Saturday, 26 April 2014

Into The Dead

I have another guilty secret.
Ok...Everyone knows of my addiction to a certain savoury snack food ( the nectar of the Gods that is breadcrumbed   covered pig meat surrounding a perfectly boiled hens egg)
Everyone understands that I am a sucker for poultry lost causes
And my teenage fascination with AMC's Walking Dead knows no bounds.
I am, in fact, a sixteen year old nerd who has unfortunately let his body lapse into that of a 51 year old man.
It happens.
Ok ,back to my new guilty secret.
No, I haven't been making up phantom animal ailments again so I can visit the George Clooney vet
And no , I haven't been pulling the Church bell again out of devilment when I am dusting the font

My guilty secret of today is that ( pauses for dramatic effect) at 51, I have started to play one of those " video" games that I have always and vociferously slagged off as being " brain dead" over the years.

Loaded onto my ipad, I can now indulge myself with my zombie fix, whenever I like..
Now I try not to indulge in public ( I did shout out a slightly over excitable yell of  " BASTARD!"  on the train when a bleeding walker grabbed me when I was running through a corn field...and so I have limited myself to a quick ten minute fiddle every's great fun.


  1. The thought of you ringing the Church Bell when you were supposed to be dusting the Font has made my day !

    1. Suddenly the little world of Don Camillo springs to mind.

  2. The thought of you playing a video game AND Shouting BASTARD AND on a TRAIN has made certainly made mine.

  3. Everybody needs a ten minute fiddle!

    (reading this at 9.24am instead of spending time in the kitchen with the f*ckwit)

    *sigh* better get back to Saturday Morning Stuff
    Susan x

  4. I fear you are now lost to Trelawnyd society.

  5. Age is indeed catching thee up...

  6. ho dear i must admit to playing video games on pc saying no more keeping my bad habits to my self

  7. Welcome to modern technology!!
    I love to have a fiddle too! What is the point of having an iPad.

  8. There are worse things you could do!

  9. Anonymous11:37 am

    Ten minutes a day on a video game is nothing to be concerned about.

  10. Boys really don't grow up do they? I have four in the!

  11. I have to say that the graphics have come a long way since Pac Man.

  12. They actually have a video game that is specifically for The Walking Dead. You'd love it!

  13. What does Chris think?
    Jane xxx

  14. Did someone say zombies?

  15. John - do not play this other than in the comfort of your own fireside.
    I am far too fond of you to have you misjudged when you are travelling on a crowded train.

  16. It's downhill from here, the dogs won't get walked or fed, the chickens will be up to their chicken knees in poop and Chris will have to eat Big Man Frozen dinners from now on. But please, do not neglect us.

  17. Yeah, it starts with ten minutes here and there...sorry Chris. You're going to have to bleach your own bog from here on out, I'm afraid.

  18. I don't understand. Forgive me, but I don't.

  19. Last week I was correcting over 400 State exams written by ten and eleven year olds. The topic was a fictional story about a girl who had fallen in a well in 1891 and ended up 100 years in the future, in the same town in 1991. Most of it was all the same writing, regarding her not knowing anyone, how she thought she could pay a dime for lemonaide when it was really a dollar, etc. but one essay made me laugh out loud - someone wrote that she should be careful not to let the walkers get her, and that if he were there with her, he (the student) would protect her from them. I have never watched The Walking Dead (I know, for shame... ) but I knew exactly what this student was referring to because of you! It made my otherwise mindnumbing day a bit more cheerful!

  20. Oh no!!

    So if there's no Blog posts one day we don't have to worry .... you're merely having a 'quick fiddle'.

    It's the thin end of the wedge.....


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