Thursday, 11 August 2022

Told Off

 Mrs Trellis told me off this morning for watering the planters in the heat of late morning.
I apologised but told her as I was going to London today it was the only time I could do so.

She pursed her lips 
“ Another holiday? She asked.
I knew she was pissed at me, I can always read the signs now 
She has vocalised before that sometimes I leave the dogs too often with Trendy Carol and her hubby
I reminded her that I was only away overnight
A treat for my birthday.
She pulled the brim of  her white laced sun hat down and walked on with a warning “ Keep out of the sun”
The girls down at Trendy Carol’s barked their welcome at the garden gate and she stopped to coo at them

I hate being in Mrs Trellis’ bad books
It’s like being told off by a favourite aunt
She reminds me of Calpurnia, Atticus Finch’s housekeeper in some ways

 “She’s a faithful member of this family and you’ll simply have to accept things the way they are...Besides, I don’t think the children have suffered one bit from her having brought them up. If anything, she’s been harder on them in some ways than a mother would have been… she’s never let them get away with anything”

I took her advice and dressed in shorts and T shirt I’m sat on the train southwards. Apparently it’s 90 degrees in the capital so shorts will have to do for the Theatre 
I’m not staying with Nu in West London but have booked the Z Hotel in Covent Garden
I need to be back home earlyish tomorrow as there’s a meeting about the village pond I promised to go to

God it's hot in London . Found a gay bar with outside seating for a beer. 
Just waiting for Nu


  1. This is one of the reasons I do not get close to my neighbors.

  2. She worries about you and your animals! It is sweet in a way and I am glad you appreciate her care! Enjoy your trip!

    1. No, she makes judgements about what is acceptable

  3. Its true owning animals restricts your movements... or should... One of the reasons hubby and i decided not to get another pet after the last one passed. If you choose to have pets.. well its a lifestyle YOU chose and the pets should not continually be pushed off on someone else so you can continue a different lifestyle.. Well thats just my opinion and we all have them..opinions that is .. even Ms Trellis..

  4. Barbara Anne1:30 pm

    It is hard to be a wonderful social butterfly and keep everyone happy at the same time. You're managing just fine. Perhaps this morning Mrs. T had indigestion?
    Enjoy London!


  5. That picture of you and your sister at the top now is absolutelysuper John.

  6. Some people can make you feel like a naughty schoolchild. Mrs T is obviously one of them. But she has your and the girls best interests at heart. Still, I bet you feel like you've had your wrist slapped! Enjoy London and the meet up with Nu. Stay hydrated, it's going to be a hot one! xx

  7. Fuck guilt and enjoy x

  8. Have a good time in London, currently 32 degrees.

    Take care of yourself. Jxx

  9. As another of your readers has commented, this post is a timely reminder of why l don't 'do' neighbours. Prefering to get my fix of chit chat from yourself, a couple of insta and you tube contributors, oh yeah, and the Archers ! Kind regards to my friend John (never met) Tess x

  10. P.S. enjoy yourself and do whatever you like, as long as you are not harming any living creature, which you clearly are mindful of, in thought and deed. Only here once babe Tess x

  11. To be quite honest, it is not Mrs. T.'s business in the least. So- there is that.

  12. Welcome to London! I'm surprised Mrs. Trellis would take exception to you going away for a night. It's not like you're flying to Bangkok and tying the dogs to the fence for the duration of your trip.

  13. Anonymous4:45 pm

    I hope you enjoy To kill a mocking Bird I loved the production !

  14. It is 83° F. in S. Colorado at 11 a.m., going up to 91° F. for the day! Too hot here, too!

  15. I bet that cold drink is great on a hot day! Enjoy the play with Nu!

  16. I like Mrs Trellis and would have felt hurt if she was disappointed by me - It may be the heat that is making her vent what she would usually have just thought to herself - I have been quite outspoken in the last few days as I cannot stand this shit weather(in my opinion)- I also would take from this that by her saying that to you it's because she possibly thinks of you fondly as close relative would -Anyway now have a great evening with your Nu xx

  17. Enjoy the play. Why did you have to find a "gay " bar for a drink ? ( talent spotting) 😉

  18. Anonymous8:37 pm

    I would love to have a Mrs Trellis looking out for me and my animals, perhaps you don't realise how lucky you are. Perhaps when you're home again you could take her some flowers or whatever she is fond of, and tell her thank you for caring about you and your animals.

  19. Oh dear! In Mrs Trellis's bad books? Imagine bending over while she whips your buttocks with a bamboo cane. Stop Mrs Trellis! Please!

  20. Hope the evening went well.

  21. Hope it was a good trip to London in spite of the vicious heat.
    I think I know how you felt when Mrs Trellis commented. She is a good friend and has your interests at heart. You need to get back to a social life after Covid so it's just a temporary imbalance of the usual things which will settle down.

  22. May god and Mrs. Trellis forgive you.


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