Friday, 21 December 2012


I am typing this in Trelawnyd "dead time"
I have already walked the dogs but its way too early to let the birds out.
Such is the problem of winter
Too dark means foxes
Even at 8.15am
I am going to be busy today.
Last minute Christmas Shopping in Llandudno
Meeting Chris for Lunch
then back for dog walks, hen lock up and the Sainsbury's trip
I think I have remembered everyone.
The last gift was for our postie, which I managed to pas to him at 6pm last night when he delivered our cards.
We are the very last but one delivery for him, and at Christmas despite being on his feet since 6am he always remains resolutely cheerful and chipper!
He always reminds me of one of those stereotypical characters from an Ealing Comedy
A big Smile and a "Cor Blimey missus! it's cold today!" sort of mentality
He deserved a little Christmas Gift even though it was a pretty average bottle of white!
Mind you the poor sod has had to run the gauntlet of William's mischievous nature for a year or two now as the Welsh Terrier absolutely loves to snatch any letter from out of the postie's grasp as soon as the envelopes "peep" through the letterbox..
The "game" has gotten" so boisterous that I have had to resort to leaving a small note of caution on the front door which states more or less
" WARNING :don't poke body parts through the letterbox"
Now I have gone all "Carry On!".....
oh that reminds me does anyone remember camp 1970's comic Larry Grayson?
he had a friend who was a postie
he was called "Pop-it-in-Pete!"
Funny what you remember


  1. And of course his other friend the baker - Self Raising Fred...

    1. and fag ash lil!

    2. OMG!! Fag Ash Lil was my Dad's nickname for my Mum. Forgot all about that and you've put a cracking smile on my face this grey and grotty Leicestershire morning. I used to live near Larry in Nuneaton. Now they have buses named after him :oD

  2. Larry Grayson, what a hoot! There was a hell of a lot of good honest slightly risque humour in those days, now it is all crude. Glad you managed to give your postie his present before the end of the world.

  3. Larry Grayson, I remember him well, and now feel even older as a result. Still, the world ends today so this is as old as i get. Love William, there should be more like him, and your postman for that matter. Have a good run up to Christmas.

    1. bless old Larry!
      loved his humour
      but hated those brown suits

  4. Dear John,

    It is Dominic from Angola. My Dad is Hippo. I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. I will be with Daddy for christmas and he is going to let me be the first to catch fish in his lake. Yesterday we saw all the fish jumping. He has bought me and Alex fishing rods and a video camera. I like your blog.


    1. and Christmas Greetings to you Dominic
      I hope your dad can video you catching a big one and then put the video on his blog for all of us to see!
      You wouldn't get me in a boat in Africa!
      not for love nor money
      too many crocs!

    2. I know this probably doesn't sound much like me but I've been white water rafting in Africa and swum just past crocodiles in Jamaica. They didn't seem very interested to be honest. Too scrawny I guess...

    3. Dont worry Dad eat all the crocs.the only fish we caught were two tiddlers...

  5. Hope you enjoy your busy day, doing Christmassy things. I'm off to get some straw. Managing to nicely avoid all things Christmassy! Well for this year anyway!

  6. Enjoy your Christmas John.
    I don't always comment but always read, thanks for being very entertaining.

  7. Larry Grayson! I don't remember pop-it-in-Pete! but I do remember that Noelle Gordon (from Crossroads) had a crush on him that went on for years!!!

  8. Wasn't there an Army (National Service) based Carry On film, which contained a character called Private Parts?

  9. Our current post lady is a miserable witch........and she probably feels the same about me.

    The one prior to her did her job for 54 years and was/is a joy. It's night and day between the two of them. Wish Eva was bad on the job, but she's 84 now, so she deserves the rest, don't you think?

    Gill in Canada

  10. "Wish Eva was bad on the job"

    Should be wish Eva was BACK on the job!!

  11. Exactly which body parts do posties and other deliverymen shove through your letter box? Puts a whole new slant on the term "special delivery".

  12. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Seems like we have a different postal carrier every week over here. I'd love to see William playing tug with the postman.

  13. So glad I don't have to do my Christmas shopping around Trelawnyd. By the time I figured out how to pronounce the multiple consonants, the stores would have closed! Llandudno...

    Pop-it-in-Pete... Now that I understand.

  14. My Postie had dyed his hair red for some reason !

  15. Good old William! Read your post out loud to my husband who chuckled as much as I did.
    Cheers to you, John, and - by the way - thanks ever so much for the photo! Very much appreciated!

  16. Our post has been rubbish since they brought in a new large central sorting office in the region... I'm sure we only get it once every other day now, but being I'm out the house 13 hours I can't tell really. I need to sit and produce a log of postmen walking down our road... no I don't whatever life is too short for that!

    Say hello to Llandudno for me - never been but my sons girlfriend lives there and is there for Christmas with her folks at the moment... small world isn't it?

  17. "Oooo,just look at the muck in 'ere".
    Jane xx

  18. Happy Holidays.

  19. Never mind, J.G. - just think, not only are we all still here, but nights start shortening again as from NOW! (or is it from tomorrow?) Thought that would cheer you up!

  20. I've just had a mental vision of people popping body parts through Trelawnyd letter boxes and William making off with them. It's making me eyes water. Have a fun day in Llandudno

  21. I loved Larry Grayson.....pop-it-in Pete, Everard Farquarharson, slack alice et al.....he seemed such a gentle kind person, and I only had to look at him to feel a smile start on my face.

  22. Oh, I *loved* Larry Grayson. Don't forget Fag Ash Lil! He was a great friend of Arthur Marshall ('Call My Bluff' anyone?) and apparently they would often get together for a cup of tea and a gypsy cream :-)

  23. Having recently delivered the cards to friends around the village I now have a great respect for the postie - getting an envelope through a letter box these days is a nightmare - they are all swathed in draugh-excluders.

  24. My gran had a corgi who waited patiently near the letter box everyday in anticipation of those letters coming her way. Eventually they had to install a wire basket to keep her from chewing up the post.
    The postman played along with the game, and each Christmas he was rewarded with homemade Mince Pies and a nice bottle of Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry.
    It was a trade-off :)

  25. Hope your evening went well, John. Have fun in Sainsbury!

  26. Larry Grayson was funny but he also gave me the willies!
    (not through the letterbox)


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