Friday, 26 September 2014

From Above

Last night i went to see the Argentinian movie Wakolda which was shit. I left after three quarters of the film and went to have a look at the exhibition in the Oriel Gallery which was a glass instillation called The Colour Of India . 
As I walked around I fell into conversation with one of the staff from the theatre who shared with me some of her ideas for an exhibition I was intrigued, with some of her ideas, one of which was a collection of aerial photographs of her favourite places in the world
Now some of her choices were exotic to say the least...... The Great Barrier Reef, Parts of the African gold coast.......the ice fields of Chile but i kind of liked the idea
so here are a few of my favourite places..... not as showy admittedly, but kind of fun....can anyone guess where they are?

No1 A Favourite City..I worked in in 1994

No 2 A Place me and a best friend often visit

No 3 a building complex 

No 4: A second Home Lady Mary

No 5  The Purple Pin site of many a good night out

no 6: A holiday destination

Answers on the pastcard
bet no one can quess them all


  1. I'll remember to skip that Argentinian movie! (Unlikely I would go anyway, I must admit.)

    I definitely know 1-3, and maybe 4. I am stumped on 5 and not sure about 6.

    1. Come in Steve lets here your answers

    2. OK -- I didn't want to guess too early and spoil it for anyone else!

      1. Pittsburgh
      2. Kew
      3. Rockefeller Center
      4. Highclere Castle, Berkshire
      5. NO idea
      6. Barcelona?

    3. Actually that's too small to be Barcelona, and now that I've read other people's replies (yes, I cheated) I'm going with Sitges, too.

  2. Not a clue, but they must look pretty to the birds!

  3. I'm guessing Pittsburgh in No 1, but other than that, I have no clue!

  4. #1 - pittsburgh pa
    #2 - chester, uk (?)
    #6 - brighton, uk (?)

    not sure about the others, but please do fill us in.

    and no philadelphia, pa. :(

  5. Number 4's easy - Chatsworth!

  6. Here you are challenging again the competeive side of you readers:)(after the fruits competition),

  7. "of your readers"

  8. Cleethorpes, Wigan, Barnsley, Bradford, Huddersfield, and Accrington.

    1. I could be wrong about No 4; is it Aunty Glad's back garden?

  9. I just love seeing overhead geographic pictures. It really is artistic to me.
    The contours of the land in all; shapes of city street layouts (rectangular grid or triangles as in last one); surprise of hills in some city environs or at least differing elevations more clear from above (people are surprised at fact you clearly feel/see you're climbing significantly if you drive uptown to the GW bridge area in Manhattan in a cab); and wondering what layout was planned, what just grew that way out of necessity or what developed in various places that were then joined to a hub for greater business access. I find pleasure in these curious little things that don't seem to matter to anyone but me!

    Without "cheating" by searching the blog or Google (so tempting!) I'll guess a little.

    #1 - Manchester or Birmingham
    #2 - My country retreat? Just dreaming...
    #3 - Building complex could be plopped in any city in many countries. I'll
    guess London. Wondering if blue rectangle in center is reflecting
    or swimming pool.
    #4 - Highclere? Balmoral?
    #5 - "Good night out" with old pals or newer favorite with Chris? Those
    triangular blocks are great but not a clue where it is.
    #6 - Prestatyn? If I were from UK the man made protected boat yard &
    complex behind it would be good clue.

    Yes, I'm prone to rambling. :-)

    1. Tee hee
      You couldn't be more wrong with everyone of your answers well done

    2. And you love it too, don't you. Is there a prize for getting them all wrong? x

  10. interesting...but not a clue :) I'll have to admit I've never watched a movie made in Argentina or any other South American country. Perhaps I haven't run across them yet on Netflix :)

  11. #1 Pittsburh PA
    #2 Kew Gardens, Richmond UK
    #3 Rockerfeller Centre NY, NY assuming that is where the pin is as I cannot see the pin
    #4&5 Still thinking about those two
    #6 Stiges, Spain

  12. Always love your film critiques.

    Chatsworth's the only one that I can get - sorry! x

  13. 'Wakolda' was in my diary twice but each time I couldn't be bothered. Sounds like it may have turned out to have been money well saved.

    I also thought at first that #6 was Brighton, but now don't think it is. Not a clue on the others.

  14. No idea ~ but everyone is saying Pittsburgh, which makes me ask the question did you work in the US?

    I think your point is quite valid though ~ favourite places are not the exclusive right of those who travel wide and far.

  15. Anonymous3:21 pm

    I'm stoopid.

  16. I would like to know the stories behind clues 2 and 5. Quess who...

  17. I really have no idea where these aerials were taken.
    I do wonder why you stayed for 3/4 (three quarters) (75%) of a shit movie...

  18. I'm impressed by Steve Reed, and will just patiently wait for you to tell him how clever he is.

  19. All I know is that none of them are where I live, and they are all beautiful from that height. I agree with Leslie, I love aerial photos. Everything is fascinating from above.

  20. No clue. Don't really care cause I ain't goin' nowhere.


  21. Why Pittsburgh? Looks like Liverpool to me. 2 might be Kew. 5 are we in Sheffield or Denbigh? 6 may well be Sitges but the sudden change in sea depth has got me. Sharm-el-Sheik???


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