Friday, 17 November 2017

Things Lost

I noted a photo of the Prof and I the other day.
It was taken perhaps a decade ago in Central Park in the snow and we had on winter hats
I tell you this because I miss that hat ! ( mine not the Prof's)
I lost it on the plane home I think

Im always losing, breaking  and  mislaying things
I'm terrible for it
There are so many well loved things I have let go over the years! And it bugs me
This evening , on the last dog walk I've thought about them

For example,
My signed  autograph photo  of Olivia deHavilland
A watercolour of a smiling tiger ( the first piece of art I ever bought)
A Charlotte Rhead vase! -Worth a small fortune,
My reply letters from the entire cast of Tenko ( I wrote to each one of the actresses in 1980 as I was such a fan)
A framed victorian photograph of a courtng couple from my grandmother's old house.
A multicoloured hand knitted jumper, ;a gift from my-mother) from 1978....I looked like a male prostitute in it( accorrding to my father!)
A scarf worm by my first male chrush ( A pupil from Ruthin School!)
A hand crafted crucifix made by a psychiatric patient of mine in York
An all encompassing wicker chair bought from an art shop in York
A photo of my sister Janet with her horse's foal Kelly from the 1970s
My first dog -Finlay's collar
A "book"I wrote when I was 18...a review on disaster movies
All of the cards my grandparents sent to me
Maureen mcgovern's " best of her hits " Album"
And finally a Christmas Card from the relative of a patient that died on my ward on spinal injuries!
It said " you made me laugh, when I thought I never would again  "
That moved me more than any of the others


  1. Ah, Tenko. A friend of mine's wife left for the weekend and he was lent some VHS pornography tapes. He settled down to watch them, and - sure enough - a load of unwashed, sweaty lesbians started to argue with each other in close confinement.

    It wasn't until a quarter of an hour later when the adverts came on that he realised the his friend had over-layed the tape with Tenko.

    1. Not as confusing as a photo of you and the prof pretending to be one vase...

  2. No wonder you like the Walking Dead.

  3. Little things lost that are reminders of memories.

  4. Your hat looks like a vase from where I sit.

  5. I imagine Bruce Forsyth reading out that list as the conveyor belt goes by... "Didn't he do well?" Well, yes Bruce - he did!

  6. JeffinChicago12:24 am

    You lost the items but kept the memories - and those are much more important.

  7. "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." I read that someplace one time.

  8. That is a beautiful vase, but when do we get to see the picture of your hat?!

    I've lost only one or two things in my entire life. I don't know whether that's cause for tears or cheers.

    1. Yes, but I thought you meant to post a picture of you in the hat with the prof ... maybe I misunderstood, don't mind me!

  9. I’m always losing something, sometimes I find them again.
    Sadly the things we lose that mean the most aren’t possible to find again.
    Lately I’ve been paying more attention to where I put things because I am sick and tired of searching for something that ends up being right there the whole time.

    1. My signed Autograph/note that I got from Vincent Price .. that is a sad one to misplace.

  10. Here's what I think, John- the memory of those things is as good as having the things themselves. Things will always return to dust or to parts unknown as will we. But the remembrance, if it is important enough, will be with us forever. Having said all of that, I do mourn the loss of at least a few earrings, some dresses, a bit of innocence and faith.

  11. But, you remember and you don't have to dust or shift.

  12. That which we love and keep and then throw/give away is an act of bravery. We may have regrets in their loss, but in truth, it is not the things, but the memories that they represent and they will remain with us to give us joy.

  13. I haven't lost a lot of things but for those which were given to me, I do feel in a way that I have betrayed the giver.

    Your patients and families have said some beautiful things, it must be wonderful to have those in the memory bank

  14. You seem to have lost an awful lot!

    I was never very good at Pottery, but did manage to produce one rather good vase. My wife threw it away, thinking is was just 'an ordinary pot'. I miss it terribly.

  15. Looks like a vase to me! When we moved to France I got rid of everything (apart from photos and my daughters first little dresses). It felt good but sometimes I miss stuff.

  16. I'm in the process of clearing out seventeen years of accumulated stuff, and I wonder how much of it I'll miss when I've finally had the courage to throw it all away !

