Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Mouse Behind The Freezer

Night shifts can feel incredibly short, especially when you have a busy patient to deal with. My patient was poorly, so the twelve and a half hour shift shot by as fast as  a spinster passing an Ann Summer's slumber party.
All I wanted when I got home was an eggy Bagel
But there was a typical drama when I got home
" There's a MOUSE  behind the freezer" Chris informed me as I walked through the door
( some of you may remember the " there's a rat under the sofa incident" here which was was a blog entry that started in a very similar fashion)

I wasn't surprised.
The four dogs and and cat where all lined up with their serious faces on , sniffing the gaps
" well, pull the freezer out and let them finish it off" I instructed
"Nooooooo" cried Chris
" yessssssssssss! " cried the dogs
" bring it on" muttered Albert.....
A mouse is to cats and terriers what Downton Abbey is to snowbound Americans
It makes for wonderful entertainment

Is it me? But is removing a rodent from behind the freezer a big job?
You just make a cat sized gap between freezer and wall.
Whip up some excitement amongst the troops by whispering " KILL, KILL KILL THEM ALL!"
in a few moments it's a job well done
Seconds later I had hurled a flat and very dead mouse out of the back door
And peace returned to Bwthyn y llan
I had my eggy bagel
And went to bed for a couple of hours..... Chris's bell ringing ( no jokes Tom) woke me around 11.
Hey ho


  1. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Sounds like a sensible solution to me. No fuss no muss.

  2. Sounds like Chris failed his Cat O level exam.

  3. how dare chris keep that delectable morsel away from the beasts?

  4. One of my early memories was of my mother killing a nest of mice with a paint scraper. They had nested in a drawer, had a litter of little babies, and she is whacking away at them saying, "die and your little babies too." Yes, the same mother who was hiding the television remote from my father at midnight last night because she wanted to be get up not go to sleep.

    1. Sounds like mommie Dearest

  5. John,

    Doesn't Chris realize the animals will take care of him when you're not home. All he had to do is allow them to get at the mouse.

  6. What a cute little mousie!

  7. Hurrah!!
    I recently had a mouse-behind-the-piano. The dog and one cat (the other cat wasn't interested in all the fuss) stood watch while I duct-taped the crack between the floor and the wall. Waiting for husband to return from his three-month stint taking care of his aging mom for us to put down some moulding, but in the meantime, between a cat, the dog, and the duct tape, I'm feeling quite safe.

  8. I have a friend visiting from UK. I could always ask her to hand carry back for you and dear Chris an African House Snake, they are magnificent mouse catchers and endlessly entertaining especially when surprising unwitting guests...

  9. I'm with Chris. There was a mouse in my office once and my entire staff dismissed me from the room to give them space to corner the thing, get it wastebasketed up and out the door. The company hired an exterminating company to make weekly patrol of their little traps to resolve my problem.

  10. Poor little mouse :(

  11. A reward for being a wonderful mouse terminator?

  12. No rest for the wicked, eh?

  13. We've caught four mice in the kitchen this week. The dog had no idea they were there. Maybe a terrier rather than a retriever would have been a good idea.

  14. LoL, I am with Mr Hippo. We moved to a rural farmhouse when I was a teenager, and I often wondered why we did not have any mice. Bats, flies and a few other creatures , but no mice. The reason became very clear on the day when my mom when into the basement to get some preserves and found out we had a metre long snake living under the hot water tank. It was left in peace to do its job, as my mom was not fond of cats!

  15. Our cats have always been serious hunters. I finally blocked off the cat door after tiring of the succession of lamed but live squirrels, rabbits, birds, and moles that I've been presented with. Mice generally didn't need to be imported in, particularly the one I woke up to on my bed, where it served as entertainment for our cat until I was ready to get up and feed him. Now 16, his hunting days appear over and I wonder if we're hosting mouse festivals in the basement.

  16. I'm on the side of Chris - and the mouse!

  17. Must be the full moon--My post from Thursday also features mice.

    And what would Chris do without you?

  18. Chris needs one of those electronic gizmos that goes in a plug socket and repels rodents. They work... touch wood. And less stress all round.

  19. Replies
    1. Can't I just... oh, ok then.

    2. Not even... no, it's alright.

    3. You put me off my stroke. I can't do it to order, you know.

  20. My friend has one too but is letting it live because she shone a torch on it and it had 'such pretty eyes-' Please let Tom make a joke, then I an rate it on a scale of one to ten.

  21. We need a menagerie like yours at our farm! Instead it's just no touch mousetraps. Luckily, yesterday and today, none killed so that's good. Unless that dang snake I fear is actually in the house.

    And I'm with Weaver of Grass, come on Tom just one, then we'll vote it up or down. LOL!

  22. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Oh to be a mouse in your house, John. It sure beats killing yourself.


  23. That would make a great photo for your blog... all the guys lined up staring at the fridge. Kinda reminds me of when our cat stared at the dresser in our bedroom... for about 3 days before I finally smelled the mouse that had been the cat's toy just a little too long... escaped and died behind the dresser... Phew!

  24. Years back we had a mouse in the house. My partner complained bitterly about the uselessness of the cats. The very next morning when he was getting dressed for work a mouse head rolled out of his shoe.
    Never diss a cat.

  25. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Did you wash your hands?

  26. Hehe.
    Glad you got your bagel, John. ♥

  27. All rodents (even little white mice) creep me out. I can't stand the thought of them in my house. ((((shudders))))

  28. Kill, kill them all! I uttered that many times, but it is usually about bugs.

  29. I am not good with mice in the house. They are unwanted and uninvited. Some find their way in down cellar, which pleases Phoebe, my older cat, no end, as she can hunt inside.

    I tried those electronic gizmo thingies, but it didn't help down cellar at all. I was told later that if there are too many angles or, as in this case, dirt walls or floors, that the sound doesn't bounce right, and makes the gizmo ineffective.

    Patching every hole i could helped, and Phoebe's nearly daily patrolling has helped more.


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