Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Fish Pie

Yesterday my bubble friend Ruth was over.
We ate fish pie ( completed with quarters of hard boiled eggs), drank wine  and watched Amelie 
It was a nice evening. 
Amelie is a movie that only gets better when rewatching . 
It’s film in which it’s editing takes centre stage and where a million visual ideas joint together seamlessly 
I adore it.

Today I’ve bought eggs from Rachel at the village riding stables and have dodged snow showers in favour of cold sunny breaks, then I’ve picked up antibiotics for Mary ( at last my demand for a swab on her ear has yielded a bacterial and not fungal infection as I suspected ) and bought flowers for Trendy Carol who never takes any payment for looking after the girls when I’m at work. 

It’s a no news, bland blogging day today.
I will leave you with this excruciatingly funny clip of  Nick Mohammed
He sings the plot of a film to its score

Enjoy x


  1. Nick Mohammed is be snoggable despite being beardless.

  2. Sounds like fun evening, and glad you've finally got some antibiotics for Mary. What a true friend Trendy Carol is. xx

  3. Amelie is brilliant...one of my favourites!

  4. So glad Mary will get the medicine she needs and so glad you got to watch Amelie again. That is such a delicious movie and one to watch over and over and over again.Take care.

  5. Sounds as though you had a good and restful day - and I love hard boiled eggs in my fish pies too. Very funny song.

  6. Barbara Anne5:34 pm

    I also love Amelie, start to finish, over and over again. Bliss! Now fish pie, not so much. :)
    Well done in insisting on antibiotics for sweet Mary. Have you thought any more about her having puppies?
    A floral "thank you" to Trendy Carol is perfect.
    Alas, Nick Mohammed's video format is "unsupported" on my old computer.
    Enjoy the rest of the chilly day!
    We're off to get our 2nd Pfizer jab in a little while.


  7. Hope the antibiotics work for Mary.

  8. Your posts sustain me, no matter the content.

  9. Nick Mohammed is hilarious. I want to see his new series with David Schwimmer.

  10. My teddy has red inside his ears several times in 7 years-very hairy and had vets visits so moisture possibly doesn't help.I lift his ear flap and give them a general quick spray of leucillin each day hopefully as a preventative x

  11. A no news day can be a good day!

  12. Love Amelie!
    It certainly is a movie that almost requires re-watching. And the gesture of the flowers is super cool! A gentleman.


  13. Snow showers, in April? Oh my. Maybe I can sing.

  14. Listen, I have had many pretty French girlfriends and they have - without exception - all been complete pains in the arse. Sorry to ruin your fantasy, although I know I could never do that.

  15. Sounds like a good day to me.

  16. I love Amelie but would prefer chicken pie.


  17. I watched Amelie once and was underwhelmed. I must give it another go

  18. I liked "Amelie" when I saw it in the theater years ago, but I remember getting frustrated with her after a while. I was like, "Just TALK TO THE GUY for God's sake!!" The music is terrific, though.


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