Saturday, 5 October 2013


I worked half a shift at work this morning
On my home I over heard two medics talking in the lift
One said to another,  a rather mysterious and somewhat worrying
" it hit the floor like an effing jellyfish from 2000 feet!"
I'd love to know what that was all about!
It reminded of the Hitchcock story
When, out of pure devilment , the old guy
Turned to a colleague in a crowded elevator and stage whispered a rather menacing 
" I didn't realize that the old boy would bleed so much"


  1. Placenta or brain springs to mind but then my brain is addled today with a throbbing headache and I've been stood over the chutney pan for far too long - so I could be wrong

  2. Hoping for everyone's sake it wasn't a used colostomy bag

  3. OMG. the mind boggles.

  4. Anonymous5:09 pm

    So many things would fit that description.

  5. we need to know...

  6. hahahahahahahahaha love that. What a hoot to try that.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. I'm very curious. I love weird, gross stuff.


  8. I just hope someone had a (gloved) catchers mitt on when whatever it was bounced! :-)

  9. Hope they weren't talking about a parachuter!

  10. Oh, that Alfred. What a pill he was.

  11. It reminds me of a time a number of years ago when I was on the subway with a friend. She was getting off before I was and as she left she said in a very loud voice "you really have to stop humoring the cockroaches", leaving me with a car full of people staring at me.

    1. Lol peter
      My best friend NUALA shouted at me during a screening of a league if their own

      " get your hand off my tit"

      Just for a laugh

  12. Haha. That would have been a good conversation to have been in on.
    Good old Alfred Hitchcock. His thrillers are so much better than many today.
    Have a good Sunday, John. ♥

  13. You should have asked!

    I loved Hitchcock! He was a little twisted. I like to think I am, too.

  14. You should have followed them for 10 minutes to hear the end of the story, ha ha ha. Or you should have said ' What? How did that happen?' and just joined in the conversation. The worse reply from them could only be to 'mind your own business' :)

  15. Gruesome, typical hospital stuff John.

  16. Perhaps the medics were talking about a heart transplant and the clumsy surgeon had dropped the replacement organ on the operating theatre floor. That or a passing seagull had defecated from a great height - close to their silver Porsches.

  17. was that you in the shower norman. ha ha i can see your boobies! on your knees boy. LOL!!

  18. Half heard conversations are always excellent entertainment!


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