Friday, 26 April 2019

More Corners UPDATED!

classy and chic

a few are not downloading for some reason so if you don't see yours please resend!!
I adore this chair and know the room !

I love this look

you can smell the heat!

window and blind envy

I want the little blue and white vase

I so want this bathroom

white accessories... not in my home lol

a birds eye view! hows that?

I have the same ceiling in the front room
needs a book by the bog me thinks

I need more house plants

ive always wanted a porch

kitch and sweet

I used to co own candlesticks similar

I adore that chair!

a mans desk!

symmetry !

comfy cosy

another sewing machine !


reminds me of my lane kitchen window

complete with real tea!

I am loving the candle feature

derby and joan

pressed glass! beautiful

wishful thinking?

dogs and fires!

I love this little oasis



this shrieks of the owner

Blanche du Bois?

sun shining through shades I love it

I want this chair

I wish I was this organised

all to hand

yellow walls seem to be popular!

Keep them coming...a fascinating set of views!
Send to

the zombie apocalypse 

the old west!

a loom? wow

the windows are like painings

I just knew who sent this

I love white shelves


back garden greenery, I love it

lord of the rings

well done !

nice the chairs are not facing a tv


tales of the city

love the colourful yarns



  1. Everything is so beautiful.

  2. oh, corners are so jumbled and untidy!

  3. I've sent you my corner and now I am worried. It forced me to look at our compact but adorable apartment with new eyes.

  4. I can't compete with any of those!

  5. Gorgeous tiny glimpses into the lives of your Blogger friends

  6. Lots of craft corners, I'm envious - I have to use the dining room table. I love the cabin in the woods.

  7. Oh these are all so wonderful and so different. You can tell they come from different parts of the world, too. I guess I’d better get to work before I miss another opportunity to participate.

  8. This is fascinating........I want that cabin in the woods!
    You must have lots of readers who do crafts

    1. I was just thinking exactly the same thing! I want that cabin too.

  9. I love how many cats are in sewing corners. :)
    These are great. I like the glimpse into these lived in and loved homes.

  10. I am LOVING this! I especially like the ones that are 'lived in'. I also like the fact that not everyone has masses of room, but have chosen to make the most of what they have. This competition was a stroke of genius, thank you.

  11. Tracy2:02 pm

    Lovely! Intriguing and so restful. Reminds me of Through the Keyhole and Lloyd Grossman saying "Who lives in a house like this?"

  12. Now, if only your participants would write a post explaining their corner!
    I really like this idea, John and I'll participate as soon as I choose a corner!

  13. Barbara Anne2:11 pm

    What a marvelous variety of cozy places! I'd love to visit one and all. That would be so much fun. Why didn't Scottie take time to perfect the transporter so visiting would be quick and easy?

    Ta for posting these wonderful photos!


  14. A fun assortment of individual environments!

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  16. So many great personality John, love to see them all, great job 💟🌸💟🌸

  17. Heather3:50 pm

    I have shed/cabin envy.

  18. Interesting how very different from one another our relaxing corners are.

  19. This is fun. You are a contest master par excellence.

  20. Good heavens! No sooner had I e-mailed the picture of my porcelain throne than it appeared in this post. Very efficient service sir!

    1. What, the one with the toilet lid up?


    2. I can never remember if women prefer the seat up or down.

  21. I love these! It is so much fun to see all these different spaces. I love all the sewing spaces too and yes, cats and sewing do go together.

  22. So many talented crafty people I love how pets take over the house those two cats on the chairs own those ones.

  23. Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt! There are some fabulous homes here, but the one with the windows and indoor plants is to die for. I am seriously envious!

  24. I'm not sending my corner, even if I knew how to do it! There is not a dust bunny in sight, or clothes on the floor! I've named my dust bunnies, and I have to fight little Cujo for my underwear. Nobody wants to see that mess!
    These are all great, comfortable and cozy. I love them all.

  25. Oh ... I want the green shed. What a perfect 'corner' ♥️ I'm guessing there are a lot of corners from the USA here 🙂

  26. This is the best post ever, John, to illustrate why sometimes it's best to bite tongue and keep finger off keyboard. Having said that,there are some amazing - and I mean amazing - entries. Glimpses that make the owners' corner and their personality shine. Others sadden me. Not for reasons of taste which is personal. No, sadden me for their inhabitant. Atmosphere by proxy. Every picture tells a story and all that.

    Other than that I have my work cut out to identify Tom's entry. I have a good idea but not good enough for Sherlock to my Watson.


  27. This is fun - some are leaving hints as to who they are. I think I recognize just a few but not many.

  28. John, dear.
    OMG I think these are so absolutely cool that I feel like I should send you a pic of my nook. I'm away from home and I won't be back until later this weekend.
    It's mad cute how all these spaces tell us so much about all the fantastic people who share their private corners here and how close i already feel to all of them. Also, I'm weird, so bite me.


  29. So mamy sewing machines!
    This can't be representative of the population at large, can it? (But then readers of Going Gently are obviously a more discriminating class to start with...)

  30. I love this. I love seeing how other people live. That's my favorite part of fall, the evenings are dark, the lights are on and you can see into everyone's homes.

  31. I see a lot of quilters and sewers in there very interesting! ALL lovely corners.

  32. I can guess whose is the pic with the Fanta bottle and philosophy text!! And I think Olga may be sleeping on a chair?

  33. So many interesting corners, John. What a wonderful peek into bloggers lives you have given us.

  34. You missed out on 'a loom with a view'.

  35. Check your facebook messages ox


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