Friday, 29 August 2014

Daryl in 6 weeks

Just about a month and it's back!


  1. John,

    While you're waiting on the return of TWD, may I suggest a show you should watch in the meantime? BREAKING BAD!!!

    I'm far from alone in my opinion that it is the best show America has poduced in ages. The writing is OUTSTANDING and it's also from AMC, the same studio that produces TWD. Seriously, John, you should give it a go. You'll thank me if you do! :)

    1. In total agreement. The writing was superb and the acting too. Yo!

  2. Sigh... I would say something, BUT, I get a little goofy when the time comes for Devious Maids...

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  4. I also recomment Breaking Bad. It helped me see that life can be hard even if you don't have missiles over your had.

  5. All this telly watching! Lord knows how you find time to read a book!

  6. Breaking Bad is the best ever offered in film or television. Nothing compares.

  7. John, maybe you should watch "Justified" sometime. Timothy Olyphant is just jaw-droppingly gorgeous and the show is pretty damn good too! I think you'd love it.

  8. I can't wait. You caused my addiction you know!

    I made a long wrung out comment about blogging and my computer went wonky and lost it so know I was here.


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