Friday, 12 July 2019


My Sister and I went to the theatre tonight to see a fringe production called Daughterhood 
It captured perfectly the push/pull relationship often seen between sisters who have lived very different lives due to circumstance, age and fate and we both enjoyed the interplay between actors charlotte O'Leary and Charlotte Bate who provided some powerful performances!
It tickled me that Janet and I actually counted the audience number


  1. Poor attention span or utter boredom that caused your maths task? I knew I was right about thatre:))

  2. You are doing some delightful things.

  3. Good lord, it's like you're posting about Kate (reason, use logic, etc) and Emily (Burn the motherfucker down).

  4. I tend to count audience attendance also. It usually means that I am bored.

  5. Barbara Anne5:04 am

    I was a daughter ... and still am although I'm now an orphan.


  6. I always count the audience number when I go to the cinema on my own, and also see how many others are flying solo. There's more and more folk going to the cinema on their own these days 🙂

  7. I have never counted the audience number!
    Fringe productions could be fun, no? Yet again, I know very little about theater and I’m amused easily, so yes.


  8. Yep, that's something I would do, too. 66 seems somehow meaningful. I don't know why.

  9. I count, because I produce shows and I have to run figures to see if they're making a profit. It's a compulsive thing unrelated to the interestingness of the show! Fringe can be very hit and miss which is important as it is an incubator or new ideas. Glad you enjoyed it <3

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