Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sarah Jane

This is Sarah Jane
She is the mumsy vicar's wife contestant in BBC's
and she is a real scream!
With a slight "little girl" personality and a self effacing sense of humour
she had cried, laughed and blustered her way through the tv baking competition with a great deal of English 
"spirit the won the war" bon viveur!
Her tearful monologue about how crap a cook she is whilst sheltering under a huge see through umbrella
is worthy of something Alan Bennett could write
Don't worry SJ..we have all cred over a bad tart at one time or other
Look out for fellow contestants Catheryn (another natural comic),
The Camp and slightly know all Brendan,
and the lovely ITU consultant Danny from Sheffield
all of them delightful characters
Its a cracking watch
(APOLOGIES to those who have not got a flying f*ck of an idea just what I am banging on about)


  1. I always avoided this programme but have found myself drawn to this series....all the dropped cakes & teers are so dramatic !!!

  2. Sarah Jane - "It could have been worse............then again, it couldn't have been"

    "The bravest thing I've ever done before this is get here on my own on the train"

    Love her and the whole show!

  3. FQ
    "Why I am crying
    It's ONLY a bloody cake!"

  4. One of my friends dubs it 'cake porn' well she does watch it in bed with hubby to be....:-)

  5. That was so good, I have just baked myself off to it.

  6. I think I would love this series! Always wanted to be a baker.

  7. I have no idea what you are on about. But that is nothing new!

  8. It won't let me watch the clips across the Pond. :0(

  9. I dunno - after four seasons of MasterChef Australia I'm cheesed off at all these 'reality' cooking shows and don't trust that they are not staged as was MC Australia!

    But for those who love classic escapism - go for it!

  10. It all got a bit gruesome this week though. I had to leave the room and dissuade Howard from giving me a running commentary. Camp he may be, but I can't help thinking there's something slightly sinister about Brenda.

  11. brendan!
    he IS a bit of a know all isnt he?
    I would have kicked him out for showing off with that lattice work!

  12. That was funny when Sarah Jane told Cathryn to whack her pastry on the table and she threw it on the floor!

  13. yes mouse.... and it was made even better by Catheryns dry-as-toast replies!

  14. wish we could get it here in Canada.


  15. Sitting here clueless and taking your word for it. DH watches shows something like this... hasn't helped his cooking at all.

  16. Anonymous1:19 am

    No clue....but carry on. It's a fun read anyway.

  17. Who would ever have thought that a programme about cake-making could be such fun. Unfortunately, I quite expect we'll soon have 'The Great American Bake Off' et al. Lord preserve us!

  18. I've not watched the previous two series but I'm glued to this one. I must say that the presenters Mel and Sue are what save it for me. They make it a little more real and away from the over dramatised Masterchef style program's

  19. I have never seen this programme in Angola, a pity because Marcia would love it. I also cannot see what I presume is a video you have embedded in your post, John. Ya Boo Sucks to the programme makers...

  20. The best was this weeks dough wanging...hilarious.
    I'm going to be giving up the dwarf tossing from now on.

    (apologies for the politicially incorrect-ness of my comment - moderate as you see fit)

  21. Oh John, I know - how can a programme about baking be such compelling viewing? and so hilarious and dramatic. What with Sarah Jane/ Catheryn's dough flinging and Stuart trying to amputate a finger it's unmissable. Only on British TV would one of the contestants be a ITU consultant ready to leap into rescue mode as the injured party whitters on about how he needs to stretch his strudel - cue Carry On type innuendo. The perfect antidote to Lancashire's unending rain.

  22. We're big fans of sarah Jane in our house. And that bearded medical student too. I suspect neither of them will be in it much longer unfortunately.

  23. We're big fans of sarah Jane in our house. And that bearded medical student too. I suspect neither of them will be in it much longer unfortunately.

  24. Oh, I wish we had this on our TV. She sounds like she's just like Bridget Jones.


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