Tuesday, 27 September 2022

The Five Of Us

Tonight it is cool, almost cold with a brisk wind
The five of us settled in the living room together.
The fire is lit, and I have a blanket come homemade pashmina on
Chic Eleanor would be proud.
Mary is on the little grey arm chair in the corner
Roger is in front of the fire 
Dorothy is in her usual position next to me 
And Albert is perched on the back of the trendy blue Sofa next to my shoulder.
We sit in the dark , with only me watching Bake off.
The chubby Polish guy is sweet
Roger took himself to bed in his crate in the kitchen a few minutes ago 
Finally, he’s comfortable enough to make his own decisions 
 and he is truly home


  1. Just the two of us here watching Bake Off. Myself on one sofa, the cat on a little fleece blanket on the top of the other one - somewhere she only goes in the winter. I missed the beginning of BO, why were some missing?

    1. They were I’ll probably covid , they are back next week

  2. Utter bliss. Meanwhile, Moose is sitting outside the bedroom yowling at us both to come to bed.

  3. You have painted a wonderful scene with your words.

  4. As I don't sleep well I'm on the sofa - thatch and tichy on another sofa sleeping - little teddy in a corner and my lily on the bed with a man x 💃

  5. It's like a modernised version pf "The Famous Five".

  6. Barbara Anne11:11 pm

    How wonderful that everyone is secure and warm in their on special places!


  7. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Sounds cozy!

  8. Through love he has found trust.

  9. Aww, such a cozy image.

  10. The 'Chubby Polish Guy' is taken. He lives with his husband/boyfriend here in Brighton (where else?).

  11. One of my favourite words, cosy. I think the Polish guy has a very good chance of winning. I don't want the pink haired lady to go - she's fun.

  12. I don't watch Bake Off, but all the rest sounds absolute bliss! xx

  13. These are definitely my favourite times with animals and I so miss them.
    Roger is now so at home with you all.

  14. Traveller9:12 am

    I was trying to work out who this five were: Mary, Roger, Dorothy, Albert (my fav) - who is the fifth? Took a while for the penny to drop!

  15. Yorkshire Liz11:34 am

    Must be almost winter to have you all hunkered down and cosy like that. Can I beg a corner of blanket with you all?

  16. Sounds like a happy family, nesting.

  17. That's it then, all round to Johns. Hot Chocolate with a slug of brandy, to er, add flavour. Ghost stories, dog cuddles, wood burner, plus a corner of that 'home-made pashmina blanket thingy'. Home - made by whom? a sight to behold methinks. See you there Tess x

  18. So happy to see a Polish contestant this year. Its a nice group, as always.

  19. It all looks very cozy. We like Janusz too!

  20. It was a good episode last night. I like them all in their own ways, so it's going to be hard watching them get sent off, thank goodness they all got a reprieve this week.


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