Saturday, 25 January 2020

Dream Dinners

Yesterday I was sent a copy of a newspaper cutting from 1998
It was from the Sheffield Star 

What are your answers ??
Who would be on your guest list?
What would be your ideal venue?
What food would you serve?
What music would you play?
Who would you have doing the washing up?
Anyone you would not invite?

God I Looked young!


  1. I would like to invite Henri Matisse and Evelyn Waugh; I certainly wouldn't invite Charlie Dimmock.

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  2. What would your answers be now John ?

    1. Now that's a good idea ….. John?

    2. Im at work gimmie an hour or two

  3. so bloody handsome!

    Who would be on your guest list? - eleanor roosevelt, toulouse-lautrec, fred rogers, my maternal grandparents, robert kennedy, martin luther king jr.

    What would be your ideal venue? - the william penn inn (

    What food would you serve? - I would let my guests pick from the menu

    What music would you play? - classical during the meal

    Who would you have doing the washing up? - the inn staff

    Anyone you would not invite? - all my other blood relatives, donald trump, any and all haters

  4. Pity that the clipping isn't easy to read, even when zoomed in - but, like Elaine above, I'd be most interested to see your updated answers.

    1. Anonymous9:26 am

      Click on the image, it zooms a bit, then click again and it zooms to very big and clear

    2. Got it - and it works a treat. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous8:37 am

    Wow a very good looking chap!! And what would be your up to date answers? Su

  6. Well you were a cutie! I'd prefer my dinner guests one at a time and would certainly leave the washing up to someone else.

  7. Heidi9:26 am

    We all looked young in 1998 John! It would be interesting to know if your list has changed.

  8. John I don't think you look all that much different.
    As to my answers - these days I would take them out somewhere - maybe two (or three if I could find a spare man) at a time. Can't face much cooking these days.

  9. I expect your answers today might be different.

  10. Or course you looked young. 22 years ago. You were only 17! I’d be more interested in learning what YOUR answers would be now.

  11. Always a fun game and I'm always changing my guests. Tonight it would be: Shakespeare, Judi Dench, Stephen Fry, Dave Allen, Dalai Lama, Buzz Aldrin.

  12. Blimey, you look fresh.
    The venue? Buckingham Palace.
    Who would I invite? H.I.
    Who would I have washing up? The Queen.

  13. Very handsome my dear!

  14. Some good answers, but I am another who would love to see how you would answer the same questions today.

    Me, I would just stay at home with a bag of chips and not bother with the dinner party … and if I ate them just out of the paper I would even have to do the washing up :-)

    1. 'wouldn't' even have to do the washing up ... not would.

  15. Who would be on your guest list? John Gray
    What would be your ideal venue? The Castle Hotel in Conway
    What food would you serve? What ever we want to order
    What music would you play? Would Tom Jones be appropriate for Whales?
    Who would you have doing the washing up? The restaurant
    Anyone you would not invite? Trump

  16. I would invite Richard Branson, the venue would be on one of his planes, flying to Orlando (expenses paid of course), the food would be the airline meals (I love airline food!) and the washer upper would be Dame Edna Everidge, music would be Queen (all their hits) and guests would be Deeta von Tees and Alan Carr.

  17. My husband is from Macedonia. I might have included Slobodan because of questions I might have had for him. In fact your guest list includes some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. I'm sure some of them might have had much better questions than I could have come up with.
    John, we all look that young inside.
    Hope you are having a happy day.

  18. I would invite Pink, Jann Arden, Adele, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer. I'd let them pick the venue. We would eat typical pub fare that we could all share. Background music would be anything from the first three gals. We would all do the washing up together. Exclusions would be any buzzkills, too many to mention!

  19. The guest would include Tallulah Bankhead, Noel Coward, Harpo Marx, Robert Benchley, George Kaufman, and Dorothy Parker. It'd be at the Algonquin Hotel, and the menu would be dry martini's.

  20. My menu might include Yorkshire fish and chips and a bottle of Newcastle Brown.

  21. You look gorgeous John.I will invite-Joanna Lumley,Ozzie Osborne,Peter Andre,Kylie,Paul OGrady,Camila Parker Bowles,Chrissy Hynde,Vanessa Redgrave,Barry White,the whole of the Frasier Crane family,Keith Richards and the rest of the Rolling Stones.It would be nice to host it at a country hall on the coast.Menu would be vegetarian and vegan.Music played-Jazz and 70s disco and guests impromptu.Drinks served would be alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails. --- Trump washing up in a red hot kitchen x

  22. I am laughing at your "not invite" answer -- LOL! He's dead now, so at least you don't have to worry about him turning up uninvited.

  23. My ideal venue would be a modern art gallery, so I could discuss all the art with people like Grayson Perry, David Hockney, Bridget Riley, Sean Scully - and maybe even Lily Savage. There'd be plenty of delicious finger food and of course white wine to wash it down with.

  24. Wow! I want a dinner with that young nurse! Do I get to be younger as well? Dishes? I want a physical from him!!! I liked your answer for who wouldn't be invited. There are just so many to choose from. Now I'm just going back to drool over young John Grey and then after to drool over older cuddly John Grey. ;)

  25. Barbara Anne6:24 pm

    You were looking good then and are still looking good, John. 22 years does take a toll on us all.

    Interesting! I'd invite Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, Michelle and Barack Obama, my soul friend Joyce, Mark Twain, Eleanor Roosevelt, DH, DS2, MIL, Laurie Colwin, and Mollie Ivans.

    We'd have dinner at either Jim's Place East (Memphis, TN) or Crab Louie's (Midlothian, VA) and everyone could choose their meal from the excellent menus.

    Music: soft, Southern, shape-note tunes

    We'd help the staff with clearing and washing.

    Not invite: all of those elected greedy and dishonorable politicians who are failing to uphold their oaths of office and to protect and defend the Constitution. Including you know who.

    Looking forward to your after work updated answers.


  26. A blast from the past! How nice of someone to send the clipping to you!

    I would love to have a get-together with all the folks whose blogs I read, all at once. It would have to go on for several days, though, so I could talk to everyone at length :)

  27. Anonymous8:05 pm

    This is fun, you looked very dapper there John getting papped in the street.
    Now, l would invite the 2 Shelby Brothers, Tommy and Arthur.
    We would have Oysters followed by Lobster Thermidore, washed down with Brandy Alexanders.
    Washing up? what's that?
    Nobody, but nobody else invited!
    Shush, don't tell anyone about my fantasy will you now!
    P.S. do YOUR updated list John.
    Tess xx

    1. Ok updated list
      Liza Tarbuck, Stan Laurel, Morgan freeman, Anthony Hopkins, whoopi Goldberg , Greg Davis
      I want to laugh

  28. Guest: Albert the Cat
    Location: A deserted sunny garden
    Food: Salmon
    Music: Birds and bees
    Washing up: There would be none
    Not invited: Mice & Rabbits (they would distract Albert)

    To be honest, any other cat would do too.

    1. He prefers rabbit meat
      He kills enough of the buggers

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