Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Flower Show Committee 2013

Most of the group at last night's meeting
The Flower Show Committee is well up in numbers!.
We are now 14 members! a number which includes Auntie Glad (front centre) as our oldest member, she having almost seventy years lead on our youngest member Hannah ( on the far right)
They are a nice bunch!
(ps Irene and Sylvia, the ladies who I named the soay after are first and second from the left!)


  1. I have just deleted (by accident) the last post so forgive the rehash of it

    1. WHEW!! I thought it was me because I was reading the comments and your other posts, came back to make a comment, and it wasn't there--Glad it wasn't me after all! :-)

      But I think I've caught up on all your news and I enjoyed your pictures of your crew on the beach--I hope Operation dog-snot removal has gone well, and you have an enjoyable weekend!!

      PS: I've not ever seen a dog owner after they gave up their dog for a ridiculous reason, which is a good thing. But many times while I'm there to pick up the dog, it's all I can do to contain myself, and many times I just want to toss a brick through the picture window afterwards!

  2. I was wondering what happened. It happens.

    Happy faces! Gotta love Auntie Glad!

  3. Thank you for the compliment, John; but your pictures a wonderful slices of life.
    Have a great Thursday. ♥

  4. Lovely "bunch" of Flower people you are!

  5. Looks like a fun group of folks.

  6. a very happy group indeed, John. What pray tell were you doing to get them all smiling like that?

  7. What a fine looking bunch!

  8. Anonymous4:08 am

    Look like a fun bunch. It's impressive that the committee represents such an age range.


  9. Aunty Glad's looking good; do send our best wishes.

  10. Everyone is just so gorgeous!

  11. a scary bunch (geddit) if you ask me!

  12. Lovely people. We have a mixed bunch at the charity shop ranging from a sweet fifteen year old Saturday girl to an outspoken but wonderful octaganarian ! I've just booked our "works" Christmas dinner in the pub !

  13. John, here in our little village we've just held our fourth annual show. A group of us a few years ago decided it was time to revive this tradition, after it had died out in the Sixties. People have responded enthusiastically. If you're interested, there are photos here on the village blog I look after:


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