call again John you are always welcome. It was our house guests from Ukraine


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