Thursday, 22 August 2019

The Bum Deal

I went to the Storyhouse in Chester to see the 1974 Spanish/ Italian Zombie movie The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue tonight
I should have known where the " special showing" was going when the two geeky looking middle aged men in front of me started a rather long debate about the Daleks in Dr Who before the screening started .
" I've seen that episode 50 times!!" I heard one chap say and I believed him
I walked out after thirty minutes of bad dubbing and felt awful as the organiser chased me and asked me if everything was ok.
" It's not the film it's me !" I told him as I left....I wanted to be kind

I video messaged a friend on the way home to have a moan , he was watching Guardians of the Galaxy in bed
I think he had the best deal


  1. Those Schwarzenegger type bodies don't do anything for's a good job we're all different. His expression made me laugh, though!

    1. Chris Pratt is sexy for his personality more than the muscles

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  2. I don't like muscley men,never have.When I was young they never seemed to have them.My favourite now are Keith Richards,Andrew Graham Dixon and Louis Theroux x

  3. Well at least the poster for the film looks cool. :)

  4. chris pratt, bloody gorgeous xxx

  5. Yes the film poster is great !
    I like Chris Pratt in Passengers.

  6. Heh.
    Well, if you are gonna go for seventies horror films you’re gonna get an experience. Last year I went to see the original Suspiria and boy was that a trip.
    Chris Pratt is delicious. His transformation from dadbod to gymbod was remarkable. I like how he projects on the screen. Apparently in real life he’s become quite adept to one of those religious groups. Pity. I’d let him bang me into next week.


  7. Janet: 'I don't like men with too many muscles.'
    Frankenfurter: 'I didn't make him for YOU.'

  8. Congratulations on making it to 30 minutes.

  9. I need my galaxy guardianed. And if YOU walked out of a zombie film, it HAD to be bad.


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