Sunday, 13 May 2012

Not A Real Knob in sight

Well if you enjoy a rather slow moving story about the friendship between a Victorian cross dressing waiter and a cross dressing lesbian house painter then Albert Nobbs is surely the film you would choose on a blustery Sunday Afternoon.

Not surprisingly there is not a Knob in sight in Glen Close's strange little tale of an ageing servant (Miss Close) who as an orphan disguised herself as a man in order to escape abuse and find some standing in a world which simply did not support a lone woman with no family.

In the film "Albert" is portrayed as a sad, isolated and somewhat emotionally closed character, ever fearful of being found out from his repressed, sexually confused little world; a robotic existence which is only thawed by a chance meeting with Hubert Page (Janet McTeer) a male acting lesbian , who exhibits a cracking pair of bazookas to Nobbs at a somewhat critical moment in the proceedings
Mc Teer 's performance is nicely judged

How people live with unhappiness when repressed by abuse, upbringing, class and sexism is this film's main theme; a theme that is only really successfully broached in the all too few and rather moving scenes between the icy and naive Mr Nobbs and the emotionally connected and butch Mr Page

Not the best film I have seen recently. But an interesting if melancholic effort nevertheless......


  1. umm, think I might give it a miss

  2. Not exactly a rousing endorsement. I believe I'll give this one a pass, too.

  3. Or, save the cost of the cinema ticket and buy a pack of razor blades?
    Jane x

  4. "cracking...bazookas"? I'll keep an eye out. Also a Glenn Close fan. Thanks for the movie-alert

  5. Sounds very confusing/confused...

  6. Interesting review. Thought about watching it, but maybe not.

  7. A lack of knobs? I'll give it a miss too!

  8. sounds better than the steaming pile of horse-muck I shared last evening with.... Mel Gibson's direced Apocalypto!! Awful... complete with gratuitous violence and polystyrene rocks!


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