Monday, 27 August 2012

Pass the tissues Bitch!

See above Blog!


  1. Yep, I clicked on the link to your original post and there it wasn't!

  2. That is so cruel! I was thoroughly enjoying it, then it cut off before the en....

  3. Pass the tissues indeed. Clicking on the video to get it to play gives me the following message:

    Este vídeo inclui conteúdo pertecente a International Olympic Committee, que bloqueou a apresentaçã do vídeo neste website.

    The bastards even know I am in a Lusophone country.

    Whatever happened to the Olympics as a great event by amateurs for the benefit and enjoyment of all? The IOC is just one great scam.

    I am sure others will get the message above in their home language but just in case, it says:

    This video includes content belonging to the IOC which has blocked the presentation of the video on this web site.

    That's your website me old fruit.

  4. Blocked by The Olympic Committee! Those SOB's are a law unto themselves, swanning around the world staying in luxury hotels at other people's expense and making up their own rules about advertising and promotion as they themselves line their pockets. Maybe we should launch a new blog - "The Five Olympic Rings Blog" sponsored by "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" and "Poundstretcher".

  5. Yorkshire Pudding, I am with you 100%! Surely within the blogosphere we have enough pull, if we all pull together, to piss the IOC off?

    Thinking about it though, if we did and started plastering olympic logos on our blogs and other forms of peaceful protest, google would just close our accounts down.

    So much for free speech eh?

  6. A case of Big Brother is watching you but you can't watch him.

  7. I am not a fan of the said lady - she has a voice I do not enjoy listening to I am afraid John.

    As to Blogger - try kicking the computer (not too hard) - it sometimes works.

  8. Yes - Blogger has conspired with the Olympics Committee to thwart you yet again. You must be tearing your hair out! Please re-write the gay icon post.

  9. I love Emily Sande. I bought her CD last year and its great.

  10. was settling down with a nice cuppa to read and there it wasn't... hateful...


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