Saturday, 22 August 2015

48 Hours of Film

What Do you do when your husband is away?
Watch movies!
Loved my Lisbeth Salander trio.....8/10 ......the french "stranger"was  porn but wonderfully deep ( 9/10)  and so FRENCH but Eve won by 10 points! And then some xxx

Chris Pratt sigh

What I've watched....

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo ( 2009) Swedish version as the two sequels!
The Girl That Played With Fire (2009)
The Girl That Kicked The Hornet's Nest ( 2009)
Stranger By The Lake ( 2013) French title"L'Inconnu du lac" classy porn
Non Stop (2014) - shit but has Lady Mary in it!
All About Eve ( 1950)
21 Grams ( 2003)
Sideways (2004)
Les Choristes (2004) -I Cried
The Poseidon Adventure ( 1972)- fun
Dabba 2013 uk title " The Lunch Box" - a wonderful Indian movie !
Guardians Of the universe (2014)

I miss my husband x


  1. Have actually seen the girl w/dragon tattoo (your version) Read the trilogy - good stuff.
    Enjoy your watching!
    He'll be with you in no time.

  2. OF COURSE you miss the prof! when do you go off to OZ to join him?

  3. the only one of those that i have seen is "The Lunchbox" and i loved it.

    At the rate you are going you will be all caught up on movies by the time you get to Sydney

  4. You could be doing much worse things. Enjoy!

  5. Anonymous12:42 am

    I've seen two of those.
    The husband never travels. He hogs the TV.

  6. Newlywed!!!

    Mine's been gone since Wednesday to visit him Mum. It's been great. Walk the dog when I want, read late in bed, eat what I want without wondering if he likes it.

    I guess that's what 25 years does.

    I usually didn't miss him after the first three days, but then he was in the military and gone six months of the year!

  7. When the love of my life goes away, which is most of the time because we don't live together, I watch movies and documentaries that I know he won't like, which is almost all movies and documentaries. I like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Sideways (hilarious), and 21 Grams (if it's the movie I think it is). I saw The Poseidon Adventure as a child. I recall being quite impressed by it.


  8. I have seen and enjoyed all of them but Dabba, Stranger by the Lake and NonStop.
    Living in Buenos Aires, there were first run films in the cineplex every week, but any foreign language film was dubbed or subtitled into Spanish so we missed quite a lot of good French and Italian, etc films.
    Once I move house again and get settled down, I am 1 - getting a dog - 2- going to watch at least one new foreign movie every weekend.

    1. And a Brilliant way to spend those hours alone.

  9. The only one I've seen is the Poseidon Adventure!

    Since you really enjoy movies, this is a great chance to revel in them. And it will make the time go faster until you see Chris again.

  10. Enjoy, It seems like a nice way to relax and catch up on the films you have missed.
    : )

    cheers, parsnip

  11. Loved the Swedish trilogy of the Dragon Tattoo girl. Just think about all those films you can watch on your flight to Oz.

  12. Yes, we have got that Swedish trilogy as well - good films. Haven't seen most of the rest though! Enjoy your films, and the time will soon pass.

  13. The only one that I have seen is the Poseidon Adventure .... and that was years ago. I'm afraid as much as I love my man I revel in time alone to do things to my own timetable.

  14. Good God, are you watching them on fast forward?

  15. When do you fly out to join him? Things to do whilst waiting: long walks with dogs, spring clean the house/ re-organise the Ukrainian village/ give the fridge a clean out disposing of any scotch eggs lurking in there(thereby losing half a stone before you fly out and giving him a surprise when he meets you at the airport.

  16. You have watched more movies in 48 hours than I have watched all year! Just think, when you get to join Chris it will be like falling in love all over again!!! You have always got us bloggers to chat to if you are feeling lonely. x

  17. Only four of these have I NOT seen, but of the others I especially commend your appreciation of 'Stranger/Lake', 'Sideways' and 'the Girl....' trilogy, which really has to be the Swedish versions.
    ('Eve' speaks for itself!)

  18. What a line-up!

    "Manny, hold my pearls!"

    1. " panties what else do I need?"

  19. I love Sideways and is one of those movies that I can watch over and over. I have not drank Merlot since first seeing that movie..

  20. I'd seen positive reviews of "Stranger" when it was first released theatrically here in the US and a friend saw it at a gay film festival and recommended it, but I didn't go to see it when it was shown nearby because it's an expensive pain in the neck to see movies at my local "art" house in the center of my nearby big city. So, I bought the DVD and have watched it twice--once just last week, coincidentally. Erotic, scary and disturbing.

  21. Missing the hubster makes the re-union so sweet.x

  22. I saw "Sideways" and liked it. I saw "Stranger by the Lake" at an independent film festival and found it a bit disturbing. "All about Eve" is a camp classic. Every time "Poseidon Adventure" comes on i simply must watch it!!!


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