Thursday, 1 October 2015

Walking Dead Season 6

Who do you like?
Who do you hate?



  1. I like Tara, Carol, Daryl, Michonne , and Maggie
    I hate Father G

  2. Oh I rather like spencer too


    I love Michonne.

    I sort of wish Father Gabriel would die already. Don't even give him a big send-off. Have him trip over a branch.

  4. Daryl and Michonne.

  5. I've heard rumors that Daryl dies -- If that happens, like Daryl, I may be done watching the show....

    Father G, least fave....

    1. If Daryl dies, there will be a world wide riot! I certainly will stop watching. FG does not deserve the title father...I will not cry when he is gone, it's just deep bone bad.

  6. My husband loved that show lol
    It came on, I went to the other room and got on the computer.

  7. Still trying to find a way to get you the beer and glass but no luck so far.
    No one will send me one. Which seems silly.
    So happy it will be on soon !

    cheers, parsnips

  8. The pretend preacher can go. I'm pretty much okay with the rest but as all of us would change in this environment there may be more people to dislike as we go along.

    There are a few I'm not comfortable with, not sure which way Morgan is going to head, the leader of the town has always been suspicious. The new characters I am still holding judgement.

    Oh, you know my favorites! Carol can bake me cookies and Daryl can cock my bow ANY TIME.

  9. Carol is my favourite, hands down... I identify deeply with her and have to respect the writers for their handling of her character. Her portrayal of an abuse survivor is absolutely spot-on and the character development displays knowledge and deftness on the part of the writers. Daryl's development as a person is fascinating and his friendship with Aaron has a good deal of potential.

    Morgan and Rick: I foresee conflict between them, Rick seems to be losing his humanity whilst Morgan appears to have regained his. A lot of potential for dramatic tension there.

    Abraham seems to be settling in, and has possible leadership qualities soon to emerge.

    Maggie and Glen both portray pain, loss, but an essentially decent humanity that is... I think... the backbone of the group. Michonne? Just Oh My.

    I could see Sasha, the Jerkoff Preacher and Deanna all self-destructing in one way or the other.

  10. I couldnt have put it better myself

  11. I can't pick a favorite because they'll kill them off. Happens. Every. Time.

    I hate the preacher and really wouldn't miss Carl, but I have a feeling they'll be around for a while. I would like to see the preacher have a turning point where he isn't a slimy coward.

  12. I love Daryl, Glen, Michonne and Carol (although I used to hate her!)

    I hate Rick, always have. Hated Beth, too. She was boring.


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