Thursday, 31 May 2012


It is a late posting 
I was up thinking about the French film I have just seen at Theatre Clwyd entitled The Boy with a bike and couldn't quite agree with myself on the review, so I will share with you today's story about the naming of my allotment!

Cro over at is a gentle and cultured old soul who lives in a picturesque part of France. He has three ugly hens, two delightful dogs  and a garden folly to die for!
Cro also has an endearing habit of giving "odd" names for family members, friends and inanimate objects ....I think it's a product of good breeding
Anyhow, I have always liked the name he has given to his own allotment.....he calls it "Haddocks!"

Today I bumped into fellow villager Sid as he passed the field with his good natured dogs in tow. We chatted about this and that, and I told him about Cro's amusingly catchy name for his vegetable plot and said I would like to name mine in a similar vein
"what is the criteria for picking the new name?" Sid asked with interest
After thinking about it for a while, I suggested that the name should be slightly ironic, amusing and  rather catchy!---" your favourite word!" I then added
I gave him a minute or so to mull it over, then asked him
"Well have you thought of something I could name my allotment?" 
"That I have", Sid said after a moment
"Well what is it?" I asked impatiently
"BOSOMS" Sid said with a smile
and so...... BOSOMS it is!


  1. Ukranian bosoms?
    Jane x

  2. jane
    that's even better!
    "Bosoms of the Ukraine!"

  3. Lovely silliness! :-)

  4. Bosoms of the Ukraine, perfect. It is so earthy!

  5. Ooh dear ;)
    Your blog hits will be off the chart !

  6. Love it! Best allotment name ever. Maybe I should name one of my ducklings "Bosoms"...

  7. I can just picture your Bosoms heaving with sustenance. Bosoms is a wonderful name.

    Many many years ago, when I still lived in rural Sussex, I had a friend who rented field on which he had developed an orchard and vegetable garden, a couple of miles away from his home. It was called 'Kings and Princes'. Beat that!

  8. I quite love the word "gusset". I was sewing bags with my WI buddies last night, and one old lady used the word gusset about a hundred times - I chuckled every time! She particularly loved a "large gusset" . You need 2 earth mounds on your allotment now. xxxxxxx

  9. I like the idea of going down to tend to bosoms on a daily basis and as for sowing the seed....... you're so Kenneth Williams!! All this reminds me of a very funny sketch by Mitchell and Webb..... I hope this tickles your fancy!

  10. Cro's gonna kill you for calling him old...

  11. Oh, I thought you were going to call it 'Buns' for a minute.

  12. So I trust your allotment will now be well-supported and not left to droop shamefully.

    Reminds me of the hitchhiker in France with the placard "Brest or bust".

  13. Here's hoping your bosoms blossoms.

  14. A good name this morning John when I read that the latest fashion is to have wide sleeveless dresses where the bosoms can be seen from the side. Of course, if you grow potatoes then the hilling up of potatoes also makes the naming apt. So am now waiting for you to say I am just off to weed the bosoms.

  15. are you ever going to explain to a stranger that you've been tending your bosoms? Less still that your bosoms are looking perky in springtime

  16. Let Bosoms grow wild! Don't try to control Bosoms. Leave Bosoms as Nature intended - free and unrestrained for birds and other animals to feed upon.

  17. Hooray! What a fabulous name! Truly a land of milk and honey, eh?

  18. I'm sure that name will generate a titter or two. LOL

    I had to reread what you wrote, seeing Kath's comment that you called Cro old. I saw that you said "old soul," to which i agree. I didn't think of age as young people can have old souls, too.


  19. Web Nannies all over the world will ban people reading about your allotment!

  20. Well, I hope it's a very well-endowed allotment.

  21. Your pictures always do seem quite perky....


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