Thursday, 25 June 2020

Documenting The Present

This photo can be seen on my sister blog
It features all of Trelawnyd volunteer Wartime force and was taken outside the memorial Hall
I like the fact things are documented
I've suggested that we organise a socially distant " Group " photograph of the Street Warden initiative organised by Velvet Voiced Linda from Well Street
Ok it may be a bit like herding cats 
But I think something that has worked so effectively should be documented and celebrated
I've put the request out on the Warden's App and Cameron has agreed to take the photo!

Siri.....what day is it today?
Oh it's Thursday already is it? Bloody hell.."..
I'm sat at the kitchen looking at my list boxes
Seventeen ticked off already!!!
I will drain my bucket of coffee soon and will go and clear out the shed
Eighteen ticks by lunchtime!

It's a lovely day,

I will leave you with a short tribute to Margarita Pracatan who died yesterday


  1. Not only is it Thursday it is also only six months to Christmas Day. Is it to early to put the sprouts on?🤣

    1. Anonymous10:14 am

      The best reply ever Buttercup!

    2. Mine have been on since Easter. It's how Jamie does his.

    3. I noticed the date this morning. Time to start another list!

  2. Cameron will get the job done. Does Trelawnyd have a mayor? If not, Cameron should be appointed. Dressed in velvet knee breeches with white socks and brass buckled shoes, you can walk behind holding Cameron's cloak of office.

  3. Oh no ..... Margarita .... I remember her on Clive James. XXXX

  4. I've not heard of her. She has an interesting voice.

  5. Sounds like you’re enjoying your “break.” I love your photo idea. That reminds me, I go have my father’s WWII Army division photo... scanned. It was huge and beginning to crumble. I should restore the scan and share it.

  6. Reunited with Clive. Let's hope they are still partying.

  7. Wow! I think Clive was enjoying that 'performance' rather more than he had expected to! As Rachel says - I hope they are still partying. Phew . . . .

  8. I think the idea of a socially distant photo is cool. After all, the taming of the pandemic needs to be documented.
    Isn't it great when we can dedicate some time to those things we've been putting off. Siri helps.


  9. Good luck on the group photo, someone will post it 100 years from now with a caption about the small town that pulled together, and the guy who took two weeks off and got all ticked off.

  10. She's normal for Cuba.

  11. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Pracatan, pracatan, who could forget!
    She couldn't sing for toffee, but shushed about a lot waiving her bits around. Reminds me of myself after a few pints of wallop, in the dim and distant past.
    Keep going with that list, soo satisfying to tick done by the side.
    Tess x

  12. YES, get that photo! it would be nice for us to see who's who in the little village!

  13. Aw shame, another good un gone. I hope she's having a Tango with Clive in heaven.

  14. I am a firm believer in documenting the present.

  15. Barbara Anne3:03 pm

    What a good idea about the socially distanced photo. Will masks be included?

    Well done on getting so many of the items on your list checked off already!

    It is dismaying when those performers we've enjoyed for all our lives are gone. I learned yesterday that Clint Eastwood is 90 years old. How is that possible?


  16. I just hope she and Clive James have met up again already.

  17. I’ve been describing my daily life for the last 94 days by writing an email and sending it to family and some friends. I think it must be boring but they claim they look forward to it coming daily. I never thought it would go on this long, but the virus has finally reached our rural county in northern California and things have become real at the same time as people have started to relax their distancing and mask wearing. It’s a tale that I tell with no idea of the ending.

  18. I love Wonderful Margarita Pracatan and hope one day to be at her party x

  19. I love documentation, and also re-posting documentation from the past on my blog, where it can live in publicly accessible perpetuity!

  20. Hi hun, I love your idea of documenting via photo's. It is soo interesting.I have been busy making masks and bags for my grandbabies (thanks to a sewing bee pattern). My girlies have said that they will keep them even when this madness finishes as part of their history. I am sorry I didn't know who she was probably because *apologies* but her singing isn't really my cup of tea.*hugs* Goldensunflowerx

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