Tuesday, 21 January 2020


I got the forehead soot off for choir but missed the moustache bit.
( no hot water until later..)
Gentleman farmer Peter told me I looked like ageing Welsh Hitler!!!!
It was great to be back at choir tonight we learned another Norwegian Reindeer clapping song
And Jamie ( with his 1940s RAF moustache ) had us stepping in time again which amused Hattie no end


  1. Oh, Sooty... bye bye, bye bye...

  2. Cleaning a chimney is not my idea of fun, but choir would be!

  3. You can clean almost anything off with some hand lotion and a tissue, no water needed.

    1. Thats telling me.....i dont do hand lotion

  4. How did you manage that John - trying to sweep your log burner chimney with your moustache?

  5. Swanee. How I love ya, how I love ya. My dear old Swanee.

  6. Isn't it good luck to kiss a chimney sweep? You should have capitalized on that. And doesn't your choir ever sing anything in English?

  7. Life in the fast lane today.

  8. Why don't you have hot water?!

    Don't you have toilet wipes or doggy wipes that you could've used? [you bought those coconut or were they bamboo wipes?] The Hitler 'stash is not attractive.

    Reindeer stomp and clap! Not sure I could do that and sing too, wasn't it hard?


  9. Our choir rules were no garlic before Wednesday rehearsals and no perfume in a performance. We missed the rules about soot and clay.
    Bonnie in Minneapolis

  10. Haha
    Bet it was interesting.
    I’m still trying to figure out how to managed to do it, tho.


  11. Barbara Anne12:55 am

    Chim-chimney-chim-chimney, chim-chim, cha-ree, etc! I think you look more like Buster Keaton, but he was way, way before my time (as was Hitler, for that matter).


  12. I cleaned out my wood-fired cooker, pipes, etc, yesterday. I looked quite similar.

  13. Oh dear god! What are you like? Yet again I've spit coffee everywhere. Is this your own version of Sooty and Sweep? Crazy man x

  14. I bet you were goose-stepping in time with your right arm raised stiffly in salute. Were you wearing your stormtrooper uniform?

  15. One might start to think you have a thing for the choir master.

  16. Not sure which is worse, the mad gleam in your eye or the Mein Fuhrer moustache?


  17. Heidi6:22 pm

    I think you need to buy a mirror for your cottage, a look in it before you go out would be a good idea!

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