Friday, 26 September 2014


In 1994 I was lucky enough to visit Pittsburgh's spinal injury rehab facilities
Whilst working on a six month course. I loved the city which strangely enough is twinned with 

Kew Gardens always remind me of my friend Nu
We have spent many happy hours ambling past the glasshouses
Just chatting.

I adore New York. I love Art Deco and I like Christmas
So one of my favourite places had to be the Rockefeller Centre in Manhattan

Chris and I used to visit Chatsworth most Sunday afternoons when we lived in Sheffield
It's a sublime place
So sad to hear that the Duchess of Devonshire , the last of the Mitford sisters died this week

All Bar One is an average to good wine bar in Sheffield City Centre
It was ( and is) a place that I have met friends for many many years
I had my first date with Chris there.
I have fallen down the basement steps there
And I have spent many a drunken night of fun there
Good memories

Sitges just south of Barcelona has been one our favourite holiday places
Relaxed and classy it has non of the excesses of other Spanish resorts
It's also very gay friendly although Chris and I don't bother with the gay haunts
( what with my dress can't blame me?)


  1. My son lives in NYC and says Pittsburg is great city, altho underrated. So many places to see in NYC...mind-boggling.

    1. I remember going up the Monongahela Incline railway that overlooks Pittsburgh and thinking how lovely the city looked

  2. I have seen none of these places. Thanks for showing them to me through your eyes.

  3. What great photos! As someone who has lived in NJ all her life, NYC is one helluva a town, but it has become somewhat homogeneous in its offerings over the last decade.
    I have to apologize, I laughed when I read that you fell down the basement stairs in the wine bar. LOL

    1. FIFi
      there is a grand story about that fall
      About a stolen pair of specs and a very odd waiter
      Remind me to tell you sometime

  4. @susan kane - yes, pittsburgh IS underrated; lovely place to visit/sightsee.

    and the only one I got right is pittsburgh; boooo on me.

    1. One out of six Could be worse

  5. I've never been to Philadelphia. I love New York. Haven't been there in many years.


    1. scandalous, girl! the USA began in my hometown; we have over 300 years of history right here!

  6. Would the real John Gray please stand up? This paints a good picture of you John....thanks for sharing mister man!

  7. Nice quiz, prompted a regular reader to take the plunge and comment.

    Enjoy reading your blog very much

    1. Welcome traveller
      Just had a look at your blogs
      Mine looks rather pedestrian
      In comparison

  8. I didn't get any of the aerial photos right, even though I've been to a few of those places. But... you made me think of what are some of my favorite places... and Rockefeller Ctr at Christmas is right up there.

  9. Oh so that is why you were in Pittsburgh! I love that city, too (even with the dreaded Steelers!) - my mom's hometown, and where my sister M lives now with her family.

  10. With Deb dead, it really is the end of a truly fascinating family.

  11. Oh poo!
    One of my sisters lives next to Pittsburgh & two of her sons live inside the city limits. I get lost almost every time I try to get around the city going and coming home to NJ after a visit. Eight hour drive is trying. I thought three rivers converged near the stadium & I only saw two in photo. Wrong one way or the other!
    In 1978 I actually worked next to Radio City Music Hall at corner of 6th Ave. and 55th St. I was trying to orient myself but couldn't decide where 5th Ave. was by St. Patrick's Cathedral and how I would walk out my building, one block next to the RCA building and run right into Rockefeller Plaza behind it. I never thought the skating rink would look blue from above. If it was a tighter shot I might have seen Atlas in all his golden glory.

    How could someone work so hard on being so wrong...LOL.

    I still love the aerial shots. Thanks for the visual treat!

    I still want a prize for getting 100%....wrong, that is. :-)

  12. I've never been to Europe. Someday I will.

  13. Been to NYC, 'The City', many times. Used to stay in the Mayflower, right on the park's SE corner. First time in '66 with Cary, at a absent friends apt. on 77th, upper west side. We ice skated at Rockefeller Square one Christmas Eve.
    Didn't even try to guess from the aerial photo's, had no idea.
    The Spanish resort looks great, wish I had gotten down there when I lived in Germany.

  14. All beautiful places, at least they look it from the photos. I would not have taken you - with your love of home and hearth - to be such a well-travelled fellow. It makes me think. Maybe I could be happy travelling, too. I don't know.

  15. Hmmm...maybe I need to go to Sheffield? Chatsworth looks terrific and ending the day at All Bar One wouldn't be so bad, either!

  16. Sounds like a little Johnny Cash would be appropriate here...

  17. Ah, grand places. I miss NYC, having left home and moved there after getting kicked out of college in 1965. My grandmother lived there - which was great whenever I got into trouble.

    David and I live in St Louis, MO and love the slow pace - should you and your man ever come "out here," you have a place to stay.


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