Sunday, 26 June 2022

Mini film

I caught this video earlier
And I thought it was an unexpectedly powerful piece of film making
Albeit in tictok form



  1. She must have just seen Donald Trump on TV.

  2. Yes ma'am. I never thought that in "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave", that brave was all I had.

    Luckily, I am brave and I will keep fighting for my daughters, my granddaughters and every woman who wants to be in charge of her own destiny to the extent it
    is possible.

    The pendulum swings and it will swing again. Everyone in its way better watch out!

    1. I wasn’t sure it was a direct remark about the recent Supreme Court vote. . I’m shocked by it

  3. I guess we all feel like that at times. There are some things/people that make me want to scream. The Supreme Court is one, BJ is another, Putin definitely. The list goes on... xx

  4. I went to a concert in our park Friday night in my very red county. At one point, the band began to sing 'I am proud to be an American'...immediately the crowd went crazy. People on their feet singing back ' where at least I know I'm free' waving their hands in the air like they were having a real hallelujah moment. I sat there thinking 'how ironic....'

  5. Not someone you'd want to meet down a dark ally.

  6. Yes it's intense.

  7. She's a strong woman and she's right.

  8. Feeling the same way here in the US. The Supreme Court is right out of Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale." Frightening. And I believe they are on a roll.
    Bonnie in Minneapolis

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