Sunday, 9 February 2014

If You Don't Follow THE WALKING DEAD look away now


24 hours and it returns!
If anyone bothers me at 9pm tomorrow night
they are zombie meat
Has Judith survived her bloody baby seat?
How will Daryl cope with a needy Beth?
What has Bob got in his friggin box?
Where the sod is Carol?
Will Rick ever master a real Atlanta accent?
Will Tara the token lesbian survive?
Will Tyreese sing " this old man" with the kids?
answers on a postcard
Hey ho


  1. Anonymous11:44 pm

    His hair looks cleaner, doesn't it? First!

    1. First series!
      I hate his series 4 hair x

    2. Anonymous11:47 pm


  2. It starts here in western Canada in 25 MINUTES!!!! So excited!!!! Do you watch Talking Dead afterwards?

  3. He looks good here.... when ever I see photos of him promoting the series or on the Red Carpet It always looks like he killed a squirrel and put it on his head.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Wish I had your phone number!!

  5. OMG! Your'e not gonna believe what happened to......just kidding. I wouldn't spoil it for you. It was very enjoyable but only...... =}

  6. Just watched it. As Sean said, I wouldn't spoil it for you either, but it was pretty glad it's back. Side note, did you see my post Friday morning John? I gave you a shout out!!

  7. I saw The Walking Dead advertised in the Radio Times on some obscure channel, Series 1 Episode 1 and I though I'll give it another go .... I sat down to start watching and the minute I saw Trevor Eve I realised my mistake ... Waking the Dead.

    I think I've got Selective Dyslexia :-(

  8. *squeal* today is going to finish on a high. I am unplugging the phone so it just rings at their end, my mobile is being switched off. and I am going to watch it in the dark with some tea and biscuits.

    I have had a great day today ordered some boots and bought some trousers that were both in the sale and couldn't find in our neck of the woods so London has been nice to me today.

    And then it is The Walking Dead. it cant get better can it?! hooray


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