Smelling of Sriracha

 My internal clock is fucked
Slept yesterday until 3pm then got up walked dogs and made pad Thai noodles with crispy chicken and ate them with chopsticks as each of the dogs had their own plate of noodles mixed with an egg.
Mary eats hers very delicately and oh so bloody slowly and has to be given her portion in the living room. 
I met Gorgeous Dave in Prestatyn at 7pm and we went to the AI drama The Creator which is a romp of a movie ….think Apocalypse Now, Blade Runner, Aliens, District 9 ,Star Wars all mixed up with some of the most beautiful and impressive “ special effects” I’ve seen in recent years
It was interesting as it took a huge swipe at America’s Vietnam involvement even though it was set on Earth 40 years in the future .
Great to see the wonderful Alison Janney as a damaged, bitch of a GI Jane…how’s there’s a change in direction 

I need a post-mortem about the movie and didn’t have time to pin Dave down last night
Some films just need being talked about and examined .

It’s 5.30am when I’m writing this , like I said my internal clock is fucked 
I’ve made the Mexican based Huevos Rancheros for breakfast for a change 
Egg and tortilla with lime, avocado, black beans and feta
I’ve bought a slightly milder Sriracha sauce to go with it from Marks and Spencer 
Tasty but still phew!!!

I will be farting like an old lady after bran flakes during lectures

huevos Rancheros is the sort of breakfast you keep on standby if you want to impress a shag 
Perhaps not
If only 
Hey ho
Eating it in the dark didn’t make me feel remotely Mexican 

Off to University for the whole day then back to walk the dogs from Trendy Carol’s at 4 pm then off to work on night shift smelling of sriracha


  1. LOL. Do you like to fart like an old lady to impress a shag?

  2. Your H.R. is very posh ;) Mine is half an onion fried in butter until soft, add in a tin of chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper, lots of chilli; when hot, crack a couple of eggs in the middle, serve with warm tortillas or bread to mop it all up. One of my favourites. Doesn't make me feel remotely Mexican either, but fair sets you up for the day :)

  3. weaver11:13 am

    Please do have common or garden cereals some days - I am already worried about you doing too much. Do get plenty of sleep - no burning the candle at both ends.

  4. I hope that hearty breakfast fortifies you for the very busy day you have coming up!

  5. I'm sure you have more hours in a day than the rest of us mere mortals. I'm with Weaver - slow down once in a while! PS I'll pass on the movie, not my sort of thing at all! xx

  6. Well this old lady def does not fart whilst eating branflakes during lectures! And less of the 'old' my lad! - Tess

  7. At least your farts will be warm!!

    It sounds like a great film, I really fancy going to see this one.

  8. Ummm...
    Dare I say you're pushing it? Well, you know yourself best. You're a beast, John Gray!

  9. I'm in the are you overdoing it camp, too. But you're enjoying so I don't want to be a spoiler. But, are you overdoing it??

  10. Wow...I do not know how you keep the fast pace. If you've found you can, I salute you and admire your strength. Enjoy uni today.

  11. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Didn’t anybody tell you that a lady doesn’t fart, wether young or old. That movie would totally turn me off, glad you enjoyed it though. Gigi

  12. Don't overdo, John. Seems like you were just talking about pacing yourself after your bout with fainting. Take care! xx

    1. Traveller4:16 pm

      Oh dear, I read that as “bout of farting” and wondered why one had to slow down if one farted

  13. Anonymous3:57 pm

    "ate it with chopsticks" - what's the relevance of that? Or Or are you just being pretentious and we're supposed to be impressed?

    1. Traveller4:15 pm

      Yes John is incredibly pretentious - look at all that talk about farting! Dead pretentious is that!

    2. I love eating asian food with chopsticks I’m incredibly adept at it

    3. Traveller5:41 pm

      Do you prefer a pointy end or a blunt end?

    4. Anonymous10:21 pm

      Be still my beating heart

  14. Barbara Anne8:01 pm

    What an entertaining post, John! I hear you on the messed up internal clock and all shift workers understand, too.
    I'll be interested to see that movie at some time.
    Wising you wekk tonight. Sorrry about the typos. Sigh.


  15. Your breakfasts are much more adventurous than mine!

    I know what you mean about some films really needing a chat and feedback after watching.

  16. I'm not sure Mexicans really eat Huevos Rancheros! But maybe they do.

    I've seen ads for that movie but it looks sort of creepy. I hope that's not our future.

  17. I'm retired now, but having worked a lot of night shifts over the years. It can really bugger your internal clock up. I still tend to late night and very late mornings.


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