Saturday, 13 October 2012

For Chris

With Chris away, the normal cottage routine has changed albeit  subtly.
Meg, the most nervous of the animals has felt this change and has been more clingy than she normally is, and has followed my every move like the proverbial shadow.
This morning I took her outside with me for breakfast and we shared a bagel and watched the field together.
It was not raining, which made a nice change.
I am typing this as we sit there together to remind Chris of home.... I think he is feeling the distance between Australia and Trelawnyd....despite his job, he never really likes being away from home
Since George had a bout of salmonella, I have kept all of the dogs well away from the field, so it was the first time the ewes have had the opportunity to meet any of the house dogs.
Both walked up to their usual 5 feet away and gave Meg the once over, stamping their hooves sharply in the grass as they did so.
I have noticed this behaviour when Albert stalks the field, and hope that if a fox does indeed turns up during the day, the sheep will face it off in a similar fashion.
We sat there and watched the geese who with the turkey stag Bingley had gone over to the gate to challenge Pippa and her dogs as they passed by. The geese bowed their heads noisily and Bingley rattled his feathers. They never tire of doing this, and must repeat the behaviour a thousand times a day.
The "Black Eyed Peas" slink away from the main flock and disappear into the long grass. I have noticed that all new hens do this when they first arrive. They spend time of the peripheries of field, out of harm's way, like bullied schoolboys hiding in the playground. In a week or so's time they will pluck up enough confidence to join in the feeding time scrums, and will fight for the titbits with the rest of them.
The blind Cogburn crows lustily from his sunny spot in his enclosure and the field cockerels answer him as the Aylesbury ducks bicker together nearby. One of the Aylesbury ducks is indeed a large drake, and is a huge bugger. I am contemplating having him for Christmas dinner, which may please Chris.
He loves eating duck.
We Will see.
I need to utilise the dryness of the morning really.
Eight coops need cleaning and I am overdue with collecting the last of the raspberries
But as Meg seems to be enjoying herself
I think we shall sit here a little longer and watch the world go by


  1. Coop cleaning is a bugger. I do mine every Sunday, and try not to breathe in too much during the process! Your lot must take all day.

  2. I sense Meg is not the only one missing Chris :(
    Keep busy cleaning those coops, picking the rasberries, and taking care of all there is to take care of, and before you know it, he'll be back in the fold.
    You've got quiz night with Jason coming up Monday, something to look forward to !

  3. It is so nice just sitting and reflecting. I love doing that with any one of our pack back at the laundry post overlooking the fields and bush. Our raspberries did not survive this year due to lack of rain and me watering, quite opposite from your. Duck? reminds me there is one in our freezer needing cooked up. Don't be too lonely, as really you are not alone, John. xx

  4. It's such a shame that we need the excuse of our animals to allow ourselves to sit sometimes and watch the world go by. I was just doing the same on the balcony with one of our cats. I thanked him.

  5. Oh - I miss that picture of you snogging Chewbacca last night.

    1. I had to take another this morning.... You could see f all on the previous one !

  6. That picture last night made me really sad, I'm glad you look a bit happier today. 7 more sleeps ;-)

  7. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with me this morning as I drink my cup of coffee. It's such a relaxing way to start the day, and friendlier than drinking coffee on my own. I have coop cleaning on my list for today too, although I have left mine go all summer, so it's a HUGE job today. Need to get it cleaned and warmed up for the coming winter. Will feel good to have it done by tonight. Enjoy the hours of the day today.

  8. What a peaceful morning. You described it beautifully.

  9. 7 sleeps....nearing 6.
    Jane x

  10. Sometimes there's nothing finer than sitting back and taking in the world around you as you contemplate all that needs to be done. Here's hoping you didn't have to work too hard to clean out the coops.

  11. What a lovely post! It makes me homesick for Trelawnyd, although I'm sure I didn't visit your town during my 1974 camping trip around England and Wales; Scotland was a daytrip by car.

    Thanks, John.

    Nancy in Iowa

  12. What a wonderful photo of you and Meg. Nothing like a dog's calmness to make everything right!

  13. Sit all day and watch the world go by - if the weather is anything like it is here John - it is just the day for doing nothing - and Chris is too far away to chivvy you to clean out the hen coops. Eat that drake for Christmas??? How could you after he has given you undying love!!!

  14. Great photo. You look most wistful!

  15. Glad you have all the animals for company and to keep you busy. Lovely to sit quietly & watch sometimes.

  16. Every day I sit out the front of Belleau Cottage and survey the land. Our Holly used to sit up with us too and now she's gone I miss her terribly in the mornings. The sun was glorious today but then the rain came and was so heavy. Lovely post for Chris to remind him of home x

  17. Sittin watching the world go by - surrounded by your lovely animals....not too shabby a life eh?
    ps my son is getting married in Wales in 2014.....pps don't know why I told you that..........

  18. Yes it's good to keep busy, but there are those times where sitting and taking a moment to drink it all in really is better.

    We've gone into a cold snap here, and i need to make the most of the sunshine and work on decommissioning the boat.

  19. That is a lovely photo of you and Meg. You are the sweetest person to care about her feelings. And you shared your interesting day unfolding as you and Meg ate the bagel. Great post!

  20. Your lovely post will surely melt Chris's heart. I just hope it doesn't leave him sobbing with loneliness!

  21. Read all your blogs that you wrote for a week now.. Love reading how much you care for your animals.. William seems like such a sweet dog and loves you muchly since Chris is gone off to Austrailia.. You were writing about being over 50..forgetting things ...well wait for over 60 ~ it doesn't get much better. Love your blog and thank you for writing daily.. I haven't written for awhile and think I best get to typing something in my blog..
    ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  22. Watching the world go by with Meg sounded simply lovely. I do like to drop in to your beautiful world. Thank you.

  23. *I* miss home now, and I'm sitting in mine. I guess I miss your home. Except for the coop cleaning. How 'bout I sit and keep Meg company while you clean the coops?

  24. Aw, I'm sorry you are parted. My husband has been working in Derby since January, we both hate it.
    Roll on the lovely moment when your precious man steps off that plane x


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