Sunday, 22 July 2012

Olympic Bosoms

I have posted a rather pleasantly gratuitous photo of Welsh discus thrower Brett Morse in way of illustrating the fact that we have now had two days WITHOUT rain here in Trelawnyd
The jet stream has been pushed Northward by the collecting "tut tuttng" from a disgruntled British public who was finally sick to the back teeth of getting piss wet through every day since the end of spring, and the skies are now a hopeful blue in readiness for the Olympics,
The Olympics have touched and are touching the village in their own small way! Pippa, the doctor's wife seems to have purchased a lion's share of the allocation and was excitedly telling me about the venues she will be attending just the other day.....and a few years ago, Austin Savage, the brother of local Thespian Tecwyn Savage( here seen in the village production of Sleeping beauty) played hockey in the 1972 Olympics!
Ok, the link is a little tenuous , but I found it interesting!
Right, all this Olympic talk has galvanised the old juices and I need to get my hands on my bosoms today!
With a daytime fox around ( I do have 6 nervous adult ducks left!) It would be prudent to show a presence on the field.
(to all those worried about little CAROL and POLENTA - be reassured that the two duckings are quite safe in their own little wooden run!)
My 'Bosoms' need a good seeing to

hey ho!


  1. Foxes can be so amazingly brazen!

    I remember one coming into our house-yard in broad daylight to have a go at the hens we had in those days.

    I watched it sneak right past our dog who was dozing on the back veranda.

    It took me running out shouting to see it off.

  2. Wasn't there a classic 1960s British horror film called 'The Happening'?

  3. My vegetable garden is having that effect on me at present John - all the hard work followed by all the hard rain equals pretty miserable plants.

  4. it's still as sry as heck over here, we could do with a little of your rain, nothing is growing in my garden,

    Please share some of your rain!!!

    Gill in Canada

  5. I see you're trying to grow coffee cups in Bosoms. It won't work you know - wrong type of soil.

  6. We too have had several days without rain & today the sun is glorious. Also, whenever I see any of my local fox population it always seems to be in the day.

  7. I think most of our plants are toxic enough but if it WERE to happen it would solve over population AND create more jobs in the funeral business.
    Jane xx

  8. Yes, Hooray for the shifting jet stream, two days of sun here too!

  9. Have you been having 'Purple Rain'?

  10. Good luck with the fox, John! Glad to hear you are having a dry day.
    And congratulations on naming your ducklings!

  11. Good luck with that fox! They really are a tricky bunch.

  12. Yes, i can see your bosoms need tending. LOL

    We've had a spate of glorious weather, and i plan on getting out of doors as soon as the buzzer from the washer goes off.


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