  17. I think you lost the photo of you, the Proff and the hat ! I loved Tenko, what great ectresses they were.
    Did you nick the scarf ?

  18. I've never seen a Vase Hat before. I don't know what purpose it would serve nor how it could be comfortably worn.

  19. You've re-awakened my interest in Charlotte Read. I've just been on e-bay. This is going to be expensive...................


  20. A photo of me at three years old with my first dog, Paddy. It was the only photo we had of him. I think it was stuck in the back of a wardrobe we sent to the jumble when I was about ten.

  21. Come to think of it I've also lost some things:

    Postcard from Patrick Moore
    Letter from Bamber Gascoigne
    Dictionary signed by Joan Bakewell and Andrew Sachs.
    My telephone (twice).

    Found things:
    My telephone (once)

    If Mrs G loses anything she prays to St. Anthony and finds it again or it is returned to her. Never fails.

    1. Same here. St Anthony finds everything for me and is generally very helpful.

    2. I'm a believer of St Anthony's powers and generosity too.... but I have to thank him specifically for the item found for if I forget to do so my next item won't come to light till I have thanked him for the previous find... bit quirky I know but it's true, everything I request be found turns up, great friend is St Anthony:)

  22. Not quite sure what the photo and your description of it says about you John. I suspect it says that as usual you are frantically flying from. A to B, sorting out meals, flower shows, dogs, cat, the lot. All I can say is 'lovely vase.'

  23. This reminded me of things I have set aside/lost/can’t find . . .

    Like . . .
    LP album, Beatles, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Band
    (a neighbor asked to listen to it, never returned, I reminded once too.)

    The photo of me with JFK and Jackie . . .
    Now why can’t I find that! It really happened!

    1. Great memories though... you don't need proof because you were there :)

  24. I've managed to lose everything twice including a house, dog, and a couple of kids. I got the kids back.

  25. One of the actresses of Tenko works in our Play group. Her kids went to school with mine. Dont think you look yourself in that photo John.

  26. When I was sixteen I wrote a letter to the author Joan Didion taking exception to a movie review she did for a magazine. She was kind enough to write back to me (a sixteen-year-old!), saying she valued my opinion. It's got to be around here somewhere, but I'll be damned if I can find it.

  27. Anonymous6:34 pm

    After my husband walked out I gave away bags and bags of my stuff as I didn't plan on being here. For some bizarre reason I couldn't bear to part with sentimental items so kept them to be dealt with by others after I'd gone. I'm now thankful I kept them. The dvd's and books I miss - I'm buying back from the local chazz shops. I live and learn

  28. The thank you notes for hugs given
    made me cry. You make me cry often.
    When my husband died a few months ago
    so many people came into my house,
    meaning well I know, but really adding
    to the turmoil in my heart and head.
    The saving grace of that day was
    when my grandson and his wife came in.
    They did not speak. She, his wife,
    came up to me and put her arms around me
    and hugged me so warmly and so long.
    She said nothing.
    Everything in the room disappeared
    except the feeling of that hug.
    It will stay with me the rest of my life.

    1. Very moving Janet ((:)) a virtual hug from me

  29. A lot of kidding here about that being a vase, but I think I know what's going on. You and the Prof are really genies and you live inside that vase the same way Barbara Eden lived inside a bottle.

    Except, if you were a genie, you could just blink that missing hat back, couldn't you? Nah, I'm overthinking it.

  30. Funny, I've been thinking of long-lost items off and on, too. Maybe it's the time of year -- autumn, when things are receding and going into slumber -- a form of loss, I suppose. I'll have to make my own list! You've inspired me!

  31. Regards breaking things... I like to use things so invariably things will get broken - nothing bounces on a tiled concrete floor... and that is just the end of it.
    But I did shed a tear recently (actually cried my heart out with remorse) when I was carefully replacing on the mantle after dusting, a hand hewn rock axe found by one of my sons on our old property when he was a kid. Obviously made and used by indigenous aboriginal from our locality you could put your thumb in the right place and the balance was perfect for scraping a hide or similar task. I tried to save it as it fell and of course it shattered into many pieces... so, so sad :( still!

  32. I hate losing or breaking things, although I can't imagine anyone who loves either.

    Sadly I miss some items more than I miss some people.


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