Tuesday, 12 November 2019

A Thank You and an art Winner

Thank you to everyone who sent in their favourite piece of art
The photos made for some sweet visuals in a particularly wet and grey start to the winter.
I couldn't really pick a " winner"
The entries were far too eclectic
But I will give this photo ( taken at midnight last night) an award to Mother Nature
It was stormy last night and the rain lashed the honeysuckle and climbing rose that surrounds the front door.
One long arm of rose swung in front of the button small window and the mood and light from the lane cast a delicate shadow on the wall,
As pretty and as unexpectedly sweet than any Georgian sampler.

I had a lunch date cancelled today ( par for the course) so I made a lasagne and will settle down with that and a movie in due course.
Choir and badminton later !!
The miserable postman has just delivered some very welcomed gifts
A hospice book ( thank you Cheryl) a Daryl Dixon cup ( mwah Liz) were dropped off today and a week or two ago a lovely hand thrown pot from who knows!


  1. Very pretty!
    We can find beauty anywhere, right?
    I'm kind of sad that winter is basically here and we will have to wait for at least four moths to have flowers again...


  2. And this is how fabric design begins. Glad you didn’t try to choose from all those submissions.

  3. It is now a paticularly miserable day here John and this 'gentle' design was a worthy winner. What a delightful idea to take it.

  4. thanks for doing the art contest! it was fun to see all of it.

  5. Barbara Anne2:22 pm

    Lovely shadow picture! Will it be framed to join your home decor?

    I really enjoyed seeing the amazing variety of interesting art that pleases each of us and appreciate your idea to have the contest.


    1. Barbara Anne5:47 pm

      Oh, and perfect for you, lovely gifts out of the blue. Sweet!

      More hugs ...

  6. I remember how you liked my tulip shadow picture when we did the " Corner" submission. I think shadows make great photos.

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  8. The pictures made by shadows can take us to magical worlds. Enjoy your day off!

  9. It's always nice to get unanticipated treasures in the mail!

  10. How nice to get gifts in the mail! The shadows are indeed artistic.

  11. Will you see Daaave John? he's luurverly-he's just my type x

  12. Wonderful shadow photo. I can never get mine to come out as nice as yours.

  13. My postman is always happy. We are on first name terms and he puts things under cover if he can't get them through the door and I'm not here. Why do you have such miserable postmen?

    1. He has always been a grump. Ever since William tried to bite his fingers through the letter box ....
      I tried to be nice
      And laid a box out for him to put the post into , but then the postcard competition was set and he saw his arse

  14. Poor wet man to bring such nice bounty.

  15. Yorkshire Liz7:43 pm

    Cannot believe Daryl reached you so quickly! The Pony Express is alive and well and galloping through Flintshire!

    1. Thank u Liz , he has been placed on my art wall

  16. That photo of the shadow should be made into a print for your wall!!! Lovely. And a book and cuppa, yes, very good! (Oh, and lasagna, too!)


  17. You have some very nice friends, it seems.

  18. I enjoy these contests of yours. Brightens my day and somewhat "connects" me with people near and far. We are an interesting bunch aren't we?
    Hope your day has gotten better, especially with getting such thoughtful gifts.
    Hell, who doesn't love getting something sweet, fun or silly in the mail??

  19. Lovely. Enjoy your lasagna and movie.

  20. Lovely photo and poetic description special unexpected moments in time. So kind of you friends here on flickr to send you those thoughtful gifts looks your day is of to a good start with more to come greetings from the Comox Valley.

  21. Only the good 'uns keep their lunch dates. A pox on the rest.


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