Monday, 30 March 2015

The Walking Dead Finale

Well, it's all over. The Walking Dead finale finished with the remains of " team family" more or less intact, Rick Grimes firmly in charge alongside the broken democrat Deanna, and with Zen master Morgan Jones ( Lennie James) neatly dovetailed into the black male lead character position , left free by the killing off of Tyreese ( Chad Coleman) a couple of weeks back!
It also hinted at the threat to Alexandria to come, as Morgan, Daryl and Aaron fought off the work of "The Wolves" a brutal killing group out in the countryside.
Add to the mix a kind of touching "mending of the ways"by Abraham and Eugene, the irritating minister being a real twat, Sasha lying down in damp graves and Maggie slowly morphing into her saintly father Hershel and it was a fun packed episode!

So.....season 6 is set up nicely with a large, suddenly swollen cast, and so logistically we all know that there WILL be several casualties very early on as the narrative and drama cannot cope with over 20 characters effectively.
But I can worry about all this next November!
Season Five has been one of the best yet. I didn't much care for series 3 and 4, after the Governor bollocks and the stupid storylines of Carol as the secret murderer  so I have enjoyed the character led journey of a more rounded Michonne,  and Glen and Maggie ( as the voices of civilisation) Melissa McBride's wonderful turn as the damaged but increasingly wily Carol. Tara's sassy mouth and the welcome arrival of the balanced and happily married gay character of Aaron. ( Ross Marquand).
Most of the characters have developed intelligently and without the leaps we saw previously.
The action too in season 5 has been appropriate and exciting.....and not too contrived as it has been......i'd give this year's Walking Dead 8/10
My only complaints are that Rick's mental instability is getting on my tits
And Noah shouldn't have got his face ripped off inside the revolving door! He was a sweetie!

Little meek Carol giving Pete the psychopath treatment!

The walking Dead remains in essence a 1970s disaster movie akin to The Poseidon Adventure
- a group of different individuals fighting against disaster!
That is why it works....


  1. "Well, it's all over"

    I wish... If only...

    1. november I will back with the reviews xx

    2. That's the problem with zombies eh? They keep coming back.

    3. I'm a rubber ball

  2. One blog I read always reviews The Walking Dead.
    They said they were on the edge of their seats till the end when they felt let down.
    It is interesting reading your two reviews of the show.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Seeing the look on Ricks face when he turned round and saw Morgan staring in disbelief at what he was seeing reminded me of when, as a 13 yr old, my parents came home from bingo early and caught me with 3" of mothers slap on my face and the cooking sherry in my hand !

    1. Indeed..........i think Morgan now being a kind of jedi knight is kind of an interesting move.........i only worry as I feel he and Rick are now captain and first officer...... That leaves Daryl out

  4. Do you see "The Talking Dead" after the show? The host interviews a couple of cast members and discusses the plot line

    Jaws dropped when people realized Morgan is British.

    Two of us were on the couch chanting at Michon "take the sword to the meeting, there will be zombies" but no she leaves it behind for PorchDick to steal

    1. Yes its the first time that The Talking Dead has been shown in the uk
      I hippie we see it thats morgan , maggie and rick that are english

  5. I finally caught up this morning. I've been wanting to read your episode summaries but I didn't want any spoilers! I'm glad Morgan and Rick have met up again, I love their relationship so much. But it's a shame they met under such nasty circumstances, with Rick covered in blood having just killed a human without flinching. There's bound to be conflict there due to Morgan's belief that "All life is precious".

    I'm scared of what Carol's become, she has no problem putting the fear of God into man, woman and child alike. Basically every time a character says "We'll probably have to kill them", it makes me wonder if they're even good people anymore.

    1. I suspect the conflict in the next season will also be sam and carol
      He seems to seek her out and she is resisting the attentions of another child

  6. It was a great episode. Easily the best season finale they've had. I was watching Talking Dead and heard Chris say that you all were getting it for the firs time and I hoped you watched it. It always gives so much insight into the show.

    But yes, totally agree with your assessment. It's going to be interesting season (series) 6. Can't wait. But at least we have a mental break for six months.

    Oh, wait, you going to watch the 'prequel' show this summer? "Fear the Walking Dead" is the title! Excited about that, if only because it will show the early days of the apocalypse happening.

    Over here, we call that "Doom Porn". LOL!!!

  7. Loved this season, can't wait for the spin off this Summer! x

  8. Anonymous3:24 pm

    A fantastic finale to the series - I expected the worst when Daryl and Aaron were trapped in the car - Carol was brilliant - how did Glen get away from the two walkers attacking him? - it all came together really well - roll on November.....

  9. I really liked the season ending. I was worried about what they would do to my favorite characters.

  10. I was actually surprised by how good this finale was! I don't generally put The Walking Dead mong my first tier shows, but, man... So much better than the last two season finales!

    And I'm thrilled that it was THAT good, because after the over-the-top Noah killing a couple weeks before, I was iffy on whether I wanted to continue.

  11. I hope in the next series the group start using some brains instead of constantly relying on violence. The new baddies (Wolves) have learnt to herd the dead with disco music into the containers; how about the goodies doing something? So far the new girl in the town (the one with Carl in the woods) used a timer to attract one walker. I had hoped Eugene would have some input and be more interesting or developing thoughts about cure/reversal. Looking forward to new season.


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