Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Looking Forward

It's nearlytwelve months since I ventured over the Pennines for a South Yorkshire catch up.
It's been Far, Far too long .
Last year our lives here seemed somewhat preoccupied with my brother's deteriorating health, and only recently I have  realised that the effort to visit others hase not been made and time has marched away with it has a want to do.
I have missed my old friends

So I have organised to go over on the 9th of May. Old friends have been "booked" for a boozy night, others contacted for coffee and cake or for breakfast and the visit has galvanised me to lose that final and stubborn 4 lbs (I have plateaued at 14 stone 4lbs- a total loss of 24 lbs), so when I totter into All Bar One clutching the obligatory glass of "pinot", I will do so, looking more svelte and "buttock firm" than any my friends are really used to.
The waddling, and bloated "Roseanne Bar" look of last year, is hopefully, now a thing of the past..


Today, the rain has set in for the day.
The village looks bleak and cold

I was going to plant out onions, potatoes, swede and cauliflowers 
I think I will wait for a day

The "new" cockerel is doing well.
I have called him Buster

Thought I would post this in an effort to brighten up everyone's rainy day
Do you think that these lumberjacks could possibly be gay?
answers on a postcard please! 


  1. I am back to the Uk in May for a few days with family and friends. Am also doing some last minute crackdowns with my bod! Don't know about a tight butt though, more like trying to re-train a floppy tum!

  2. The weather is yuk isn't it.

    Have the South Yorks constabulary been forewarned of your impending arrival?

  3. chris
    I love a man in uniform

  4. It's the strip search he's really looking forward to. On with the marigolds officer!

  5. Anonymous11:19 am

    I don't know, John. My gaydar, according to the Angel, is non existent. Though have learnt that gays are incredibly fastidious (as is my father - and he most certainly is not gay, or if he is he doesn't know it). However, it's the way they walk. Why do gay men walk the way they walk? No doubt a question I will take to my grave, unanswered.

    The Angel, who is not gay but man enough to share a bed with a male friend when push comes to shove and bedding is in short supply, came home the other day to report, to my hilarity, that one guy in his circle is SO gay even the girls find it a bit much.

    Uebergay, as it were.


  6. Oh heck, our lovespoon prize from the 10 Hunks competition arrived today and now you want me to check out more hunks. I'd say the one on the right for most of the clip, but I'm not very reliable. My first love turned out to be gay - dammit.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful plan to meet up with old friends.

    Congratulations in meeting your weight goal.

  8. Well they brightened my day they were fun to watch. Excellent weight loss!

  9. You svelte thing, you.
    Your public awaits!

  10. Our weather is crazy. One day its 85 the next 35.

  11. You'll get back into your old body, John.
    Enjoy, eat whole, good food, hang out with people (and critters) you love.
    Have a great time. X Sarah

  12. If I were a betting man I'd wager on the side of gay

  13. Rain going effin' sideways here.

    Gay-ish maybe!

  14. Rain not stopped all day - enjoy your trip and don't eat too much

  15. I expect so. The good looking ones usually are......

  16. The guy in the middle could use Spanx. His belly is giggling more than his ass. Very funny video.

    It is always those last few pounds that are the most difficult to lose. I am 2 lbs. short of my goal, and I have accepted that I probably will not get there.

    Enjoy your trip John, and don't worry about your diet. If you gain some on vacation, you will lose it again when you get back.

  17. Gay? Surely not. They look like hard-as-nails lorry drivers to me. I'm sure that high-pitched voice is just the result of a nasty sore throat.

  18. The video looks like a regular night at our friend Richard's place.
    Jane x

  19. So you can booze breakfast and eat cake guilt free !
    Thanks for the giggle ( feeling out of sorts today ) I kept thinking of Pricilla Queen of Dessert when I saw that trio. Fab !

  20. I agree with Nick, no chance they are gay. They are like the bastards who always blew me out of the water when I was chasing. I'd pretend to be right hard, they'd pretend to be all sweet and the girls would feel safe with them right up to the moment they thought, 'OOH! Golly! That's hard'

  21. We're having a lovely, sunny day here. Hard to work when i want to go outside and play.

    I need to get back to strength training now that my leg seems fully recovered. Hockey season is nearly over and i don't need to jiggle in the wrong places.

    Glad to hear Buster is doing well, and the video made me laugh!

  22. Once you have named him Buster you will have to keep him - I knew it.

  23. you know me so well Pat

  24. I could provide a man in uniform ! xxxx

  25. Well done on the weight loss, John. You've earned a piss up.

    Was there any doubt that you'd keep the cockerel? Of course not.

    Being gay and living in a gay-friendly town, I tend to think that everyone is gay, so yes. Those fellows are as gay as Christmas!

  26. Haha. I agree with Pat. If you named him I figured that meant you'd keep him.

    Congratulations on your weight loss, John! :o)

  27. a gay friendly town, e?
    sounds like heaven!

  28. Squeeze them good and tight...rock hard! I thought that video was you, Chris and a farmhand at first!

  29. OH, do you think!? Gay as the birds! That is one of my favourite songs of all time....brings back a few memories! lol
    You know what I found even funnier? The comments that didn't acknowledge your last question on the post! lol
    Good on you John for losing 24 pounds! Time for a new 'outfit' I'd say.

    And these guys? Awesome!!!!

  31. jim and Ron
    thanks guys! glad you worked out my humour!

  32. well done on your weight loss....


  33. John, you "rock" at weight loss ! Good job. Happy to see the cockerel has settled in quite nicely; he is looking pretty "cocky" in the photo I might add. Time out for ourselves is a must; I am very good at handing out advice at time, without taking it myself I am sure. Raining here & still way to cold for planting for another month at least.

  34. Why did they leave me out of this? I've been saying a little prayer for ever...


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