Thursday, 20 September 2012

Wendy from Gwaenysgor

Phone rings
"Hello?" I say
Woman's voice very breathless on the other end
"It's Wendy from Gwaenysgor........ I've just found a chick running around outside and I don't know what to do with it!"
"have you a hen sat on some eggs?"
"Oh let me think?....oh God! ... YES! Its a buff, she's been sitting in her nest for years!"
"Shut her away and place the chick underneath her"
"oh Lord this is exciting! I've never had a chick before! It's chirping very loudly!"
"They do, it's fine...there's probably more chicks on the way, best leave them all well alone for another day"
"Oh God! what else do I have to do?"
I covered chick care briefly
"Right", Wendy said, " I will go and put the baby back!"
Hangs up!
Two minutes later phone rings again
"Oh God! it's Wendy! I have put the baby back and I have just found a sad looking Sussex sitting outside the hen house  and she looks like she has lost something?"
"Has the sussex been sitting on eggs?" I asked
"no!..... yes!,,,,no! er .......sometimes? ...... I am not sure"
"She needs to be sitting for three weeks solid to hatch out a chick!" I reminded her
"Well no then!" she sounded confused...."is it always so stressful when you have your first chicks?"
"Yes, calm down, "put the baby back and see if the buff accepts him"
A few minutes later the phone goes
" Its Wendy!"
(I guessed it might have been)
"Everything looks ok, I have send my husband out for chick crumbs and I have put water in the coop is there anything else I have forgotten?.... I am so sorry to bother you!"
I went through some pointers again.
"It's no wonder I drink a lot of wine!" she gasped finally
I need a drink!"
"Go and have one" I said with a smile....


  1. Just like having one's first baby!!!

  2. It's just like one of those Real 999 programmes!

  3. Aaahhhh thats a lovely post.

  4. Feel a bit the same as this lady. Found a hen in the ditch who we thought the fox had got. Eleven chicks she had, and she is only a little bantam. How the hell she is supposed to keep that lot warm I have no idea, so have put her in the ex rabbit run. Am going to have a quick swig of Baileys which I keep in the fridge for 'Oh my gawd' occasions!

  5. Why is it that when we rear our own chicks we cannot help treating them like our own children. I gave some eggs to a friend and only one hatched - now we think it might be a male (Buff Orpington). Her partner says that if it is a male then it is for the chop - now I am wondering, shall I have it back? (There would be strong protest from the farmer - I would probably have to do the dance of the seven veils before he agreed - and then he might wring its neck when I wasn't looking.)

  6. Tell her the first 17 years with kids is the worst!

  7. "I have just found a sad looking Sussex sitting outside the hen house" I must look at chickens more closely to see them looking sad, or smiling...

  8. 999!
    Which service do you require?
    Chick Advice
    Just putting you through
    Hello, Chick Advice, John speaking. How can I help you?
    Hi! I'm desperate, I need a chick. How can I get one?
    Well take a shower, preen yourself and head on over to the Trelawnyd Women's Institute next Thursday evening. You're sure to secure a nice chick there and she'll show you how to toss a pancake too.
    Thank you.

  9. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Oh dear, poor Wendy.

    I'm sure I would be just as bad. Will take up Vera's excellent suggestion re Baileys in the fridge.

  10. :-)

    Oh these new mothers....

  11. Awww, that is a lovely post!

  12. I hope you had a drink too!! But it says a lot about you when people call you anytime in their moment of need and know you'll be there to give them solid advice--Can I have your number? ;-))!!

  13. It's hard hard to figure out who the mother hen is here.

  14. It's a good thing she knows she can call you and get good help with her chickens.. I know a few people that would not be so patient.. THanks for caring...
    ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  15. I chuckled through the whole post.....very entertaining. Poor lady really had her bloomers in a bunch, didn't she? I have 50 peeping charges right now, plus a persistent bantam hen with 4 half grown chicks. LOTS of noise in one of my chicken houses these days.

  16. Bless you for being so understanding and patient.

  17. Wendy knew just who to call, because you're somewhat of a mother hen yourself, aren't you? Great story.

  18. I guess it's tough being known as an expert on something. Everyone phones you asking for advice and testing your patience to the limit....

  19. Love this post!

    Good on you, John the chickens...

  20. thank you "e"
    you intrigue me x

  21. John, the chick expert!!!

  22. Love your stories!!

  23. Were you ever at this 'stage' John?

  24. Just like me with MY first batch of chickies! Such fun and excitement!

  25. That is great, John. Good think I can't call you when we finally get our first chicks; I'd have to remember the time difference at least!
    Does this make you a chick God-Father? ;o)

    Have a great Friday, John!

  26. John what a brilliant account of my friend Wendy ! I can here her saying every word !

    1. greta
      thanks for that.... I am glad you commented now everyone will realise that I was not exaggerating


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