Tuesday, 22 September 2020

The Broken Hearts Gallery

I’ve been well overdue for a rom com, so one set in a beautifully photographed New York with a likeable cast and a witty script was just up my street today.
The Broken Hearts Gallery fits the bill nicely .
Although wordy ( blink and you will miss the machine gun delivery ) this is a story that will touch everyone who has been dumped in a relationship.

Geraldine Viswanathan 

Lucy Gulliver( Geraldine Viswanathan ) is a twenty something gallery supervisor who hordes memorabilia from every failed relationship She has ever been in . After being fired from her job after been dumped by her boss boyfriend she bumps into Cute as a button Nick ( Dacre Montgomery) Who is trying to built a bespoke  hotel and by chance opens up an art gallery in the Hotel’s  balcony , an art gallery filled with the public ‘s saved Souvenirs from past relationships .

Of course the plot after this isn’t rocket science to work out , but if you add to the mix Lucy’s wisecracking flatmates, Nick’s best friend Marcos (Arturo Castro) - who looks and sounds like an young Bill Murray and a botoxed to death Bernadette Peters as a wacky art expert you can see that writer and director Natalie Krinsky has thrown everything but the kitchen sink into this her first film .

The adorable Dacre Montgomery 

Generally the movie works. 
It’s amusing and sweet despite given a slightly hardened and foul mouthed New York tinge.
Viswanathan is sassy and bright in the lead. Montgomery is very easy on the eye and cries more than the heroine and the supporting cast is likeable and memorable and look like they enjoyed acting out the bright and sharply observed script.
In one interesting scene Lucy is finally able to dump an unsuitable boyfriend and her words to him  resonate amid the laughs “ You are the hero of your own love life And the villain in mine,!”

If you need an amusing , light romantic movie to fill a dull afternoon...try it out


  1. More cinema tomorrow what fun

  2. Oh no!-I will pass on that John-rom com my arse if you don't mind me saying-relationships with possible suitors have caused me angst x

    1. It’s light flis .....not too heavy

    2. Lovely-I can do light John-light and breezy lemon squeezy x

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  4. A light comedy on the romance roller coaster sounds good. Your review is nicely presented. I learned long ago not to take people (in general) to seriously. Let's just have fun and when things are no longer fun/enjoyable...move on.

  5. This sounds good to me. I will look out for it.


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