Monday, 23 February 2015

Mystery Road & The Walking Dead Episode 11 The Distance

Aaron Pedersen ( quietly charismatic )

Before my usual WALKING DEAD review, I need to big up a film , I caught on the BBC IPLAYER the other night, which is well worth two hours of anyone's time.
MYSTERY ROAD is a movie that walks in the footsteps of the likes of THEY CALL ME MR TIBBS  and IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, Set in the Australian bush instead of the American Deep South , we follow Aboriginal cop Jay Swan (Aaron Pedersen) in his investigations into the death of a native teenage girl. Swan walks a difficult path , as he is mistrusted by the dirt poor locals who see him as a token ethnic face In a police force which is as welcoming and quietly racist as they are, but like Virgil Tibbs, Swan possesses a dogged dignity which allows him to push through the walls of silence to te truth.
Prdersen quite simply has the charisma that the role requires and he dominates each scene with a brooding and powerful show of strength. The film would be a very average thriller if he was not in it.

The Walking Dead has reached episode 11  and it finally looks as though team Rick is finally almost " out of the woods" in both the literal and figurative sense of the phrase.
Rick ( Andrew Lincoln) has undertaken one of the most dramatic character changes out of all of the surviving Southern Folk from series 1, so he can be forgiven to have a few trust issues when faced with the neat, tidy and wholesomely gay Aaron ( another Aaron) who seems to be offering Judith Delicious apple sauce and the group a chance of a normal life in the Alexandria Safe zone....
The Walking Dead has not allowed it's cast some " downtime" since the original cast first settled at
the Greene Farm way back in series 2, and so it would be  nice to see Michonne painting a little or Carol to have a gossip with Maggie and Tara over cookies........fat chance me thinks....the women in TWD seldom have quality conversations together..........having said was nice to see Michonne in charge for a change....and it was also nice to see everyone talking together........a good episode to see Team Rick so gay friendly!
I loved this episode


  1. thanks for the recommendation, i must look that one up

  2. I liked the kiss.

  3. You write good reviews. Each week I am thankful your critiques won me over to The Walking Dead.

  4. We (hubby) and I are big WD fans too and just lament each episode seems too short, almost wish we had come late to it and done what we did with GOT, four series in 2 weeks....pure gluttony ! Can't blame Rick for being suspicious though given that up to now he is usually right.

  5. is this the end of TWD? Or is it going to be like the Govenors compound? da da daaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh?

  6. So nice to see some human interaction, as it is getting mighty grim! Rick is going down a path of self destruction I feel, even though he thinks he is preserving his family, he is becoming a bit psychotic. Having said that spoiler - they didn't actually see the children playing did they? It could be a recording to lure them in. I hope not, TWD is becoming a bit too dark for me, I need to see some light at the end of the tunnel...

  7. It is a good job we don't live together John (apart from the fact that much of the time you would be looking after me) because our taste in TV is so different that we would spend much of our time not speaking.

  8. Started on the third season of WD... amazing how similar 'The Governor's method is to Jim Jones' modus operandi. My sweetheart and I binge-watch it on the weekends. Won't be long until we're all caught up.

    We both thank you for that, lol.

  9. I suppose the great thing about zombies is that you can shoot them with total moral authority, no questions asked.

  10. I loved this episode, good cliff hanger leaving them at the gate. I think I have seen Aaron in other things, he is very good

  11. Can't face anymore death and destruction. Just sat through a whole weekend of 'True Detective' which was rather taxing to say the least - not the acting, Matthew Mcwhat's-is-name was outstanding as was Woody Harrelson - but the subject matter was truly horrific. I loved the last line though but I won't give it away in case of spoilers.

  12. We finally saw it! I also loved the kiss and what seemed to be such a loving relationship with E and A, and liked Michonne being more assertive, too. Oh I hope they all get a bit of a reprieve!

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