Sunday, 14 April 2013

"Just Passing Through"

It's been a funny week all told.
Now when I say funny.....I actually mean its all been  a bit strange as well as slightly humorous

A workman in desperate need of some toilet paper.
A hormone filled cockerel attack.
An old friend who is now shagging a baby faced ex con.

I do try to look at the funny side of the day when I can
Perhaps I am an optimist........but on reflection
I think I am just like the majority of us who need and search for positivism
I am drawn to people and events that possess a positive energy, a warmth and a humour.
Warmth and humour are things we can feed upon.
They are essentially good things.

A day or so ago, I defrosted some of number 12's Belly pork. The meat is encased in huge layers of fat that crisp up beautifully when roasted, and even though that the meat tastes ( in my mind) is, I suppose, a ticking time bomb for the old arteries....I had a large strip of meat left untouched, and so I wrapped it up and popped over to Auntie Glad to see if she wanted it for her tea.
Of Course she did, in fact she giggled that she loved pork " the fattier the better" and it was then when I realised just why I touch base with her and with others like her on such a regular basis.
Positivism, essential good humour and a good energy like I said   is the stuff of feeds you.

Before I left, Gladys informed me that she was off to a nearby seaside hotel for a weeks holiday...
She laughed when she told me, that the break was only some 25 miles west of Trelawnyd......
" at my on holiday..whatever next"
" I hope you have a lovely time" I said?. And her reply , I think sums up all of this positive engery I have just been banging on about
" oh I will." She laughed in her sing song voice as she waved vaguely in my direction....." We have to.....after  all we are all just PASSING THROUGH  are we not?"


  1. What an absolutely marvellous attitude. No negative Nellie there. Which without doubt means that not only is she happier for it, but so are the people around her. Besides, I am told it takes less muscles to smile than it does to smile so we might as well conserve the energy.

  2. A lovely way to be...and I do try so very hard not to be a negative nellie myself, but I am, and it is a struggle every day to focus on the good and the have to search it out and relish are right John - you are fed by optimism and smiles and happiness....which is one of the reasons I love to read your remind me not to be such a moaning minnie!

  3. I love when the 'strange and humorous things' happen during the day, it really does break the monotony and provide a grin. I'm just afraid that one day I'll realize that it was all perfectly normal, and I was the strange one! :-)

  4. just beautiful. passing through indeed.

  5. It is an interesting twist of fate that we come to these realizations later in life isn't it? I think that younger folks would be so much happier if they could only take a moment to ponder the phrase and embrace its meaning. Thanks John; Lila and I have something new to discuss this afternoon! :)

  6. Hold on, can we just backtrack a little - 'an old friend who is now......' - did I miss something?
    She's a treasure is Aunt Glad - we should all be so lucky to have one of her in our lives.

  7. ps I love the pic - can I pinch it?

  8. As is often quoted 'An optimist is someone who enjoys himself, whilst waiting for the inevitable'. Any other view of life is a waste.

  9. Aunty Glad is unusual nowadays don't you think?
    In the old days 'how do you do?' was a cheery reciprocal greeting, not an invitation to spill your guts.
    Glad's a 'radiator' but there are more 'drains' out there than there are 'radiators.....

  10. Anonymous1:27 pm

    being kind hearted and having a sense of and Auntie Glad have them nailed down John. I once asked Don if he was an optimist or a pessimist and he replied that he was "positive"'s a wonderful quality and one I'm happy you possess :D

  11. Passing thru all of us....and looking always at the bright side! Auntie Glad is a wonder!

  12. What a wonderful attitude. I can see why you visit often.

  13. Our sweetheart neighbour from Cornwall is moving back to London shortly. She reminds me of Auntie Glad. Now with a name like Glad ~~~ it says it all!


  14. You're absolutely right...optimism really makes a difference. Is it a magic potion that cures all? Of course not. BUT it definitely makes a huge difference in the way we approach life.

  15. Anonymous2:41 pm

    I love Auntie Gladys..hope she has a wonderful holiday.

  16. My thoughts exactly - I love an Optimist too John. I spend far too much time (because I have to) with some folk that suck all the joy out of a room. An Optimist makes such a wonderful refreshing change xxxxx

  17. Once again John you've hit the point square on, contented kindness, humor, optomism are the joys of life no dollar/pound can buy. They are among 'the stuff that matters'.

    And as Spinners end said (well) as time passes we realize just how quickly by it all goes and what's of true value - I was thinking just that when my ramble of 'she wondered' came to my mind...

    Yet another lovely, thoughtful post - thankyou.


  18. We once went eight miles down the road for a break and it was great....I was able to nip home and check on the cats a few times!

  19. "Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side,
    Keep on the sunny side of life;
    It will help us ev'ry day, it will brighten all the way,
    If we keep on the sunny side of life..."



  20. I think Auntie Glad is an absolute treasure. She brightens my day up just reading about her.

  21. Love it! 'Just passing through', and making the best of each step. Aunty Gladys is a gem, and so are you John.

  22. What a lovely thought and image.

  23. I can't stand moaning minnies but neither can I stand over optimistic people either - just someone who enjoys life and living will do for me.

  24. Bit of a lurker, hope you don't mind me commenting.
    Last week went to the funeral of a dear gentleman friend, same era as Aunty Gladys, one of nature's true gentleman! the final music at his funeral was a recording by Charlie Landsborough "Passing through" It won't let me paste a link, but very apt to your post I think. Ali.

  25. Completely off topic, Series One, Episode One of the Walking Dead has just started on Angolan TV! Now, finally, I might get to see what you are all raving about! No. Wait a minute, Alex says he doesn't like it and wants Ben 10. I'll make him an extra special sandwich with plenty of salad and Mayo and while he is munching, I can watch.

    1. So tell me what you think?

  26. tru fax dat! kick some arse whilst you can and smile whilst you do it!

  27. Great post, John. And so true. Positiveness makes us all better, I think.
    Have a great week! ♥

  28. What a fantastic lady. Wonderful that you have her in your life.

  29. Auntie Gladys rocks.

  30. I Love Aunt Gladys. Wish she lived in my town. :)


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