Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Even Gentleman like tv Zombie Shows

Now for those that have missed the unending stories of chicken woes and turkey tales, tomorrow's post will be heavily centred upon the story of the somewhat deafening transport of the hysterical runners from my field to the safety of my friend Eirlys' farm for the duration of our jaunt to Sitges.
Carol and Polenta, Bingley and Theresa will be going too, which will, I am sure be a load off the mind of hen babysitter Islwyn who may be a bit long in the tooth to fend off a hormonal stag turkey or to be charging around after runner ducks that spend their lives jumping and screaming at the top of their lungs as soon as anyone farts in their direction

Today's post is going to be somewhat of a geek fest!
Now I make no bones that I am a somewhat sad fan of the zombie/disaster flick series The Walking Dead...I think I can control this obsession as I know I am not quite at that bedroom living/hamburger munching/same t shirt and underpants all-week wearing /sad bastard level of geekdom just yet!
(no I am NOT!)
However I do frequent some websites and blogs that celebrate the zombie apocalypse (like you do) and one of my favourites must be Lee Sargent's The Gentleman's Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse
This talented blog is a light hearted romp into the rules in post Zombie invasion survival....and his entry today ticked me somewhat because he featured me and George in one of his cartoons!

 "Now.....where's that hamburger?"


  1. hahahahah brilliant - now, time to change my t-shirt!

  2. You might be an old geezer of fifty with tea dribbled all down your front but this secret obsession proves that you're still just a kid at heart...Perhaps we all are. Now where's my pogo stick?

  3. I'll have to tell my son about that website. He is a big fan of the walking dead.

  4. Hey, you're famous! Famous for taking a head shot at a zombie ... the best kind of famous!

  5. I was thinking of you yesterday when I was in Waterstones. They had a Walking Dead board game for 1 - 4 players. Just in case anyone is wondering what to get you for Christmas!

  6. Sartorial elegence, cool, calm amd collected under stress yet ruthless when needs be. I think the artist has caught you to a T.

  7. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Would that be a KFC burger by any chance? With chips? And ice cream?!

    Enjoy it, you're on holiday (almost). Jx

  8. Love it, love it, John, keep it coming.
    Can't wait for series 3!

  9. Thank you for my certificate which arrived this morning. It has a place of honour over the Aga - shall treasure it.
    Enjoy Sitges - the Costa Dorada won#t know what's hit it when you two arrive - deck shoes and all - if you go into Barcelona watch your back pocket - it is supposed to be the pick-pocketing capital of the world.

    Have a lovely time and forget those animals/birds once you leavge home - they'll all be OK without you. Love

  10. This got me to giggling. Friends on facebook have been posting some zombie things, and i think of you when i see them.

    Frankly, i have no interest in zombies or The Walking Dead series, but i am easily amused by Bugs Bunny cartoons.

  11. John,
    I laughed so hard that I choked on my coffee, the staff came running to see if the old fart was dying and they would be parting out my things.

  12. Got my envelope this morning. Thank you so much for returning everything. Certificates on show in my kitchen for all to see!Glad someone liked the cowl enough to want to keep it!
    Have an excellent holiday - wish I was there too!!!

  13. Haha, brilliant!

    I am currently experiencing The Walking Dead withdrawal. Now that Breaking Bad and True Blood are also over, I think I'll re-watch TWD from the beginning, that should tide me over until the new season starts in October.


  14. Do you think that maybe you have avoided the hamburger/ t-shirt/underwear scenario because you still have to work? It's a little scary to contemplate what might happen if you retired--though doubtless Chris would not let you sink that low.

  15. What a cool gift to be featured in a cartoon! You have arrived!

  16. OMG true fame at last! And George too!

    I hope your hols are truly splendid, you deserve a break. XX

  17. Must tell Joe... You look so cool in that cartoon !
    We were in a new cookshop in town recently whose knife collection was something to be marvelled at. Joe said it would be very handy for the invasion...
    Good luck with the transportation of your feathered friends xx

  18. Congratulations on joining me in the ranks of the gentlemen zombie slayers. We are a select few.


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