Thursday, 27 February 2014

Flower Show Schedule, Dog Toys and Other Stories

After yesterday's Committee Meeting
( photos of which can be seen on the previous entry)
I have finally updated the Flower Show's schedule on the website
For those that are interested
Please see

Anyhow, on the back of Tom Stephenson odd " foo foo" request 
I have a request of my own.
Can anyone out there in blog land tell me something more
about this little vintage toy terrier, who has sat on our chest of drawers for years?

The toy is on small wheels
And has a hollow inside which can be extended and removed
Initially I thought it was for pencils but the body is not really long enough

Anyone got any ideas?
Answers on a postcard please.

Talking of terriers George is now looking mighty fine 
after his professional haircut

Much better than William, who is presently undergoing daily baths for an irritating 
Skin condition
Why do dogs always look like they have been inappropriately molested
When in the bath?

This afternoon
I have been planting out
It's almost ALMOST spring


  1. Anonymous1:50 pm

    So much of interest in your posting today but I'm afraid this colour deprived Ontarion fixated on your lovely flowers ...outdoors for Heavens sake....and that is all I have in my head now.

    Jane x

  3. The Flower Show schedule again John - TS Eliot measured J Alfred Prufrock's life out in coffee spoons, yours must be measured out in Flower Show schedules. How quickly it comes round.
    No idea about that sweet little terrier, sorry.

  4. William's "I am doomed" pose is pathetic. Poor baby.

    It is nice that spring is happening somewhere in the world. A good part of North America is buried in snow, and most of us have that same look as William.

  5. No No No !!! Do not tell me you are planting outside. Damn you. This winter continues to drag on in Illinois. Another 10 flippin inches of snow coming and you have the nerve to post pretty little pansie photos. I sure do wish I could quit you.

  6. i am guessing that is a vintage candy container. they used to sell candy in wooden and cardboard toys often on wheels. freezing cold and windy here with a big snow storm on the way.

    1. Great! Thanks for that! Keep warm

  7. I would guess that from the dog's point of view, it is molesting. That lovely proprietary scent he'd been working on...down the drain.

  8. I love a good treasure hunt, but I could not find anything that looks even remotely like the little dog that you have. You may just be sitting on a 'one of a kind'. The flowers are gorgeous!!

  9. Word is that snowdrops might be more in vogue over coming days. (Brrrrrr!) Still, if Winter does pop round for a late blast it can't be for long, can it? (CAN it?)

  10. Lovely flowers, John. It's very tempting to plant a few outside the front door here. But the weather people are talking about the possibility of snow maybe tomorrow -- so I think I will hold off until after the weekend.

  11. Maybe you can hide loose change in the terrier??

  12. Bitter wind but Friday is supposed to be warm and sunny which is good because I am taking the day off. My grandmother had a wooden Dachshund on wheels just like your little terrier. She said it was filled with sweets and then it had a ribbon lead on it.

    1. Thanks doc, you are the second person to tell me it's a sweet old do you think it is?

  13. Could it be a cigarette holder?

  14. My guess would be 1930's because it was my mothers or one of her three sisters originally, but my grandmother hung on to it. Unfortunately they have all passed.

  15. Sidetrack - John, now that I'm in Savannah I'm planning to visit Molly Macpherson's pub here in town so I can finally sample a scotch egg. One of my daughter's college friends was just here and joined us for lunch at a place they both loved, but at the time I had forgotten all about scotch eggs! I'll let you know when I finally have one.

    Formerly Nancy in Iowa

  16. I dare say that is not almost spring, but definitely spring! Early spring, yes, but spring.

  17. Here, the wild daffodils and snow drops are insisting that spring is here.
    We need to remember the last frost is in march. Don't want to plant too early.
    But it is tempting when the sun shines.
    Any markings on your little dog? Maybe take it to one of the Antique Road shows in your area, if they ever get there?
    Have a wonderful weekend, John. ♥

  18. I don't know about the doggie, John, but the vase of flowers made me smile - those are alstromeria (sp?) but as the daughter of a florist I used to amuse myself renaming the flowers and called them extraterrestrials. Then I could never remember their real names and had a ridiculous conversation with another florist on the morning of a friend's wedding trying to establish which corsage was for which Gran, and of course the real name eluded me, and amazingly that florist didn't know what an extra terrestrial was!

  19. hey John although he may stink if he belches have you thought of maybe giving him a spot of cod liver oil every day. We had a golden retriever who had a skin complaint, the vet kept giving us stuff it didn't clear up. He was quite stressed after November 5th and cowered, his fur and skin suffered. he stank to high heaven, but it really did help.

  20. I bought some lettuce packets today and am going to put into pots for some early salad greens...but not today as it's supposed to sleet and snow on the weekend! The flower show excitement is beginning!

  21. George is quite a fine specimen!

  22. Anonymous12:19 am

    If you stop by my blog tomorrow, you'll see how Spring is just around the corner. Yup.

  23. planting? I am still buried under snow here! your flowers look lovely and I need some color right about now.


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