Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Drifting Off To Sleep?

There is a mouse hiding under the sofa and its 23.37pm
House dogs and cat are all working very hard at locating it
I am in bed........
Wide eyed and very awake
This is animal hell


  1. A little prozac will fix you right up...

  2. A little prozac will fix you right up...

    1. Im thinking a rodent death would suffice

  3. Sounds exactly like my house.
    "Squeek, squeek!"
    The next day I find organ matter on the floor.
    It's like a safari in Africa, every night.

  4. I don't suppose the mouse is very happy either.

  5. Can't you adopt it as part of the menagerie and then you wont have to worry about it?

  6. Ours usually hide under the chest freezer .... they've been known to live there for days driving the animals mad with frustration until we intervene, lock the pack in the living room and try and catch the little intruder ourselves.

  7. Actually, it's animal heaven -- it's HUMAN hell!

  8. I hate mice, I hope the hunt was successful.

  9. I've been off the blogging grid for a week or so, but trust you, John, to pull be right back in with a giggle.

  10. Reminds me of the time my hubby went to the curling rink and the cat and I spent the next 2 hours trying to catch a mouse. It hid under the sofa so I propped the one end up on a crate so the cat could get at it. He was more interested in a wait and watch game. I went to bed. In the morning hubby says " I have come home, in the middle of the night,to a house where the furniture has been moved causing me to stumble into things but this arrangement confused me". I told him about the mouse and our futile attempt at capture. In the meantime Puss was sitting in front of the closet door which was a good indicator that the mouse had made a run for it. Hubby went on the hunt, caught it, and was about to throw it against the wall but he aimed straight for me. I gave him the 'eye' and said 'Don't you dare". He tossed it outside and gave Puss a boot in the butt out the door behind it. I detest those critters.

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  12. I heard the death squeal down cellar the other night. The one that was driving me mad recently is in the wall, and I hear it gnawing or scratching the wall from time to time. I have to hope it was the one that squealed down cellar.


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